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22nd May 2014, 13:59
What's the most strange, obscure, disgusting foodstuff you have ever eaten?
I realise this is all relative but I mean in relation to a "western palate".
Anyone here tried Whale, dog, cat, insects, tarantulas etc?
What did it taste like?

My most disgusting was a small cube of rotted shark in Iceland. It just tasted of chewy ammonia.

compressor stall
22nd May 2014, 14:00
Raw seal blubber.

22nd May 2014, 14:03
I didn't try it as the smell was so revolting I had to vacate the kitchen
but Roasted Fruit Bat - they stick it in a convection oven and roast it
but it also burns the hair off.

Comes out upside down on a plate, jet black with it's white teeth showing
and the legs in the air all scrunched up.

It put me off food for the rest of the day !

Worst eaten, A leg off a turtle that wasn't quite cooked all round and when I pulled the leg off,
the cavity filled with a yellow(ish) liquid !

dubbleyew eight
22nd May 2014, 14:10
I sat in a condo in bangkok with the locals eating the evening meal siting on the floor.
after the dishes were cleared away two huge bowls were bought out.
one filled with fried crickets and one with fried grasshoppers.
they eat them the way western kids demolish potato chips.

for some odd reason the appetite vanished that day.

Ancient Mariner
22nd May 2014, 14:29
Fried insects are great, nothing goes better with a cold beer, maybe except dried fish. Whale, seal and dog are just normal meat, nothing to it apart from a slightly different taste.
Funniest thing I had was at a buffet lunch at a hotel in China. A cheese sandwich with fried scorpions hidden underneath the cheese. Interesting crunch, and a bit of a surprise.

22nd May 2014, 14:50
More of a surprise for the scorpion, I suspect, Per.

I've eaten some weird and wonderful sashimi in Hawai`i, but oddly enough found myself unable to eat summat cooked - soft-shelled crab. Daft, innit, given it's just protein, and I'm more than happy to eat stuff like haggis, calf's sweetbreads and piggy ears. And I love crab. Just a kind of mental block, I guess. :confused:

Bob Lenahan
22nd May 2014, 15:02
Down here in MX they eat chapulines- fried grasshoppers. I tried them once in the southern part, not bad, but never asked for seconds. Of course, they eat a lot of other stuff here too that they don't tell you about when you order, like dog meat in tacos. Or donkey meat. Or cockroches, rats. All usually in tacos. It happens with the street vendors. Mostly.

22nd May 2014, 15:10
Surströmming - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Surstr%C3%B6mming)

22nd May 2014, 15:29
Whale meat was sold in the UK just after WWII.

While in the mob, I ate horse in France, and goat and maybe camel :* in Karachi.

22nd May 2014, 15:33
Nothing wrong with horse or donkey meat.

I had horse in France as a teenager and then not again until
a couple of years ago over here in Aus having put down a few.

Quite a few eat Donkey and Camel over here after shooting them.

(Before you get on your high horses, all 3 are introduced feral pests
and breed up in huge numbers and do a lot of damage to the earth / ground).

22nd May 2014, 15:47
Witchety grubs - raw, just put them in your mouth, nip the head off as you swallow. Texture of an oyster, taste sort of eggy/nutty. Or cooked in hot ashes, taste like a nut omelette.
Tasted worse things, eg cabbage and pumpkin (which is only fit for feeding to cattle).

22nd May 2014, 16:16
Anybody had that Philipino (I think) delicacy of duck egg with a foetus inside?

I saw surstromming being tried on a tv show once. Apparently, once you get it in your mouth and ignore the smell it's quite nice?! It also showed that the "quality" can be judged by how much the tins bulge with the rotting fish within!

Doug E Style
22nd May 2014, 17:15
I've tried the Icelandic shark too but only after drinking too much Brennivin. I'm sure it ended up on the carpet outside my hotel room several hours later. In New Zealand I tried mutton bird which is a sooty shearwater chick (small albatross type bird) and that was like very oily and salty chicken. With chips.

Lon More
22nd May 2014, 20:06
winkles or jellied eel :yuk:

22nd May 2014, 22:20
What did it taste like?

Chicken, or so they said it would. I stick to a Big Mac and some fries.

22nd May 2014, 22:33
Fish special of the day in Reykjavik. Apparently they bury raw fish in the sand just below the high tide mark, then dig it up a few months later and eat it. It's cold enough not to go off, and the twice daily seawater bath marinates it.

22nd May 2014, 22:40
My most disgusting was a small cube of rotted shark in Iceland. It just tasted of chewy ammonia.

Yup... had Fettered Shark.

Have eaten whale sashimi, crocodile, emu and chicken feet (not in the same sitting, obviously !).

Have been to South Korea, but dog is not as readily available as you might imagine, even off the beaten track it was nowhere to be found on the menu (or even just dished up on one occasion where we submitted ourselves to eating what we were given as we were unable to decipher the menu....the only meat served then was very much recognisable without a doubt as chicken). I suspect the Koreans don't eat as much dog in real life as the animal rights brigade like to make out !

22nd May 2014, 22:42
Chicken, or so they said it would.

Have you noticed they always tell you weird stuff tastes like chicken?

It never does!

22nd May 2014, 22:46
And they always tell you Crocodile tastes like chicken ! :rolleyes:

Which isn't surprising considering they feed the Crocs chicken every day or so !

If you fed pigs chicken every day, pork would taste like chicken !!!
(well, partly - I know for a fact that pigs eating a nutty bulb up north
take on a very nutty flavour - and very nice it is too :ok:)

22nd May 2014, 23:46
Anybody had that Philipino (I think) delicacy of duck egg with a foetus inside?
Balut, I think it's called - never had it, but I'm willing to try anything once.
Dancing shrimp - small freshwater ones that you eat alive - that was alright. Pig's guts soup - tasty. Fried locusts - you need plenty of liquid to wash 'em down. All sorts of fried grubs - all OK, some very good. All better than KFC ...

23rd May 2014, 00:14
If the title had been the most disgusting foodstuffs, then I am sure McDonalds would have had more than few mentions. The only decent thing that I've had from them is their tea, which is made with Dilmah teabags and boiling water.

Did read somewhere that someone complained about being scalded by their hot drinks so I suspect the boiling water has cooled a bit.

23rd May 2014, 02:44
Allisoncc - I'm pretty certain the the thread title made itself clear. Are you trying to pin some projected image of yourself to the mast?

23rd May 2014, 07:02
Balut or "Aborted chicken" as it is often referred to by the locals. They like the feathers!
Durian, smells disgusting but actually tastes not too bad.

23rd May 2014, 07:09
Allisoncc - I'm pretty certain the the thread title made itself clearPlease Note: I wrote IF the title had been the most disgusting foodstuffs.


And if we are being pedantic there is only one "L" in Alison.

23rd May 2014, 08:34
I've tried jellyfish which is on a lot of menus in Hong Kong. It's like eating see-through tripe -bland nothingness.

Lon More
23rd May 2014, 08:41
Dr. Busker - Horse - The Great Dorset Steam Fair - England 2013 - YouTube

23rd May 2014, 09:20
Not at all disgusting - but definitely obscure, and possibly strange to some - home-made feral goat and donkey sausages.
The meat wasn't minced (ground), it was cut into 10mm (3/8") cubes, and the cubes were randomly distributed throughout the sausages.
Manufactured by a bunch of truck mechanics in Kalgoorlie who went out and shot the local feral goats and donkeys.
They were quite palatable, and the blokes that manufactured them, classed them as "gourmet" sausages. :ok:

I couldn't stomach fried insects or even witchetty grubs. My guts has never been the same since I got a good dose of gastro in SVN, thanks to black rats. Spent 4 days in hospital with that, and it wasn't fun.
I've definitely been fed some disgusting food from Chinese restaurants under the guise of "claypot chicken", "stir-fry beef", "chow mein", and other innocuous titles. :yuk:

23rd May 2014, 11:52
Alligator in Louisiana-not bad actually. We can buy it here, frozen, at a local fish place. Shark's fin soup-a tasteless, gelatinous mess. I would describe it as hot snot texture. Disgusting. :yuk: Never got close enough to a durian to try it. I'll take your word for it that they are good. Ostrich is becoming quite popular. A very lean meat. We have an ostrich farm in the area.

23rd May 2014, 12:07
Quite the opposite of the OP's question - but I tried some of a new (well, new to me) fruit last week, sold locally as "Aztec fruit".
This fruit is apparently also known as White Sapote.
The fruit is very soft, and the texture is rather like an avocado - but the taste is like a cross between caramel and vanilla ice cream.
They're absolutely delicious! :) :ok:

Aztec Fruit - The Garden Basket - Margaret River (http://www.thegardenbasket.com.au/aztec-fruit/)

23rd May 2014, 13:21
No thanks:http://rt.com/news/161004-china-space-worms-capsule/

23rd May 2014, 14:46
I wonder how many ways of cooking are available to you, to try and make mealworms for every meal, more attractive?? - particularly over a period of 105 days!!?? :yuk:

23rd May 2014, 15:57
Braised duck's feet in barbeque sauce.

Not the legs, not the thighs, not even the webs, just the shins and toes.
They looked good, just like little meaty matchmakers, but what little flavour and texture they had was of bone and scaly skin. Strangely enough.

Steamed jellyfish

Like eating salty, silicon rubber bath sealant. Strangely enough.

23rd May 2014, 16:18
I like ostrich and jellyfish. When I had alligator in Louisiana, it tasted like fishy chicken.

23rd May 2014, 17:16
on earlier visits to the USA I thought Rattlesnake and Alligator would offend my British palate, but both were delicious and I regularly eat alligator now when in that part of the USA. My American sister in law would have Marmite firmly at the top of the list.

23rd May 2014, 17:56
Tip o' the hat to the brave souls who were the first to eat oysters, lobsters, and snails.

Insects are unnatural to eat. I don't care how good someone says they are. I'm not going for it.

Any mammal, however, is fair game, and likely to taste good, properly prepared.

23rd May 2014, 18:06
I'll always pass on insects - too much like Soylent Grey to my mind.

However we all eat dinosaurs...

Birds are our closest examples of dinosaurs - much evolved onwards. I told that to a colleague once - He would not believe me.
He also did not believe "Ys" were sometimes vowels. I then said to him - "My, My, so tell me by the way, do you fly much?"

23rd May 2014, 18:16
Local dish is conger head soup. My grandmother used to make it for us as a special treat when we were sprogs. :ok:

23rd May 2014, 18:20
Isn't conger a primary ingredient in traditional bouillabaise, the epitome of Southern French cuisine?

23rd May 2014, 19:38
Could well be. Conger head soup uses just the head. It's quite a common fish locally, and conger steaks are also popular. The cuts just behind the head are prime as there is just the main backbone to worry about when eating.:)

23rd May 2014, 19:45
Reading this thread it is very interesting to see what has been posted
of different "foods" from around the world.

Another one came to mind which I don't eat but Aboriginies seem to love
the small intestine of cows. Make me sick just thinking about it and it is
like a delicacy to them !

23rd May 2014, 21:44
Andouillette - takes a bit of getting used to- but the French seem to love it.

(As my friend said in a slightly different context 'if you can stand the smell you've got it licked !')

23rd May 2014, 22:26
Another vote for rattlesnake which I had in Dallas. It was done with a KFC-style coating which actually improved the (bland) taste. Very much like KFC itself.

Having lived in Honkers, I can also say I've had some extremely odd food, a lot of which I was luckily unable to identify -- almost certainly the bulk of it was obscure. I know for sure I've had jellyfish and sea cucumber. I had shark fin soup which funnily enough I still feel guilty about. Oh, writing that I've just remembered illegal turtle egg in Singapore, similar guilt. :(

I had dog in Guangzhou, not bad. I too, never saw it in South Korea, but it was common in Guangdong province.

Even the Mandarin Chinese were aghast at the eating habits down south and I believe they had some sort of mantra along the lines of, "If it walks, slithers, flies or crawls, the Cantonese will eat it." :yuk:

Edited to add, Just remembered snake bile in Guangzhou as well. :eek:

25th May 2014, 10:17
..I can vouch for trying all these disgusting
Chinese dishes (except eel which isn't bad
nor disgusting).


(start at 1.05)

I got down half a chook foetus once but I
couldn't bring myself to the other half http://www.mysmiley.net/imgs/smile/sick/sick0025.gif
and that was only 1 egg so I can't blame
the contestants...

25th May 2014, 12:58
Had a goat liver kebab with some Jordanians I was working with once - not bad at all but I am an offal fan.

Some interesting - but rather tasteless - bits in a Chinese meal one had in Singapore once. When I asked as to its origin, host replied with a chuckle:

"Turtle penis!" ..... wish I'd never asked......:yuk:

Had Durian on the same trip - didn't find the smell too bad - and recall it tasted like vanilla ice cream.....:confused:

25th May 2014, 20:56
We went in a posh restaurant when I was a lad.

Dad told me we were having Horses Doofers,