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22nd May 2014, 11:21
Makes ya proud doesn't it Bruce?!?! :ok:

Stubby Strip (http://stubbystrip.com.au/#container)

Number 7, he has a point!!!

Solid Rust Twotter
22nd May 2014, 11:44
Can't piss in a stubby strip in the cockpit in an emergency though....:}

22nd May 2014, 11:48
Why not make a big 'ammo belt' to go around your waist ? And the ones around the back to have velcro strips so you can hear if someone has snuck up behind you and attemped to liberate one :ok:

22nd May 2014, 12:44
no more humping an esky around for the rest of the day

Er, is this English? Just wondering ,,,

Brian Abraham
22nd May 2014, 13:02
Oz speak

Hump - to carry

Esky - a box you hump which encloses the beer and the necessary ice to keep beer cold

22nd May 2014, 13:17
I know a bloke who can carry seven beers in his hands with no assistance. Most I can manage is four. Beers in a glass that is, not stubbies.

22nd May 2014, 13:31
no more humping an esky around for the rest of the day

Sounds like something that concerns the sex life of citizens of far north Canada :} The Stubby Strip is a great idea and I'm sure that it will do well, not just in Australia :ok:


22nd May 2014, 15:08
humping an esky
Oyd raaaaaatha slap me salami on a Barbie.

...thus avo.


22nd May 2014, 15:15
Prefer a small 6 Pack Esky with Ice any day !

Esky's keep things cold, stubbie holders only keep things from warming up too quick while you drink them !

22nd May 2014, 21:39
Hands up all those who expected to see a very short naked girl.

Worrals in the wilds
22nd May 2014, 22:16
I thought it would be a man removing his shorts. :\
(Stubbies has a dual meaning).

23rd May 2014, 02:56
Now, if your stubbies aren't cold and you don't have a fridge available before you put them in the Esky (aka Chilly Bin) or ammo belt, here is the perfect solution !!

The jet powered beer cooler (http://www.asciimation.co.nz/beer/)


23rd May 2014, 03:59
That bloke that's invented the Stubby Strip deserves a medal. Australia! Land of the Most Useful Inventions!! :)

23rd May 2014, 04:01
That we then let go overseas :O

23rd May 2014, 04:27
Yes, a lot of Aussie inventions were never actually patented. Some of the more important inventions such as those produced by the CSIRO or ex-CSIRO scientists are still earning money for Australia.
The Atomic Absorption Spectrometer is one of the worlds least-recognised Australian inventions, but it's a machine that has played a crucial part in expanding mining - in advancing chemistry and science in many fields, including metallurgy advancements - and uses for the AAS are still being found today.
The current major advances in forensic science are due to AAS's being utilised in that field.

List of Australian inventions - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Australian_inventions)

23rd May 2014, 06:23
She'll be roight :ok:

Just bought 3 of the pocket stubby holders on the 3 for 2 deal. Well, that's me sorted, plus my mate and brother's birthday. Nice find Fliegenmong :D

23rd May 2014, 09:16
I thought this was going to be a thread about meat and wool. :E

Sorry Oz-mates, I couldn't resist!

23rd May 2014, 16:22
Cracks me up how Kiwis call eskys 'chully buns'...its like fush n chups, priceless.

I still reckon tinnies keep colder than stubbies...stick a big load of rock salt and a bag of ice in, enough water to get the ice moving, in with a slab and jobs right. They reckon stubbies stay cool longer, but really how long are you sitting on it ffs?

23rd May 2014, 22:59
What's all this demand for beer so cold that you can't appreciate the taste, anyway ?

Nothing beats a pint of English Best Bitter drawn from the cellar -at cellar temperature and not over-carbonated

Sadly only available in UK pubs, despite many attempts to copy around the World.

Akcherly, NZ makes some nice beers not of the Lager type, probably better than average away from UK and Europe, and so long as one pours a bottle rapidly into a large glass, then by the time the excess froth has dissipated the temperature is about right too!

I guess I'm alone in this opinion ? Don't care.

24th May 2014, 02:16
Yeah, the difference is that you poms drink beer to warm you up...

24th May 2014, 02:40
we like to taste the beers flavour not just slurp down an iced substitute!!Look at how much ice you aussies use to chill beer ,how much co2 your adding to the atmosphere,I blame Aus and America to blame for global warming with all the energy needed to produce Ice!!!

24th May 2014, 07:25
From their web-site. "We now ship internationally however the cost of shipping from Australia can be fairly expensive to some countries. Please be aware that we are launching Stubby Strip in USA (Canada Via USA) and UK (EU via UK) by first week of July 2014."

Pity they couldn't have chosen a low-VAT country to ship from, but that's only a couple of more euros/pounds.

24th May 2014, 13:32
They certainly must be popular - even at the start of winter:

OUT OF STOCK - Stubby Strip (http://stubbystrip.com.au/index.php?route=information/information&information_id=11)

Perhaps it pays to advertise on PPRuNe :ok: