View Full Version : Justin Bieber saves life!

21st May 2014, 02:30

21st May 2014, 02:35
Justin Bieber saves lives by making potential parents seriously think twice
about having babies knowing full well they could turn out like him and
they realize how much ridicule they will cop, so opt out of parenting !!!

21st May 2014, 03:04
I can't think of a better candidate for retroactive birth control than that guy.

21st May 2014, 04:52
Had to read it twice, the second time I was drinking coffee and now I need a new keyboard :}

21st May 2014, 05:29
bieber saves LIFE?

what did he do, buy a subscription?

Worrals in the wilds
21st May 2014, 11:13
He's been here twice.
First time around, the word 'round the campfire was that he was a nice little kid, respectful, well mannered and polite. Opinions were divided wrt his mother. :uhoh:

Second visit; by all accounts, a holy horror. Swaggering and full of himself, though threats of arrest curbed his behaviour. Allegedly...:suspect:

I wonder who's been feeding the sense of entitlement? Not his parents, surely. No doubt they have his best interests at heart, particularly while he's earning so much money. :hmm:

Lon More
21st May 2014, 17:01
Why was it addressed to Jet Blast haters?