View Full Version : Microbots, whatever happened to them

20th May 2014, 22:02
Read some years ago about microbots and the technology software was open source to prevent any one nation taking advantage.
Such concern that even Prince Charles commented on it.
Bots could be used for a variety of information gathering tasks.

One danger was that they could be scattered like confetti in the air with the attendant dangers of people suffering from conditions like asbestosis if the bots were breathed in.

I have had a cough for the last month and so have a few people i know.
The Government had a TV campaign about seeing your doctor if you had a cough that lasted more than three weeks.

Has deployment taken place.

Tin foil hat on and gas mask!

tony draper
20th May 2014, 22:17
I think the idea was they would get into the blood stream and fight disease by kicking shite out of germs and such,ere hold on a minute,didn't mommy nature come up with similar machine about 500,000,000 years before us,nature called its kit antibodies though,she could have come up with a better handle than that surely,microbots sounds much sexier.

Mostly Harmless
21st May 2014, 03:38
They are planning it all out on TV right now.