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20th May 2014, 08:23
Channel Four documentary 29th May about Kent Police and Crime Commisioner!


20th May 2014, 08:30
Someone like that should not be in charge of a children's playground. Sadly, they abound, specially in public life.

20th May 2014, 08:33
Someone like that should not be in charge of a children's playground.

Believe it or not, she was a schoolteacher for 27 years! Her blackboard, sorry whiteboard, skills show through. :rolleyes:

Ann Barnes (police commissioner) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ann_Barnes_%28police_commissioner%29)

20th May 2014, 08:46
Oh dear. :ugh:

Ancient Mariner
20th May 2014, 09:01
Seen from here that was hugely entertaining. Thanks!

tony draper
20th May 2014, 09:14
Created as a sinecure for old political hacks and has beens,and why not, still plenty of room alongside the trough for the chosen.

20th May 2014, 09:33
I don't see what the problem is. Schoolteacher or Crime Commissioner? It's all the same, isn't it? It's just all about keeping naughty boys in line! :E

I reckon some of my female high school teachers could have easily swapped their jobs for prison warder jobs. They had similar skills!
I can't forget Miss Blitvich - she was well named, she blitzed every class!
I can still hear her heels stomping down the verandah walkway like a Nazi guard, and into the classroom - and the verbal bawling out that would make a drill Sgt blush, that we got on regular occasions, when we 15 yr olds misbehaved!

20th May 2014, 09:58
She said there's no job description. Which is good for her, because she gave the impression of not knowing anything about what she was doing. Ah well, just more money for useless czars and quangos, all funded from the taxpayers' bottomless pot......

20th May 2014, 10:33
I watched the video an hour ago.It's now unavailable ( marked as 'private').Someone didn't like it :rolleyes:

20th May 2014, 10:58

Indeed, so it has. Also an earlier and now deleted post on this thread said the full one-hour programme would be broadcast on C4 (at 21:00?) on 29th May. Could make for interesting viewing. Bet this post gets deleted too!

20th May 2014, 11:33
Five years ago she cudn't even spell perlees kermishiona - now she are one:-
In 2011 she was "reminded of her responsibilities" when she broke impartiality rules by campaigning against the government's introduction of elected police and crime commissioners across the country, describing the policy as "naive and disastrous" and "a willful waste of money" that would "inevitably lead towards a confrontational model of governance."
From:- Ann Barnes (police commissioner) (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ann_Barnes_%28police_commissioner%29).