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19th May 2014, 22:42
BBC News - Abu Hamza found guilty of terror charges in US court (http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-27478998)

19th May 2014, 22:57
I do hope he enjoys the Supermax.

19th May 2014, 23:00
About time too !

tony draper
19th May 2014, 23:00
We should run a lottery on many years he will be awarded,:E
I'll go for 157.

Nervous SLF
19th May 2014, 23:01
I do hope he enjoys the Supermax.

Don't you mean you hope the supermax inmates enjoys him ? I really want him to suffer :E:E

19th May 2014, 23:01
You have to wonder if he will ever be released.

And at his age, he's unlikely to get out before dying.

19th May 2014, 23:03
Good on the Yanks they don't mess about :ok:

19th May 2014, 23:05
Dead right there.

How long did it take the UK Gov't to get him and the other one extradited ?
It seemed to go on for years and years.

19th May 2014, 23:29
It took 8 years to get Abu Hamza extradited from the UK.

To be fair to the British government, he kept appealing - including to the European Court to consider his 'human rights'. :rolleyes:


19th May 2014, 23:36
......to consider his 'human rights'.

Is he Human ?

20th May 2014, 02:49
A civilisation can be measured by how
much dignity is afforded by it to those
who deserve none. Protecting Human
rights being one aspect.

But no consideration should be given
to any f**king terrorist or any piece of
puke who is abetting terrorist activities

Hang the bastard.

20th May 2014, 03:46
Is this the joker who blew his hands off? The one they call the Mad Mullah?

Let him rot in jail.
Hanging him will turn him into the Martyr Mullah, in some eyes.

20th May 2014, 04:10
WHY WHY do they allow so MANY appeals in the UK courts? I thought it was up to a 'special' court to decide if an appeal was to be allowed; if they said no, then that was it.
(Stuff the ECHR; they're on the side of the terrorists).

20th May 2014, 04:14
Having re read recently about the Russians and how they dealt with terrorists / kidnappers, I sometime wonder if someone shouldn't apply the same technique to these people's families.

Might make them sit up and think twice when the skin of a relative turns up on the doorstep with a video of the relative being skinned alive.

20th May 2014, 08:00
The UK taxpayer still has to pay for the housing, benefits and healthcare of his wife and large brood.

The US taxpayer gets the same bills for Hamza, with the added cost of paying someone to wipe his arse.

Where did it all go wrong?

Ancient Mariner
20th May 2014, 08:23
sitigelfel: The US taxpayer gets the same bills for Hamza, with the added cost of paying someone to wipe his arse.
I thought he used a hook.:confused:

20th May 2014, 08:30
All together now, a big hand for the Jury :D :D :D :D

20th May 2014, 08:33
People like him should be fed to wild dogs or crocodiles. Keeping them in prison is a waste of air, food, money, and resources and serves no purpose at all.

20th May 2014, 09:06
Hopefully his friends and family will be given free tickets to go and visit him in America... And not come back:ok:

tony draper
20th May 2014, 09:09
Thinking that meself,no doubt the taxpayer will have to fork out for his tribe to visit him a couple of times a year lest we violate their human bloody rights.

Alloa Akbar
20th May 2014, 09:14
Thankfully our colonial cousins don't have to suffer the meddling do-gooders that are the ECHR.. Thanks chaps! :ok:

On the subject of appeal, I don't think he has a cat in hell's chance of convincing anyone that just because he talks like a terrorist - doesn't mean he is one. Guilty - end of - bang him up with some neo-nazi white supremacist in the supermax.. happy days!

As for his lawyer - I'm sorry, call me old fashioned, but turning up in court to represent a figure of hate, wearing an earing and expect to be taken seriously.. really??

20th May 2014, 09:18
Perhaps, in this trial, he didn't want to be taken seriously.

20th May 2014, 09:36
Hang the bastard.

Preferably by the balls.

cockney steve
20th May 2014, 10:07
Hang the bastard.

by his ankles (or just one, if you're feeling malevolent) about 4 feet above a lake....he gets to decide on his own suicide.

20th May 2014, 10:52
And UK.....keep a close eye on his sons.....apple ---- tree thing.

20th May 2014, 10:59
Hang the bastard.To do that they would need a hook for the rope.........oh, wait!

20th May 2014, 11:03
They have to get into America first !

21st May 2014, 05:07
It makes some pretty disturbing reading.

What a family, what a waste of money, damn the EU HR people and god help the UK if you can't decide to get rid of someone like this without having to fight some Ballshyte HR group :ugh::ugh::ugh:

Britain's shameful incompetence: As ex-law chief admits blunders, Hook's family still live off State and we can't expel his sidekick | Mail Online (http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2634198/Hamza-We-mistake-treating-jailed-hate-cleric-ranter-real-threat-admits-former-chief-prosecutor.html)