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19th May 2014, 09:15
They re-running the series down here. I was quite impressed the first time around with many of the episodes that showed various aspects of RAF life through Christopher Foyles son Andrew who flew spitfires. IMHO a really good episode related to the personnel in a very primitive radar station on the South Coast. Be interested in what others here thought. Every intention of watching every episode again during the repeats.

19th May 2014, 09:51
A lot of them available on youtube plus this...

Island at War-Episode 1/6-(Eve of the War)-Part 1/5 - YouTube

19th May 2014, 12:58
Lots of Spitfires on as we speak....

19th May 2014, 13:50
A splendid series. Lots of ordinary people doing extraordinary things. Lots of nice aeroplanes with Merlin sounds. And none of the razza matazz that is evident in so many films of similar events. Tonight's episode was particularly good. It was the air force I knew and loved.

19th May 2014, 14:50
A cracking good series in every way except that it had to end.

19th May 2014, 15:23
My only gripe was that everything was spotless, no really raggy, grubby kids, car/bus/lorry paint immaculate, etc.
I know, I'm a sorry bastard, but I enjoyed it.

19th May 2014, 15:49
Not to mention the delectable Honeysuckle Weeks ........


........ mmmmmmmmmmmm!

Effluent Man
19th May 2014, 16:26
It's entertaining and well acted.Historically the writer takes a few liberties but I suppose that is necessary to an extent.

19th May 2014, 20:52
We even got it in Finland but I prefer Beagles lovely lady!!

19th May 2014, 20:54
We even got it in Finland but I prefer Beagles lovely lady (desperately trying to think of her name)!!

19th May 2014, 21:45
You mean Susannah York, Finncapt!

ITV have made some good "easy watching" dramas over the years - killed a hell of a lot of characters over the years though!

19th May 2014, 21:50
You mean Susannah York, Finncapt!

Beagles will be along soon to post the famous photo of her
in her bloomers ;)

19th May 2014, 22:01
Beagles will be along soon to post the famous photo of her
in her bloomers

Is Slasher going by the name of Beagles now?

I would rather think that would upset the real Beagles. :p

19th May 2014, 23:00
Honeysuckle Weeks was a Roedean girl. Only ever knew one of them and if she was anything to go by then Michael Kitchen (Foyle) was a lucky bloke ;)

20th May 2014, 00:47
Excellent show. Good stories, high production values, well acted and I fell in lust with Honeysuckle Weeks in the first minute of her first appearance.

20th May 2014, 05:37
At first I was rather taken aback by Michael Kitchen's understated performance, but soon began to recognise his emotional responses were just very subtle - in the end, his hidden anger at times was almost palpable. Pure genius ... as for Ms Weeks, well, :E Glad to have the whole series on DVD - it's a keeper

A A Gruntpuddock
20th May 2014, 06:52
It was nostalgic watching an episode the other night, an old 1930's Austin 10.

That was the very first car I drove back in 1962.

Out Of Trim
20th May 2014, 07:16
Loved the series also. Michael Kitchen's acting style seems so laid back, but is really enjoyable. Honeysuckle Weeks does have that certain allure!

Re the Austin 10 , our first family car in the late 60's until we got a Morris Oxford. Good times.

21st May 2014, 05:01
Fans will be glad to know Anthony Horowitz finished writing a few more episodes in his latest post-war version of Foyle, that continued last year, where the war-time episodes left off.

Thankfully, the Great Hilda returned post-war, because she's the only character who has the ability to put Foyle through his paces.

Horowitz tweeted last year that he had just put the finishing touches on more new episodes.

Not sure when filming is/was or the air dates. But they are coming.