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18th May 2014, 12:02
JB being almost certainly not the spot for this, but anyway.........

Had to meet up with some friends out Springfield Lakes way today, which meant I was fairly close to....

Aircraft | RAAF Amberley Aviation Heritage Centre (http://www.raafamberleyheritage.gov.au/aircraft.aspx)

Nothing like the museums / displays you have in the US or UK of course, but a real pleasure all the same!! Lovely to get up close and personal with the 'Pigs'....a real crying shame is the end that some of them met!! :{:eek::{


Why oh why was it an agreement to dispose of them like that!!.....Who thr hell could do anything with them?? Not even the Commonwealth of Australia could afford to keep them running (flying), so it's not like a 'rogue' could do anything with them!!, Oh, and as Mrs Fliegs forgot, but commented today, they were big!! ..........and Fast!!!.........and now extinct! :{

What a wanky promo video!! 'Our Expertise' in waste management FFS!!, I take out the rubbish more often than not, makes me a waste management expert? :rolleyes: What a horrible end to so many airframes of such a iconic aircraft!!

Who would not, as an aviation aficionado, pay for a small part of a 'Triple 1' (Fuel tank lining aside of course!:sad:) .... a pitot tube?..an ASI?.....a Speed brake / main gear door??...(converted to coffee table?) A 'slice' of wing, hell you could sell enough 'scrap' to keep one going!

27 38 10 75 South/ 152 42 27 38 East has 11 of them forlornly squashed together awaiting their fate.....:{