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Philip Mew
17th May 2014, 02:15
I'm an active Air Canada pilot considering personal travel, Victoria BC - San Francisco return. I will NOT be in uniform. Options are SkyWest / United or Horizon / Alaska.

Any restrictions on any of those carriers when in civilian attire ?
In other words, is being in uniform a requirement ? I hope not, as when on
personal travel, I cannot be in uniform.

As this will be a first for me, any other tips or suggestions are appreciated.

West Coast
17th May 2014, 03:56
Just texted the JS coordinator. SkyWest/UA, says there's no uniform requirement, however he noted that it might speed things up as you can access crew lines at security and customs. The only other thing kinda odd is you have to sit in the cabin, the actual JS isn't available on intl flights.

17th May 2014, 04:20
You could request permission for uniform travel from
the AC Flight Department Mr Mew, or you've already
tried that?

My present mob have no qualms in issuing authority
for personal travel in uniform - provided I state the
carrier(s) and flight(s) for which I need JS travel.

17th May 2014, 04:41
This begs the question...Why wouldn't you want to fly YYJ YVR SFO on AC?

Philip Mew
17th May 2014, 14:18
Good morning Gentlemen,

Thanks very much for the replies.

Agreed, personal travel in uniform would indeed be helpful. I always thought that for personal travel when NOT on duty , being in uniform was a no no. The feedback I got from my Air Canada colleagues is that this isn't correct. Basically, I'm told wearing the uniform is OK for ANY type of personal travel.
Having said that, will be checking with my boss..... just in case !

I agree too that Reciprocal Jumpseat is a misnomer. A seat must be available in the cabin.

SkyWest YYJ SFO YYJ is preferred over Air Canada YYJ YVR SFO YVR SFO
for the following reasons :
- 2 legs vs. 4
- cost significantly lower

This Forum is awesome !