View Full Version : C Card locked with correct PIN

16th May 2014, 15:15
My wife had her C Card locked this morning at the local W***rose after entering the correct PIN three times.
She had used it earlier at somewhere different with no problem.
The card has now been unlocked using the PIN services option at another machine.
Can this be a problem with the card reader at the shop?

16th May 2014, 15:22
That happened to me fairly recently.

Trouble was I was using my First Direct debit card instead of the credit card (which is nearly identical) and entering the PIN for the latter :ugh:

17th May 2014, 07:26
Had this a while back. Withdrew the card after two attempts. Fortunately have other cards. Back home, phoned the card helpline and was told I'd used the wrong PIN and should 'pay more careful attention in future'. Possibly true the first time, but impossible two times in a row. Used the same card elsewhere and no problem first go.

So yes, I reckon some machines have glitches.

...and card helplines can be staffed by impolite people.

17th May 2014, 13:18
Always have same pin number for all cards, always change them all at cash machines, even the credit card ones..................don't take money out just change the passwords.

In OP case a new card needed.