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14th May 2014, 00:59
Hi, anybody got a microwave in their kitchen?

I`ve got one that did not switch off - so opening the door which also achieves disconn - did not and it kept going whilst the door was open - I closed the door and I switched it off at the plug. The food was cold considering it had gone on an excursion.

My question is how long have I got to live because of this?
Have I been zapped? Will I grow another ear? Will I glow in the dark?

14th May 2014, 01:04
Headaches tonight, possible nose bleeds.

Internal organs gradually shut down.

Give yourself about a month !

14th May 2014, 01:16
I've got his boots.

14th May 2014, 01:20
I want his watch and iphone / mobile.

We might as well go and get them now :p ;)

14th May 2014, 02:58
Microwaves generally have to have 2 interlocks, and a failure detector which cuts the power to the microwave generator if either interlock fails. Checking on a few websites, it appears the fan/light may continue to operate even though the microwave generator is isolated.
So, if your food was cold, it would appear to indicate that you may not have been zapped.
There is little data on overexposure on health physics sites, since it is too risky to go around zapping people to see what the long term effects are.

A good microwave repair engineer should be able to tell you if the generator was isolated before/as you opened the door. It's probably worth the investigation fee for piece of mind.

eastern wiseguy
14th May 2014, 03:30
A good microwave repair engineer should be able to tell you if the generator was isolated before/as you opened the door. It's probably worth the investigation fee for piece of mind.

But do it QUICKLY......you have hours left......can I have it when you're gone?

14th May 2014, 03:41
It will cost you less, for better or worse, to buy a new one, than attempt to have it fixed.

Sadly true for most "white goods".

14th May 2014, 04:30
What a sad way to go :ooh: No blaze of glory for you, just a gradual shriveling from the gonads up, until all major organs and essential functions shut down :p If it was an earlier generation they would probably advise you not to buy any long-playing records :eek:

14th May 2014, 06:38
since it is too risky to go around zapping people to see what the long term effects are
- since you have already, you could try and volunteer for research? As a guinea pig, that is.

Ancient Mariner
14th May 2014, 07:19
For reasons only understood by our 18 year old grand daughter I found a spring roll in our fridge yesterday, for reasons even stranger I read the instructions on the package, it said two minutes in the micro. The only instruction given.
That was when I realised we do not have a micro oven.
I feel safe.

14th May 2014, 09:32
Living here in the tropics I did a study on ants and found that even after heating a dish of whatever in the microwave ants still marched out unharmed? Same with our electric kettle even after boiling the damn ants were still running round the hot rim and base?Interesting eh!!

14th May 2014, 10:05
It would be interesting to see if weevils survive microwave zapping.

In the Gulf in the 1960s and '70s, we found that a session in a hot oven would do for them.

But we carried on tapping the biscuits - or whatever - on the table to get rid of them, because no-one wants a biscuit full of dead weevils, which is what came out of the oven. What's more, cooking the twice-cooked again did not improve them.

I returned to the Gulf recently, and found that weevils are not even a folk memory. This depressed me immensely, driving home how old I am.

14th May 2014, 10:16
At RAF Sharjah 1963-64 we always ate our cooked breakfast first and then had our cereal because by that time all the weevils etc would be floating on top of the milk and could easily be scooped out.

14th May 2014, 10:28
You had milk and cereal?!!!!!

14th May 2014, 12:57
You'll probably live Mr alpha but I
reckon you can cancel any current
vasectomy appointments you may
have with the vet....

14th May 2014, 14:09
You had milk and cereal?!!!!!Exactly my reaction, until I noticed that he mention RAF Sharjah. The crabs always were dreadfully molly-coddled; I expect that their milk and cereal were flown in daily.

14th May 2014, 15:22
Putting some tin foil and petrol inside should help it to shut off.


Dak Man
14th May 2014, 15:59
The "ding" will indicate that you're done and will likely be the last thing you ever hear.

14th May 2014, 18:55
A colleague who was exposed up the PO Tower in London (ah, the good old days when it was the GPO) reported all his pubic hair fell out. First.

tony draper
14th May 2014, 19:15
If it was on defrost it will just give you a tan,but if you get any strange shaped moles or warts gerrem checked.

B Fraser
14th May 2014, 20:20
I had lunch at the top of the PO tower about two weeks ago, my pubic hair is turning grey. Are the two connected ?

Time to get out the hair dye I guess.

14th May 2014, 21:30
The easiest way to check if a microwave is leaking is to move one of those electrical testing screwdrivers (you know, the ones with the little light in the handle) around the door seals and rear of the oven when it's trying to heat up a glass of water (for example). If the screwdriver light starts to glow , skip it.

If when you last tried using it nothing got hot, could be that the magnetron is buggered.

15th May 2014, 00:12
...heat just a glass of water in a microwave. Especially a clean glass. Local superheating may occur (Even snopes agrees in this instance: snopes.com: Superheated Microwaved Water (http://www.snopes.com/science/microwave.asp).) leading to a sudden unpredictable boiling over as soon as the glass is disturbed.

15th May 2014, 09:29
Nothing to worry about.

...assuming you've already had all the kids you want.

tony draper
15th May 2014, 09:32
Or didn't want.:rolleyes:

cockney steve
15th May 2014, 16:23
Jim, the miserable spoilsport Rev. wrote .heat just a glass of water in a microwave. Especially a clean glass. Local superheating may occur
Great fun! Or try half a grape! you get a Plasma-ball to hover in the middle :} :ok:
There are lots of great things you can do with a mike, PROVIDED YOU ARE FULLY AWARE OF THE DANGERS There's also a load of old cobblers talked about some of the dangers, leakage etc.....Ever wondered why the front is glass, with a gauze behind, jet the waves don't pour out and nuke your eyeballs?

Holes in gauze, ~ 2 mm diameter......Wavelength of radiation,~45 mm.
not hard to see why they can't escape!

Transformer from a dead one can be modified to make a spot welder....
WARNING!!! THERE IS A LARGE CAPACITOR IN EVERY MICROWAVE IT CAN KILL YOU!!!! NOTE, T here's a bleed-resistor across the capacitor, which normally drains away the stored energy.IF the resistor fails,the Cap .can, and has killed even experienced engineers......
ALWAYS use a well-insulated screwdriver or prod to short out the Cap's terminals....A big bang and flash will indicate you are down to 8 lives..:)
lots of interesting and zany stuff on the net, including the "Rednecks " who cut a hole in each end and fed through lengths of timber , for "kiln drying" :D -safe while the holes are blocked by wood, a tad dodgy when the hole(s) are unplugged.

tony draper
15th May 2014, 16:46
Life was much simpler int olden days when every village had a communal oven,everybody brung their loaves to be baked with something on it to identify it as their own, lest the village idiot have it away.
All gone now of course ,except the village idiot,he is still among us and has moved to the town and is now sits on the council.