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12th May 2014, 20:19
"Flashing" debit and credit cards.

They are getting more prevalent here. You just hold the card near the reader and that's it.

Isn't this less secure as you don't have to enter your pin number?
I haven't used this method yet.

12th May 2014, 20:22
I read an article that if you have your wallet in your hand and as you go to the counter put your wallet down it can read the card in the wallet.

Less secure in that if someone gets your card they can make small purchases - I believe.

12th May 2014, 20:27
Used mine loads of times with no problems.

I think that wallet story is an urban myth! You have to really waft the card close above the machine for it to read it. I've tried leaving the card in my wallet next to the machine etc to see if anything happens. It didn't.

Also, as you say, it's only for small purchases, less than 20 I think...

12th May 2014, 21:05
I think that wallet story is an urban myth!

Nope, it ain't. A close friend of mine (older bloke, retired teacher) in transit thru London Gatwick earlier this year, had two deductions made from his credit card which he didn't use or even take out of his pocket the whole time between arrival and departure. His bank repaid the money on request without a quibble and told him it wasn't the first time it had happened at Gatwick.

12th May 2014, 21:15
As I've said on another thread, Londoners generally use a special 'flash' card as you call them ('contactless' here) to use public transport. People normally keep them in a wallet/holder with other cards.

The thing is sometimes the machine will take money from your transport card and your debit card.

I'm turning into a reactionary old bugger and I don't trust them.

Cash is still king for me for any purchases under 100 quid. I am forced to use the transport card.

Edited to add there was a problem with people having cash nicked from their cards at a coffee shop in Canary Wharf about six months ago. All settled amicably for those who complained, but I bet a lot of people didn't notice!

12th May 2014, 21:35
Keep the contactless card sandwiched between two sheets of tinfoil.

12th May 2014, 21:56
How to Disable 'Contactless Payment' on Your Debit Card (http://www.instructables.com/id/How-to-Disable-Contactless-Payment-on-Your-Debit-C/)

12th May 2014, 22:15
Thanks for that link, Sallyann.

I've been double charged around half a dozen times in the newsagents in Salisbury, when I've paid cash for a newspaper or magazine and later found that my debit card has been charged as well.

The only way I could stop this happening was to buy one of the aluminium credit card holders and keep all my cards in that. It's inconvenient, but at least it's stopped the phantom double charges.

To be fair, the newsagent has refunded the double charge every time this has happened, and does acknowledge that the contactless card readers they have do seem to be more sensitive than they should be.

They aren't alone, though. Last Saturday I bought some stuff in Boots. As I got the cash out of my wallet the girl on the till handed me a receipt. I told her I hadn't yet paid, and she said that I had, using a Visa Debit card. As the card in question wasn't for personal use, I asked her to reverse the card transaction and let me pay with cash. She couldn't do this, apparently, so I now have to explain why I've used a card for an unauthorised purchase, find a way to pay for it, and remember to put that company card in the aluminium case.

These cards are a bloody menace, in my view, as the technology just isn't as reliable as the banks think it is.

12th May 2014, 22:23
First Direct sent me one of those cards a couple of months ago.

I told them I didn't want it and they sent me a normal replacement.

13th May 2014, 09:54
All part of the plot to track our every move.

I'm keeping mine under my tinfoil hat.

13th May 2014, 10:24
Very glad I found this thread.

All our banks are about to replace existing cards with what is called the "pay-wave" feature. There is no option to opt-out.

That the bank will refund any losses is ok, but what a shonky default position to be taking.

We all pay for the banks losses. Any increase in fraudulent losses will simply be factored into the banks charges.

Will be disabling the antennae as soon as I am issued with one of these things.

16th May 2014, 15:31
Report on the news today.

New Card sent by bank, already activated, someone stole the card and off he went using it willy nilly all over the place. $800 spent in a day or so !!! :rolleyes:

One of only two banks that send cards already activated !!!

John Hill
16th May 2014, 20:33
What I am more concerned about is those rubber strips they lay across the road that read how much money you have in your wallet. They can track your spending that way and if you are carrying a lot of currency notes you may be stopped for a 'routine check' where they search your car for drugs!:rolleyes: