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11th May 2014, 21:50
Even if it involves no flying it deserves mention here. An extraordinary Guinness Book of Records achievement.

Graham Hughes managed to visit every country in the world using public transport or on foot, and without flying :

The Odyssey Expedition (http://www.theodysseyexpedition.com/)

My name is Graham Hughes (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Graham_Hughes). I'm an adventurer, film-maker, travel blogger and TV presenter from Liverpool, England (http://theodysseyexpedition.com/category/england). On January 1 2009 I crossed the River Plate into Uruguay (http://theodysseyexpedition.com/category/uruguay) and began The Odyssey Expedition: The first official Guinness World Recordô attempt to visit every sovereign state on Planet Earth without flying.

That's the 193 members of the United Nations plus Taiwan (http://theodysseyexpedition.com/category/taiwan), Vatican City (http://theodysseyexpedition.com/category/vatican-city), Palestine (http://theodysseyexpedition.com/category/palestine), Kosovo (http://theodysseyexpedition.com/category/kosovo), Western Sahara (http://theodysseyexpedition.com/category/western-sahara) and the four home nations of The United Kingdom (http://theodysseyexpedition.com/category/england). A staggering 201 international borders crossed by foot, bus, taxi, train, ship or canoe. No planes, no helicopters and no hot-air balloons.

Along the way I self-filmed and presented the TV show Graham's World for the National Geographic Adventure channel and raised funds for the registered charity WaterAid (http://www.wateraid.org). http://www.theodysseyexpedition.com/maps/MegaMap.jpg

DX Wombat
11th May 2014, 22:34
Congratulations are most definitely in order. Well done that man. :)

11th May 2014, 22:35
Bet he has a lot of T-shirts

11th May 2014, 22:44
And a lot of power adaptors

11th May 2014, 23:34
Did he get all the Imm. stamps in one passport ?

John Hill
12th May 2014, 00:02
Excellent effort, a pity he only got as far as the little blue huts when he 'visited' North Korea.

12th May 2014, 01:25
Reminds me of Ted Simon's 'round-the-world' motorcycling adventure told of in his book "Jupiter's Travels"- it's a really good read and Ted is a nice guy in person too, even if you didn't buy his book :cool: