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11th May 2014, 17:06
BBC News - Mers virus: Saudis warned to wear masks near camels (http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-middle-east-27362513)

Saudi Arabia has urged its citizens to wear masks and gloves when dealing with camels so as to avoid spreading the deadly Mers virus.

But some farmers have mocked the official warnings, with one posting a video of himself hugging and kissing his camels, asking one to sneeze into his face.


Some things you can't make up.

11th May 2014, 17:18
This chap is in extreme danger...

https://encrypted-tbn1.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQ25qZ8dHuPASxZp7nFbGOps4viehN2tOWVRkDnn8n kNcJw4uQS

11th May 2014, 17:51
and the notorious camel spit....

11th May 2014, 19:03

So, it's just the Saudi men that will die, given they have segregated hospitals also.

..there is some justice in the world after all :ok:

uffington sb
11th May 2014, 20:24

Are you sure that's camel spit, and not the outpourings of a particularly amorous camel :eek::eek::eek:

12th May 2014, 01:00
Used to be a fella only had to worry about the syphilis that many of the camels carry :)

12th May 2014, 01:49
What's the incubation time? Rode a few camels at Buraimi Oasis in 1966. Am I at risk?

12th May 2014, 04:04
My father actually ran a camel team in the mid-1930's - and whilst mentioning the dreaded camel spit, he reckoned the most dangerous feature of camels was their ability to kick in any direction - backwards, forwards, and sideways as well!

He owned an unusual black camel that no-one wanted - because it had killed its abusive Afghan owner by biting the top off his head, when he wasn't looking! :eek:

Despite that background, he said he found the black camel to be one of his most hard-working and reliable camels.
He claimed it was because he treated it properly and with kindness - unlike the Afghan, who would abuse it with beatings with a stick.

I can't wait for the old camel jokes to re-appear.

Why are Arab camels called "ships of the desert"? Because they're full of Arab seamen. :)

12th May 2014, 04:55
and the notorious camel spit....

I was wondering if it was lube, but

Are you sure that's camel spit, and not the outpourings of a particularly amorous camel

that makes more sense:E.

Mind you it might be the way to get some lube:p

12th May 2014, 05:40
Humping too I'd imagine.

12th May 2014, 13:45
I sometimes wonder whether the quaint English tea-ceremony involving asking guests whether they would like "one lump or 2?" also originates in the Arabian deserts (though I believe that coffee from the Ethiopian highlands was more popular at the time)? And obviously after the English finally learned to properly count (using Arabic numerals)...?! :E

From Lawrence of Arabia (http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0056172/): Auda abu Tayi: "It is Auda of the Howitat who speaks."
Sherif Ali: "It is Ali of the Harith who answers."
Auda abu Tayi: "Harith! Ali, does your father still steal?"
Sherif Ali: "No. Does Auda take me for one of his own bastards?"
Auda abu Tayi: "No, there is no resemblance. Alas, you resemble your father."
Sherif Ali: "Auda flatters me."
Auda abu Tayi: "You're easily flattered. I knew your father well."
Sherif Ali: "Did you know your own?"

Leaving all the camel jokes aside for a moment, the World is probably overdue for another epidemic on the scale of the "Black Death" which supposedly killed 30-40% of Europe's total population at the time. The closest to that in more recent times was during WWI and the flu epidemic.

Whilst most, if not perhaps all the non human-beings with whom we're supposed to share this planet with might look forwards to that, they obviously don't or cannot express such desires. They're just "simpler" than we are.

PS. Who here can truly say that they knew their own father anyway...?! :(

12th May 2014, 14:16
Rode a few camels at Buraimi Oasis in 1966. Am I at risk?

Not as long as you wore a condom. HTH.