View Full Version : No more Cash Fares on London Buses from July

11th May 2014, 14:33
Is someone going to build a monument to Conductors?

Could be interesting for tourists and children and empty Oysters.

I was a conductor for a very short time once, not in London.

11th May 2014, 15:27
It makes sense from TfL's point of view, but as you pointed out anyone with an empty Oystercard will draw the short straw. I've had it a few times where the machine at a station takes the fare, then due to whatever the service is cancelled and 'please use the buses' announcement, and when one touches out with the card having gone nowhere, the maximum fare is taken and the only way to be re-credited is by visiting an underground ticket office or online.

Now that cash is on the way out the chance of mishaps concerning stranded passengers will increase.


11th May 2014, 15:58
Holy Mother of God - you mean you're supposed to PAY on London buses ? How long has this been the case ? Next thing you'll be telling me the Underground isn't free, either.

11th May 2014, 16:01
Won't there have to be a major change in the law?

It was my understanding that if cash is offered it has to be accepted. :8

11th May 2014, 17:15
I think it's unlikely to have any significant effect upon my lifestyle

11th May 2014, 17:17
Tfl have also got a novel scam (that they keep denying happens) whereby you tap your wallet against the reader and Tfl takes money from your contactless debit card and your Oyster.

beaufort - Maggie got rid of the Truck Act which meant you had to get your wages paid into a bank account, like it or not.

I suspect the right to pay 'cash' may have disappeared at the same time (stand to be corrected).

11th May 2014, 21:03
Once a few girls (or boys) have been robbed and/or raped on the walk home in the dark, after their cash was refused on the bus, TfL will probably have to back down on this one.

Shaggy Sheep Driver
11th May 2014, 21:16
Makes sense. Costs mean we can't have bus conductors any more, and delaying the bus while driver sorts out cash transactions at stops is silly, and not only delays the bus but also traffic generally.

Oyster cards are free. No reason for anyone who uses the buses not to have one.

Rwy in Sight
11th May 2014, 21:18
I thought that an Oyster card is standard piece of equipment for any one living and / or spending time in London and not fortunate enough to afford a taxi. No about empty Oyster cards I have the impression that they can be recharged at a machine - although the only time I needed to do that, the instructions didn't seem so simple.

Rwy in Sight

11th May 2014, 21:25
Even I have an Oyster card. I go to London about twice a year, although I more frequently have to transit between Kings Cross or Euston and Waterloo, for which I use the bus as I find the Tube quite insufferable and claustrophobic.

11th May 2014, 21:27
We have a similar card here in Aus / Vic.

PITA not having cash option.

11th May 2014, 21:44
I have an Oyster card. It's a brilliant invention. Mine never runs out, because when it goes below some threshold amount, it recharges itself from my credit card. I've not had any problem with that.

On London buses I use my Bus Pass, so they are free. If I lived in London, the underground would be free, too. I'll put up with paying :)

11th May 2014, 23:45
It was my understanding that if cash is offered it has to be accepted. :8

You are mistaken. Legal tender has a very limited meaning, and it doesn't apply here. Same applies to shops. If you come into my shop and point to an item costing 1 and proffer a 1 coin, I am under no obligation to sell it to you, nor do I have to give a reason. It may be I just dont like the look of you or dont like the way you talk.

Similarly TFL are under no obligation to accept cash if it doesn't suit them, they are entitled to ask for payment in any way they wish.

11th May 2014, 23:57
Tfl have also got a novel scam (that they keep denying happens) whereby you tap your wallet against the reader and Tfl takes money from your contactless debit card and your Oyster.

I may be mistaken (has been known....) but I think TfL has now put signs at the barriers at some/all stations warning about the dangers of having your Oyster card and other cards in the same wallet.

11th May 2014, 23:58
So what do us visitors have to do, I'll be there in August ?

Auckland buses have a similar system, and I don't ever remember them having conductors over the last 20 years, and as an infrequent visitor I don't bother, the driver sits by a gadget that issues tickets and takes my cash. I guess if the whole queue needed to pay that could create a schedule-maintenance issue, but of course the odd idiot that needs to pay is actually infrequent.

It works.

( but then of course 'The Union' will demand extra pay for the driver, doing two jobs)

Worlds' Gone Mad.

12th May 2014, 00:12
They took all the conductors off and replaced them with people who go round to make sure you swiped the card :rolleyes:

12th May 2014, 01:17
I see the lesbian from Greenock has self identified. What next??

12th May 2014, 09:10
You're from Greenock?

You have my sincere condolences!

12th May 2014, 10:40
It's about time London was dragged kicking and screaming into the 21st century. Anyone who has used a system such as Singapores MRT knows that their cashless system with the prepaid card works admirably - as does their transport system.

I guess there's a few here who are bemoaning the loss of cash fares in London, who also bemoan the loss of horse-drawn carriages? :rolleyes:

I for one, certainly don't miss having to carry around a heap of coins for fares - and I'll wager a lot of bus drivers are glad to see the last of the cash payment system, too.

12th May 2014, 12:41
also bemoan the loss of horse-drawn carriages?

Too right. My rhubarb's never been the same since they went! :p

Shaggy Sheep Driver
12th May 2014, 13:27
And very many 'Tube' railways abroad are driverless, as ours should be. These are not slow jerky things like our own dear driverless DLR, but proper, fast, intra-urban transit systems. The late and not lamented Bob Crow went apoplectic at the very idea, but that's no reason for us not to have it.