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Mac the Knife
11th May 2014, 10:15
I was recently moved to comment about something in response to an article on one of our local Newssites.

I was fascinated by the sheer honesty of receiving the following warning when I pressed the "Send" button.

"NewsXX will receive the following info: your public profile, friend list, email address, relationships, birthday, education history, interests, current city, religious and political views and likes. Continue or Cancel?"

None of that info can be germane in the slightest to my trivial point (a historical date correction - out by 107 years).

<<So, friend, before you post, remember that NewsXX will have that information forever, and can (and will) share it with anyone they fancy (as well as it leaking out of whatever data warehouses hold that information).

We trust you understand that this "info" is not guaranteed to be correct or consistent either in whole or in part, and may not even be about you at all. Be advised that the extent and nature of this "info" is not accessible to you and, should it be incorrect, cannot be corrected.

Please note that this "information" may affect your job prospects, visa applications, marriageability, creditworthiness, children's school acceptances and whatnot for the rest of your life.>>

So dear boy, keep your mouth shut and your opinions to yourself.

What price liberty now? What would Thomas Paine have said?


:suspect: (Sunday grump)

[I am not na´ve and I am well aware that various government and other information brokers, have for a long time known far more about me than I myself (rather more, alas now, as the years roll by......:()]

12th May 2014, 14:50
Alas, Mac the Knife, most of us are already well aware (or otherwise understand) that whatever any website says (or does not), we should take for granted that our every action on the WWW is tracked, whether or not merely for "advertising purposes".

It's nice to see a website which states the obvious however, which is what I understand you wanted to draw our attention to... :ok: