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10th May 2014, 19:35
Well, not exactly. But during my morning ablutions (when I often come up with my best insights / ideas), the olde Wurzel's song popped into my head and got me going...

Put aside "I've got 20 acres and you've got 43..." for the moment. It struck me that today we probably have living in most urban / semi-urban areas of the 1st World:

1) On the one side, many older, perhaps retired or semi-retired folks with some expertise of growing vegetables and/or flowers. They do this mainly on their own individual small plots or gardens. Perhaps also occasionally "hiring-out" their services to maintaining others' gardens nearby.

2) On the other side, we have folks who own properties in suburban areas with sometimes perhaps quite large gardens, but whose wealth does not automatically equip them with any expertise in this area. Even house-owners of modest homes with small back-gardens might be included. They would probably all love the idea of perhaps growing their own vegetables, fruit etc. for their own consumption, in their own gardens. Being "green-minded" etc. But I guess that they're not always very successful, or bother to put in the required effort...

So, I thought, why not try to put the 2 together (folks with expertise and those who have suitable gardens) in a vegeterily, fruitful way so as to allow everyone's aspirations a chance to bloom?!

Here's how it might work:

The retired or semi-retired folks with some expertise of growing vegetables and/or flowers (and why not even some younger and aspiring "professionals" also?), get together with folks who own properties in suburban areas with sometimes perhaps quite large gardens or even with house-owners of modest homes with small back-gardens if viable. They'd conclude some sort of agreement based on a combination of factors. An example might run along the lines of (a smallish 200mē cultivated plot) as follows:

1) The "house-owner" provides the land, access to and certain basic essential facilities including watering.
2) The "gardener" basically does all the initial "hard-work", including preparing the soil, fertilising etc., setting up, planting, growing and harvesting of the vegetables. The "produce" to be shared on a 1/3rd "house-owner" and 2/3rds "gardener" basis or thereabouts.
3) Ideally, the produce would be grown in "easily-identified and separate rows or similar" so to distinguish between what produce the "house-owner" could harvest as when required at their convenience, and that reserved for the "gardener".
4) Obviously, I'm thinking that the "gardener" (whether operating "professionally" or being retired / semi-retired) will be able to "redistribute" the harvest to local consumers such as restaurants, grocery shops or other private individuals, that is how they will obtain any benefit or profit from all this.

The advantages are obvious: The "house-owner" allowing part of his garden to be used efficiently and harvesting his "home-grown" vegetables, fruits and flowers when convenient. The "gardener" (whether operating "professionally" or being retired / semi-retired) obtaining a worthwhile income doing what they like / know etc.

Someone "out there" should set up a website to put the 2 sides together. Obviously "non-profit", just as my idea here is...?! :ok:

Just for those who've forgotten the Wurzels:

The Wurzels-I've Got A Brand New Combine Harvester-With The Muppets and Peter Sellers - YouTube

Lon More
10th May 2014, 19:48
so has this guy

combine harvester on fire - YouTube

10th May 2014, 19:56
Damned good idea.

Years ago we lived in house with an overgrown garden, and neither of us like gardening, so all we did was pay a chap to come in and strim it all down every now and again. Just across the lane in the village lived a retired couple, and the chap loved gardening. Knowing that I was interested in building things (big clue, there was an old, 1920's, wooden yacht in the drive gradually being rebuilt) this chap came over and asked if I could help him assemble some flat-pack furniture. I put the cabinet together and he offered me a lot of excess bedding plants he had left over in his greenhouse.

I mentioned that we weren't exactly gardeners, he mentioned that he was hopeless at DIY, and there were lots of little jobs around their cottage that his wife was always on at him to fix. We quickly did a deal; he was delighted at being able to grow stuff in our (fairly large) garden, in return I did odd jobs around his cottage (fixing sash windows, putting up shelves etc).

This turned out to be a wonderfully symbiotic relationship, we had a lovely garden and our neighbour always thought he had got the better part of the deal (as his wife had, after many years, stopped nagging him to fix things around the house).

Something that could make a partnership like this more likely, rather than just rely on serendipity, would seem very useful.

10th May 2014, 19:58
Far too sensible, airship, it'll never get off the ground.:ok:

Here's a modern tribute to the Wurzels, we had them play at our carnival club last year, and they were probably better than the original, -- the Mangled Wurzels (http://www.somersetmade.co.uk/scrumpyandwestern/mangledwurzels.php)

I Can Drive a Tractor, The Mangled Wurzels - YouTube

Been Accounting
10th May 2014, 20:17
We're an autonomous, anarcho-syndicalist commune!

10th May 2014, 20:23
Oharrrrh Cpt_Pugwash. Enjoyed your video. It was obviously getting a bit hot in the tent (why didn't they just raise/open the sides - did you notice the decrepit olde small fan)?!

Thank you VP959. In these difficult times, such endeavours might also encourage folks to put aside their poorly-held prejudices and engage in a "community-inspired" effort to know their neighbours at least, regardless of income differences or circumstances.

PS. Don't have a garden, but if I did, all the cherries would be reserved for the Starlings...?! ;)

DX Wombat
10th May 2014, 20:39
airship, my brother who lives in Western Australia has a working partnership of which I'm sure you would approve. He has a lovely almond tree in his garden and every year it produces an excellent crop. He has only ever had one of these nuts. He donates the rest to the flock of Western Black Parrots which visit every year to strip the tree. He regards it as a small price to pay to have these rare birds come to his garden. As he said, he can go and buy almonds in the shops if he wants some but he cannot buy the presence of the parrots enjoying themselves feasting on the almond tree in his garden. :)


10th May 2014, 21:04
DX Wombat :ok: I once had a brother or even 1 and 1/2 too. :{

B Fraser
10th May 2014, 21:10
Any PPL will tell you that there is a surprising amount of countryside, even in the overcrowded south east. It is also easy to live a modern life while still having a degree of self sufficiency. I have a nice little orchard, grow my own asparagus, can mend Briggs & Stratton engines and have a job "in the city". It is not difficult.

And..........The Wurzels are still world famous in Somerset. Oooo arrrrr ooooo arrrrrrr aaaaay, oooo arrrrr ooooo arrrrrrr aaaaay !

10th May 2014, 21:14
Can airship and 2 cats come and live in yer garden please?!

10th May 2014, 23:15
Mrs TTN is a big Wurzels fan and because I indulge her eccentricities we went to see them at Falmouth a few years back. Their "warm -up " act was some old farmer from Devon who thought he was a comedian. After about 7 minutes I thought "he must be going off soon", but after half an hour I was looking for a sharp object to slit my wrists. He did a 45 minute stint - which seemed like three days.

After that I was ready to murder The Wurzels for putting us all through that, but I have to admit they did a good show (and they needed to!)

Good idea about the garden - I've got a huge overgrown one which anyone is welcome to cultivate.

10th May 2014, 23:23
Another little ditty from Ciderspace..oooo aaarr

I am a cider drinker - YouTube

10th May 2014, 23:24
Hells Angels Forever - 1983 (Full Movie) - YouTube


10th May 2014, 23:34
Here's another of our local bands, played at a friends birthday party last year, the Somerset Paddies (http://www.somersetpaddies.co.uk/)

Somerset Paddies Pussy song 2012.wmv - YouTube

11th May 2014, 08:47

Are you not kind of re-inventing the Feudal System??

Till his Lordship's fields and get a minority of the produce!

11th May 2014, 08:59
There already exists a web site for this - been going some time -HERE (http://www.landshare.net/listings/23899/)

I remember with great fondness playing the original of the combine harvester tune, with the original artist and words many years ago in the car on my trips to the airfield when I learned to fly. Just about wore out the cassette.