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Cyclic Hotline
21st May 2002, 01:36
The Martin Mars will be 60 this year and still going strong.:)

Very nice story here Martin Mars 60 years on. (http://www.canada.com/vancouver/vancouversun/archives/story.asp?id=B348C116-8920-40A3-A8EB-507AADDA1751)

And some nice shots of a variety of fire-fighters here. (http://www.musante.dk/tour0102/)

21st May 2002, 09:12
Nice post, wonderful aeroplane!

If you haven't already seen it, and ever get the chance (might be on video), Channel 4 in the UK did a series a couple of years ago called Classic Aircraft - one epsiode included the Mars operation at Sproat Lake, with wondeful film of the aircraft in action - would love to see them for real, I hope they NEVER retire them!



Canuck Pilot
30th May 2002, 18:28
I grew up in Port Alberni which is right near Sproat lake and where the Martin Mar's base is located. One in fact just flew over my place of work the other day. Truly a majestic aircraft. I never get tired of pulling up alongside of them during the summer time to get a closer look.

I. M. Esperto
3rd Jun 2002, 15:54
In 1956, I flew the in the Mars from NAS Alameda to NAS Pearl Harbor, and returned a week later.

Wonderful trip. I was a lowly Ensign, but had a very comfortable seat in what we would call "First Class".

I have a neighbor, Walter Conway, who was PIC of the Mars for several years. He stayed in the Navy after the war, during which he plew the PBY Catalinas.

4th Jun 2002, 03:26
Greetings I.M.---

Do you remember the flying time on that Mars flight, by any chance? I used to fly DC-6B's OAK-HNL years ago...10:20 was usual.

I. M. Esperto
4th Jun 2002, 21:09
411 - I can't recall, but it sure seemed long. No booze.