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7th May 2014, 14:50
Drat! Just when I was getting the hang of it *scratch scratch*. :*

THE 80s saw bushes in all sorts of glorious shapes and sizes. The 90s had us pruning (?) and trimming our wild manes and the 00s had us making our vaginas completely furless. But forget the bald Barbie doll look - pubes are back in vogue!

Vagina designs: Full waxed is out, the bush is back | Style | Life & Style | Daily Express (http://www.express.co.uk/life-style/style/470716/Pubic-hair-trends-2014-The-full-waxed-look-is-out-the-bush-is-back)

7th May 2014, 15:03
Just think what it'll save in razor blades and dental floss!

7th May 2014, 15:14
All rather academic now, I'm afraid to say!:{

7th May 2014, 16:02
Funny, the pop up ad under this is for a company supplying everything for your wet shaving needs.

7th May 2014, 16:02
.....see Gustave Courbet's "Origin of the world" in Musee Quai d'Orsay in Paris.

The Ancient Mariner

7th May 2014, 16:23
I'm getting into merkin futures - should make a packet out of girls who dont want to wait ;)

14 Famous Merkins [NSFW] (http://jezebel.com/5644202/14-famous-merkins-nsfw/)

7th May 2014, 16:39
This must be 'down under'

My preference:

7th May 2014, 18:12
(Heavy orstraalian accent) "Show us yer map of Tazzy love ?" Good for a few laughs and a possible slap on the jowls back in the day depending on the sensitivity and/or humour of the recipient :}

Fashions come, fashions go, plus ca change etc etc. Me, I prefer a little grass as long as the borders are trimmed ;)


spInY nORmAn
7th May 2014, 19:36
In Canada, it was more like this:


Solid Rust Twotter
7th May 2014, 20:01
A little fur adds a touch of demureness that is quite appealing. It's when it looks like an aerial photograph of a Jackson Five concert in the 1970s that one has cause to wonder what it is that lurks within....:ooh:

Mac the Knife
7th May 2014, 20:04
Sadly, despite commonsense and Cameron Diaz the plucked chicken/prepubescent child look is here to stay.

This is a multi-billion dollar industry - do you think that the big cosmetic players (Gillette, Schick, lasers, Salons, waxers, soothers etc. would ever let it go without a mega-fight?

They won't, there's far too much money in it for them (despite the hours wasted, the ingrown-hairs, the discomfort, the pimples and the STDs like impetigo and molluscum for their clients).

Any sign of dissent from the sheep-women and the big ad campaigns will redouble to name and shame 'em from Grade school on.

That is how capitalism works folks!



NB: And, because all is now widely exposed, there is a huge parallel industry of labioplasty, fat injection, scrotal tightening and anal bleaching that generates even more money.

(For me too, when I have to try and repair the complications of these curious manoevres!)

7th May 2014, 20:05
Just remember when talking to a Tassie girl that they have two heads !
(incestuous bunch down there !)

7th May 2014, 22:19
I think anal bleaching is a good thing - I can think of several arseholes that need to lighten up..................

B Fraser
7th May 2014, 22:48
Scrotal tightening ?????????

I managed to turn the shower to "Baltic" in my hotel room last night. They don't make spanners that can tighten nuts that quickly. Why any bloke should want to walk around like that all day is beyond me.

7th May 2014, 22:57
I must seriously be out of the loop as I have never heard of Scrotal tightening, anal bleaching or those two STD's :rolleyes:

Am I missing something ? :p

Never had any complaints (so far) !

8th May 2014, 08:12
This must be 'down under'
Watch out for giant crabs!