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6th May 2014, 20:25
Had pre-booked/paid for Med size car through a 'consolidator' at Alicante for end of month - was reasonably satisfied with price

However today got e-mail from one of their opposition offering ' Great Deals'

Investigated and the 'Deal' appeared OK, fortunately my original booking allowed cancellation - however rather than doing it online rang them

NET result my current booking has been amended saving me 150 and this was only a SIX day booking!!!

Suggest any one heading for Spain in near future investigates Current Deals

PZU - Out of Africa (Retired)

6th May 2014, 21:23
Slightly off topic but I can't miss the opportunity to gloat, a little.

Mentioned on another thread we had a mid size car ordered in Winnepeg for $7.00 a day.

Turned up. Oh sorry, we don't have any mid sized left. Would a full size do? Almost brand new (700Kms) Dodge Charger for $7.00 per day.

Winnepeg is not my favourite town but I guess it has its compensations!

6th May 2014, 22:06
Don't use DoYouSpain, will get done!

7th May 2014, 01:18
I've had good service and pricing from Argus Car Hire UK for a car hire in Spain. We started off from Irun, just inside the Spanish border, to drive across to Santiago De Compostela. The TGV was running late and we didn't get into Irun until after the car rental office officially closed at 16:30HRS - but the lovely lady in the office stayed back to do the paperwork and get us on our way.

It pays to book well ahead for best pricing. It's very nice to get a free upgrade.

I recently booked a Toyota Camry with Avis in BNE, got there and got given a free upgrade to a Commodore SV6. Went to pick up the SV6 and it apparently had a faulty battery and wasn't available - so I got given a 3 week old Falcon XR6 instead! A double upgrade at no extra cost!

I use VroomVroomVroom for car hire here in Oz, because it produces comparison offers with good prices, and because they have a very user-friendly website.
I don't know how anyone could hire a car out for $7 a day and make any money. There must be lots of hidden extras, surely?
Car hire in Oz runs around $35-40 a day on average - but you can save a lot of money by utilising your travel insurance for hire car cover, rather than the very expensive "in house" insurance excess liability reduction offered by the car rental companies.

7th May 2014, 06:53
Arriving at a car hire desk in Frankfurt with a friend we were told that the Ford Mondeo class car we had requested was not available so they were giving us a high spec Merc E-class instead.
My friend, who is a 1st class wind up merchant, started moaning that he was very unhappy because he was looking forward to driving the Mondeo.
There followed a classic example of German humour failure with the supervisor being called to explain the superiority of the Merc, and that there would be no extra costs.
The penny eventually dropped and we got a "very funny ha-ha" grimace before we went on our way.

7th May 2014, 07:00
Be wary of the 'free upgrade' offers that prevail in North America. I was caught the first time I went to Miami. Terrific upgrade for $2.00 a day extra. As I was ferrying people between the airport and the Keys it seemed like a good idea. What they didn't tell me, and I failed to notice, was that the insurance on the bigger bugger was about an extra $15/day. Not to mention that it only did 4 miles to the gallon instead of maybe 10 that the 'compact' would have done.

7th May 2014, 07:02
Only extras were Harmonised sales tax and Airport rental tax. Total bill came to $40. for the three days.

We have insurance both on our Mastercard and on our own Provincial insurance with Roadstar which covers all car rentals in N America.

7th May 2014, 08:07
I was once warned that some car hire outfits will intentionally give you a car with damage. If you don't spot it and record it on their inspection form before acceptance, they then sting you for the repairs. Some will even sting you again for the lost hire time whilst the vehicle is in the repair shop.

I was sceptical, until we hired a car, delivered to our home, with a chip in the windscreen, directly inline with the driver's line of sight. I recorded it on the inspection sheet (of which I retained the carbon copy) whilst the driver agitated about 'the time I was taking'. Said driver had just delivered the vehicle from 5 miles away, so he most definitely knew of the chip.

At the end of the hire period, when the car was collected, the very first thing the driver did was to go straight to, and point out, the chip in the windscreen, grimace at me and comment that 'this will cost a fair bit to fix'.

I left him to his play acting, knowing full well that the paperwork absolved me of any blame.

Of course, driving with a chipped windscreen is another story.

Had a similar incident with another outfit some time later. Gouged rear wheel arch, near the sill, not recorded on the paperwork...until I ensured it was.

7th May 2014, 08:17
Best thing to do is photograph any damage when you collect your car and make sure the time and date setting is on.

7th May 2014, 08:24
I did that and was told that the date and time settings can be manipulated (which is true) and that they would not accept my photos as evidence of when the damage occurred. Their attitude made me more determined to prove them liars, and I did, and won.

7th May 2014, 10:14
I hired from Hertz and was asked to collect the car with no contact around to inspect. Desk clerk advised there was no damage recorded so it was ok to go.
Had a good look over the car and there was plenty of damage! went back to the desk which was closed!
Drove into the city and found a Hertz depot - one staff on duty who was yapping on the phone. Very off hand and said the damage must have happened while I was driving into the city from the airport.
I said I wanted to end the contract there and then and asked her to call her boss. She said she could not, but asked had I looked at the condition report under the spare wheel cover. Had a look and there it was listing all the damage [about twelve items]
I am sure that if I had not kicked up about it I would have been billed for all of the damage that had been noted.
Hertz can and will Hurt you if they can.

7th May 2014, 12:40
One thing about hire cars in Spain: you MUST be given a copy of the car's insurance document when you pick the car up. If you have an accident or are even stopped for one of the very frequent roadside checks and you don't have this paper, the car will be impounded there and then. Oh and you need your driver's licence and some form of valid ID with you at all times. Minimum 70 fine on the spot for driving without and you may also have the car impounded.

7th May 2014, 13:29
Dear OFSO,
The 2 euro bus ticket has so much going for it!

7th May 2014, 13:37
In defence of (at least one) hire company in Spain, we took a family holiday in Majorca a few years back and were somewhat surprised when the company rep asked when we wanted the car. We didn't know it was included.
Set the dates, picked it up, it looked like it had been re-inflated after going through the crusher, they gave ME a waiver and it ran like a dream for the 2 days we had it. Pokey little Fiat that cost about fourpence in petrol and let us visit remote and beautiful parts of the island that we would otherwise have missed. Great experience, but probably because it was the holiday company booking and not a private hire. Nice time, though.

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7th May 2014, 21:12
Booked a BMW 3-series out of SXF once, got upgraded to a 640i. On another occasion I'd booked a mid-size (Mondeo/Passat) estate type out of FRA and got a Jaguar XJ. On a third occasion I'd booked another mid-size out of BRU, and got a Mercedes CLS 350 CDi.

Can go the other way too. 2 friends and I were off to the Nurburgring Nordschleife to scare ourselves in race prepared, but still street legal, rented Suzuki Swifts. We flew into DUS and had decided to arrive in style, so had booked and prepaid the biggest class available - a BMW 7-series/Merc S-class type (around EUR 400 for 3 days with unlimited milage). As it turns out, they didn't have any and we were offered a bloody SUV instead, Merc ML or similar rubbish. Much bitching ensued, and we ended up being 'downgraded' to a BMW 530d. Probably one of the nicest cars I've ever driven, so it wasn't that much of a loss.