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6th May 2014, 01:27
Jack Bauer is back and it's not looking good for the government muppets who "arrested" him. How dumb can they be not to see the only reason he let them get to him is so he can get inside to save his girl.

Buster Hyman
6th May 2014, 03:46
Is this Pprune or the TV Guide?


6th May 2014, 04:02
The "virtually anything goes" Jet Blast ! ;) :O

6th May 2014, 04:21
I only watched the first couple series. Pretty cool.

Buster Hyman
6th May 2014, 05:34
I never saw him sleep or go to "see a man about a dog" over the whole 24 hours. I swear, the man has a bladder the size of a small car!

Black Sheep One
6th May 2014, 07:05
Am sure adrenaline can get anyone through 24hrs without sleep!

6th May 2014, 07:22
A hell of a lot more than 24 hours !

Val d'Isere
6th May 2014, 07:25
Back to front: The answer to everything is 42

6th May 2014, 10:44
Still more of it? I really liked the first one (or maybe Sutherland in it), but already the second season was too bloody for me :\.

6th May 2014, 14:31
Am sure adrenaline can get anyone through 24hrs without sleep!24 hours? What a girl!! You know you haven't had much sleep when you use tooth picks to keep your eyelids open. Most I've ever gone without "sleep" is about 96 hours straight. Brings new meaning to virtual LSD!!

6th May 2014, 14:54
So, it takes a Canadian to sort out dodgy elements in the US Government?

Just as well this is fiction ;)

6th May 2014, 15:30
Fox3, as you well know, Canadians are non-partisan. :p

7th May 2014, 09:38
Canadians are non-partisan.
...but many are oui-parisienne.

7th May 2014, 10:01
Indeed they are. Local pub manager's wife is French-Canadian, and it was quite amusing to watch her take apart some French rugby fans when they were passing ribald comments (in French) about the barmaids.