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3rd May 2014, 04:01
The amusing clip below with the fictitious (but not improbable) Disast Air airline reminded me of my mother's amusing anecdotes of having flown with Madair and others in the early 1960s...

On 1 January 1962, Madair took over service to some 58 points in Madagascar, and on 14 October the name of the airline was changed to Air Madagascar, because of a negative image of the name Madair

Air Madagascar - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Air_Madagascar)

Her stories of being flown in and around Africa and the islands with Arabs attempting to make tea by lighting fires on board, flapping shower curtains between the cockpit and the cabin along with worried German first officers pointing flashlights out of the cabin windows at night to look at oil spurting from a stuttering engine over the Sahara would have made for a good book of short stories...

As hardened travellers we must have tales of stange transport outfits in exotic lands doing well and very badly? Feel free to share those here if you wish..

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3rd May 2014, 09:02
I arrived in Africa too late for most of that type of adventure.

Though I passed through Antananarivo on the way to Reunion and back.

The sight of the remains of the Malagasy Air Force is enough to put anyone off flying with any airline associated Madagascar.