View Full Version : GB Rules - OK?

Jim Kirk
20th May 2002, 17:38
Re the topic on BA Pilots to fly for GB, what a load of old codswallop!

How often do we see the Nigels whingeing when things arenīt going their way? Face facts. Your company has lost the plot whilst we go from strength to strength. Now that your lot has done the inevitable and ditched the final slary pension scheme, nobody in their right minds wants to come and work for such a chaotic outfit.

How often do aircraft arrive on stands with nobody to meet them due to "short staff"? You just talk to anyone at BA and they have hardly any motivation.

Even your former mates who retired at 55 and saw the light and came to GB, often praise our standards as one of the best in the world. Our passengers even notice when they get on board a GB (BA) flight, saying "I can see you are GB Airways as your service is exceptional and the crew are polite and friendly!"

Our company has vision, a realistic cost base and motivated staff.

So eat your hearts out Nigels and stop whingeing!

Fire away!