View Full Version : You may like this; the Flimography of Aircraft

Just a spotter
1st May 2014, 09:18
A Kickstarter (social/crowdsource funding) project to make a poster with aeroplanes from movies.


And no, I don't have anything to do with the project.


1st May 2014, 09:52
Impressive - I hope she gets her cash

Some odd choices - and omissions - I take it she's never seen The Dambusters or The Flight of the Phoenix.

Oh and the plural of aircraft is aircraft!

1st May 2014, 15:02
The Flight of the Phoenix.

The Jimmy Stewart version of course!

The 2nd incarnation was rubbish.

I must dig out the novel and re-read, its been a few years.:ok:

1st May 2014, 15:36
Is a Flimography full of flimflam?

1st May 2014, 15:58
The Jimmy Stewart version of course!

God yes. I've got about 20 minutes into the remake on two occasions and given up both times.

The moment when Jimmy Stewart and Richard Attenborough realise that the Hardy Kruger character is a model aircraft designer has to be in the all time top ten movie scenes!