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30th Apr 2014, 14:38

Following the unrest in eastern Ukraine and the annexation of Crimea, the United States has tightened sanctions against Russia, by restricting export licences for US-made components in forthcoming satellites launches at Kazakhstan's Baikonur Cosmodrome

A permit is required even if the satellite was manufactured in another country, and the lack of one will prevent a satellite being shipped to Russia. The State Department first made its move in March, with a further tightening yesterday, revoking licences already granted. The restrictions prevent the shipment of any component which could "contribute to Russia's military capabilities", and will have a widespread effect on the satellite industry worldwide.

The British company Inmarsat will be badly hit, as will Luxembourg's SES, who were planning to launch Astra 2G in June.

Each proposed licence will be dealt with by the State Department on a "case by case" basis, which will lead to urgent lobbying in Washington by the satellite industry to quickly lift the ban.

Political tension in the region shows no sign of easing, with alternative launch facilities in other parts of the world fully booked for some time to come. The Americans are even trying to stop ArianeSpace using Russian Proton rockets at its French Guiana launch site in South America.

Baikonur is run by an American company, International Launch Services (ILS), and in a further twist of irony, sanctions do not apply to the International Space Station, as the Americans are completely dependent on Russia launchers to re-supply the mission.

tony draper
30th Apr 2014, 14:45
Are there any Americans aboard the ISS at the moment ?,if so they might find they have to walk home.:uhoh:

30th Apr 2014, 14:51
Having moral principals is, and has always been, expensive.

30th Apr 2014, 15:03
Current team:

› Mikhail Tyurin (Russian)
› Koichi Wakata (Japanese)
› Rick Mastracchio (American)
› Oleg Artemyev (Russian)
› Steve Swanson (American)
› Alexander Skvortsov (Russian)

Next Launch:
Date: May 28, 2014
Mission: Expedition 40/41 Launch to International Space Station
Description: Reid Wiseman, Maxim Suraev, Alexander Gerst launch on Soyuz 39 from Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan. Not subject to sanctions.

30th Apr 2014, 15:03
Nice one Tony.

30th Apr 2014, 19:41
Which is probably why some Kremlin spokesman said today: "The next time the Americans want to go to International Space Station maybe they should use a trampoline." :}

tony draper
30th Apr 2014, 19:46
After all of one's German Rocket scientists have died one is buggad.:rolleyes:

30th Apr 2014, 20:24
ESA and the Sierra Nevada Corporation are working together on a man-rated transport vehicle to take crew to the ISS and back to a normal runway landing but it will not be operational until 2017. See below...

Until then the Americans must buy all flights transporting humans from the Russians, and large/mass-cargo flights from ESA.


tony draper
30th Apr 2014, 21:04
Isn't that the thing the six million dollar man crashed in?:rolleyes:
Buggah!I were right!

1st May 2014, 07:32
Actually Tony, it's more like the lifting body vehicle shown on "Farscape" (currently on Pick TV every evening at ten to seven). Probably because due to the old aerodynamic constraints and the need to get human beans inside, there's only one way to design such a thing.