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30th Apr 2014, 01:27
You couldn't fly any more...? I dont' dare think about that but I know it would make me inordinately unhappy!

I sat morosely thinking about this scenario recently and knew I would be just about as unhappy about that scenario as if I had lost my grumpy better half who has put up with me all these years... (what a shallow fool a man can be).

I appreciate that we all have a passion and hopefuly such is aimed at our nearest and dearest but what would you (as a man or woman) miss the most if you couldn't do it again (cyclists are also allowed)...;)

Guitarists, hippies and painters are as welcome as politicians, playboys and croquet players...:ok:

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30th Apr 2014, 01:52
Fly a big red kite...?!

Lobo- A Big Red Kite (1972) - YouTube

30th Apr 2014, 01:57
The state of aviation in Australia is getting so dire due to the idiocy that is CASA that I don't think I would care one iota if I couldn't fly any more. Besides there are now other things in my life I want to do more.

30th Apr 2014, 02:08
The state of aviation in Australia is getting so dire due to the idiocy that is CASA

This is a world wide phenomenon and seems to be encroaching on the US freedom to fly too!

What can we do?


30th Apr 2014, 02:09
Well, you might do much worse than seeking to adopt a "2 socks" or dingo in your region...?!

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30th Apr 2014, 02:12
Airship, it is always animals with you (and this doesn't make you a bad man)....

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30th Apr 2014, 02:35
It's too easy to forget perhaps, that human relationships are also built on promises. When one eventually gains the trust of a bird or stray cat, there is a "life-time" commitment between the 2 parties. Us human-beings tend to forget this basic element of trust between ourselves (and even to our own selves):

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30th Apr 2014, 02:52
trust of a bird or stray cat, there is a "life-time" commitment between the 2 parties

You are quite right of course and the truth, not the rightness is to your credit...

I do believe my better half loves my dog better than me and who can blame her...;)

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james ozzie
30th Apr 2014, 06:50
Isn't there a saying about a pilots last flight? Something along the lines of:

"Which is the sadder - the pilot knowing it is his/her last flight or not knowing?"

Pinky the pilot
30th Apr 2014, 09:11
Attending to the actual subject of this thread; If I found I could no longer fly I would apply for Adult entry to University.

Probably Winemaking!:E

tony draper
30th Apr 2014, 09:34
One could take up Riding to Hounds,that was a qualification they preferred pilots to have in the early days of WWI.

30th Apr 2014, 09:42
Getting on for four years ago I had to stop driving (eyesight). I thought it would be the end of the world but it wasn't.

Now if I had to stop drinking ...

Ascend Charlie
30th Apr 2014, 11:05
I gave up flying last year, and I don't miss it at all - the fire in the belly went out while recovering from surgery for a couple of months, and I just didn't give a rat's patootie any more about going back into it and making decisions about the weather, alternates, minimas, currency, renewals, fuel reserves, and obnoxious students.

So now I am somewhere between retired and just plain unemployed. At 64, I just have to hang in for another year and I might qualify for a pension.:8

tony draper
30th Apr 2014, 11:24
You could buy one of these newfangled RC controlled quadracopers with a camera on it and one of the new Oculus virtual reality hats and zoom around the neighborhood.

30th Apr 2014, 11:25
I gave up flying as a career 20 years ago. I shall be able to access my savings next year and also need a hobby in retirement, so I've decided to...take up flying. I'll be building my own aeroplane from a kit and flying when and where I want - bliss!

Journey Home - YouTube

p.s. seeing Gordon Lightfoot in concert on Friday!

30th Apr 2014, 18:54
Would pack it in tomorrow.................if it wasn't for kids in uni .

Quite fancy being a country gentleman of leisure Huntin', shootin' and fishin' would work for me.

Though how to do that in between stacking shelves or wearing an apron saying Hello I'm ...... Can I help you? Goodness knows.

30th Apr 2014, 19:05
if I had to stop drinking beer :eek::eek: I would be a very miserable bastard. Well, more miserable I should say. :ok:

30th Apr 2014, 19:29
Well as I have quit flying, as in retired, I don't miss it at all.

If one had asked me that 10/15 years ago I would have never said that. But now, hell I don't even go to the airport except to get on an aircraft to go somewhere or meet someone.

Now, to do something else, due to the pain medication I take, my options are rather limited. Even Walmart doesn't want someone on pain pills to be a greeter, let along operating any kind machinery for somebody. Can't drive for any long period of time, legs can't last very well driving long distances. Course I can drive for myself, because I can pull over and get out to walk around a bit, not having any schedule to meet.

So the only thing left is to do something at home. But every internet type of job that I have checked into are scams, wanting me to pay my money for some kind of obscure job; no thanks.

Therefore, I bore people on PPruNe and try to write a couple of books. Do much better boring people here, than writting. :p

Shaggy Sheep Driver
30th Apr 2014, 19:59
I did it for 35 years and in the 70s, 80s, and 90s it was a blast but by the turn of the century the fun was starting to be stifled. What finally killed it for me was the security hassle of getting to and from the aeroplane, and ever increasing bureaucracy and control. Plus the group had moved the aeroplane from a grass field to a big airport a long way from where I live. The Big Airport hassle was all 'security' based - ATC were great, though a 'quick circuit to look at the wx' wasn't an option as it had been at the grass field.

The carefree fun days have gone from GA, though maybe microlights might still offer some of that.

I was frustrated yet again trying to get through the electronic security to the apron, to the the aircraft which, despite my arranging it the day before, hadn't been fueled (and getting fuel once the tanker had been round was almost impossible). I realised that the hassle was outweighing the fun, and why the hell was I paying so much money for this?

Then someone made me a very generous offer for my share in the beloved Chipmunk.

This and a couple of other occupants of my garage give me instantly-available fun now...

http://i18.photobucket.com/albums/b132/GZK6NK/IMG_1735r_zps159f57b6.jpg (http://s18.photobucket.com/user/GZK6NK/media/IMG_1735r_zps159f57b6.jpg.html)

30th Apr 2014, 20:49
con wrote:

Therefore, I bore people on PPRuNe and try to write a couple of books. Do much better boring people here, than writting.You forgot something con. And buy enough single-malt Scotch to keep the distilleries in business. See? That makes you a businessman con! :}

30th Apr 2014, 20:54
Hey Cackers.


My best pal on pprune

30th Apr 2014, 21:42

When my son was nine we flew together, and running my own aeroplane was not too expensive.
Now he is 16 and there was not enough money in my pension to look after a teenager and an aeroplane ... especially with a doubling in hangarage fees, maintenance costs, and EU bureaucracy, so the aeroplane had to go.
Sorely missed :{ but I will fly again once my son is safely out of the nest.