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30th Apr 2014, 01:08
It's taken me over 30 years to realize it, but I'm a Nonic-guy at heart.

(I find they are less easy to drop when you've had a few! :})

BBC News - The return of the dimpled pint glass (http://www.bbc.com/news/magazine-27188915)

P.S. But Guinness definitely looks best in a Tulip!

30th Apr 2014, 01:49
Definitely the dimple, pint or half, drink beer out of anything else and it's definitely poncey IMHO

Have a few around, thick enough ( them, not me, tho' there might be a few different opinons ) to file sharp edges off the chips around the edge ( as I don't seem able to buy new ones ! )

Was refused a half-pint of Guiness recently, 'cos the proprietor said that they were 'ordered' to only sell Guiness in a glass with the Guiness logo. printed on it, and they only had pint Guiness glasses. I suggested that he serve me a half pint in a pint Guiness glass, but that was as incomprehensible to him as giving a teenager the odd bits of change to round up to an even note in my change, said he couldn't accurately measure half a pint into a pint glass. I told him to draw the Guinesss into a plain half pint glass and then pour it into the Guiness pint for me to drink, no, not allowed to draw Guiness into anything but a Guiness glass etc. etc. One could weep.

Bought a local beer instead. ( stop trying to push me around ! )

30th Apr 2014, 02:02
If ever there was/is a prisoner expressing his desire to escape from Colditz, it would be ExSp33db1rd...

30th Apr 2014, 02:17
So the BBC articale shows pictures of different shapes of beer glass (give me the conic) but not one of them looks like it was served with a PINT of beer in it.
The head taking up 1/4 of the glass, thats a rip off serve to the brim or line as per the markings


30th Apr 2014, 03:22
If ever there was/is a prisoner expressing his desire to escape from Colditz, it would be ExSp33db1rd...

But where too ? Whole World's Gone Mad.

At least I can walk down the street without being attacked by cyclists, can't say the same about skateboarders tho', and - usually - park outside the chosen shop, here.

Could be worse.

30th Apr 2014, 04:40
It's not the glass. It's where you are and what you can see beyond it.


30th Apr 2014, 05:03
Looking at those glasses reminds me of the bar we had at School
and how much you (we) drank in the 3 hours it was open !

I reckon I couldn't just drink one pint of cider now :rolleyes:

30th Apr 2014, 06:00
And just how do our governments treat us nowadays? Having allowed all the multi-nationals have their way...the governments impose various taxes on alcohol "so as to encourage us to cut-down or give up? Yeah right. And if you smoke as well, same thing on the part of the government. Except much more severe. Literally 2/3rds of the EUR 70.00 I pay for my Café Cremes every 4-5 days does not just go up in smoke, but fills the coffers of a bankrupt government / country / society. Whilst I pay my taxes and witness how these easily gotten gains are spent so irresponsibly. But that won't be enough. Some states in the US have legalised cannabis. Whatever happens in the USA eventually comes to Europe after a delay of 2-3 years. At least here in France, where a single person "without dependents" like me finds their income already slashed by 50%, any tax on cannabis won't affect me (for a change).

In France, you fill up whatever glass you have. But it's always either 1/2 full (or 1/2 empty) depending on your point of view. And especially once the govt. has taken it's 50% share. So as to subsidise the fathers / families who could never afford to raise a family on the basis of their own low incomes, but know how to **** and produce children which is all the state wants...?! :confused::uhoh:

30th Apr 2014, 06:54
And especially once the govt. has taken it's 50% share. So as to subsidise the fathers / families who could never afford to raise a family on the basis of their own low incomes, but know how to **** and produce children which is all the state wants...?! :confused::uhoh:It's more than 50% for anyone who has a decent income and a few assets. What the state wants, like all communist regimes, is to make the people dependent on the state. Those who drive the economy can see that and are leaving the s(t)inking ratinfested ship of France and hastening its demise.

30th Apr 2014, 07:24
Capetonian, as you well know, the current French government is supposedy a socialist one, certainly not a communist one. But like the UK labour government under Tony Bliar, the current French government is more correctly considered as a "right of centre" government in policies / actions, if not in name... :sad:

Meanwhile (in France as elsewhere), the very rich escape paying all the taxes they should pay, whether these are by way of official and surprisingly regular amnesties (in Italy) or merely the government limiting the numbers of personnel employed in this function (here in France). Of course, "corruption" at the highest levels in France does exist and can only be compared to levels acknowledged to exist in Nigeria or India perhaps. It's true that in France, there is practically zero corruption for the average person when dealing with the "administration". But go up one level, and unless I'm much mistaken, more or less all mayors are "on the take", either for themselves or on behalf of their political parties, but usually both (which goes a long way to explain why corruption at these higher levels is almost never exposed). Bribery and corruption in France is widespread, but the way it's done is very discrete. Like French perfume or luxury handbags, it involves a certain "je ne sais quoi...", rarely are there any traces but everyone knows it goes on. And to some extent, explains the overall tax-trake in France, one of the highest in the EU and certainly 10-15% higher than in UK or USA (it's not all going to pay for fat pensions and salaries for government employees), even during today's "hard times", it's the local authorities at municipal level and the regions who have not ceased spending on "infrastructure projects", most of which are unnecessary or even exorbitant, but presumably there to keep the economy going and just as importantly, ensure a continuing funding of the political parties by way of these unrequired and over-priced projects... :sad: :uhoh:

30th Apr 2014, 07:45
Looking at the BBC article, they are talking about beer, but what have they got in the glasses? it looks like the worst piss poor beer you could buy, half measures in some with no head on and others with half head no beer.
I always thought the mugs were banned because when all hell broke out in a pub you wouldn't want to get caught full on with a low flying glass mug!

30th Apr 2014, 07:51
Was refused a half-pint of Guiness recently

What's a "half-pint"?

30th Apr 2014, 07:56
Literally, Half a pint.

If you didn't want a full pint, you'd ask for half a pint.

Or as some would say, "I'll 'ave 'arf" :O

30th Apr 2014, 08:48
During my sojourn in Bahrain, some years ago, my primary drinking venue was Awali Golf Club, of which I was treasurer.

Everyone drank 'halves' .......which were served in pint glasses and were inevitably somewhat generous measures. As treasurer, I almost inevitably received a VERY generous, 'treasurers half' which usually approached the top of the glass!

Happy days!

30th Apr 2014, 08:51
If you didn't want a full pint

Does not compute! :p

I prefer a heavy conical glass, preferably non-branded.

Lon More
30th Apr 2014, 08:55
Tulip or nonic.

Drink out of a dimple glass or tankard in Scotland and you'd be looked upon as a probable kiddie-fiddler - or worse, English

30th Apr 2014, 09:08
Currently in a hotel at JNB. Huge argument about getting a beer before 10.00. I said I am a resident and can drink any time I want.They won, by the time I had worked my way up the chain of command it was 10.00 :ugh:

30th Apr 2014, 09:47
I recall 'dry-days' in Delhi, where the waiters served beer in large coffee mugs. Tasted just as good, if not better, I recall.

Shaggy Sheep Driver
30th Apr 2014, 10:06
Very 1930s, those dimpled glasses. Goes with the mock-Tudor 'road houses' of the time.

I prefer a Nonic - nice to hold, and thin glass. Those conics and dimples are like drinking out of jam jars. But both are preferable to the silly affected habit of yoof of drinking fizz straight from a bottle!

But as someone siad, more important than the glass is that it contains a pint - not 4/5 of a pint, but a full pint. The landlord will expect to be paid the full price, not 4/5 of the price. At one time glasses were over-size with a pint mark, so they could contain a pint of beer plus a head. The brewers caught on that a 'pint to the rim' glass enabled them to rip us off. Don't let them get away with it!

30th Apr 2014, 10:08
I recall 'dry-days' in Delhi, where the waiters served beer in large coffee mugs.

Or in pretty teapots, with cups to match.

Or aircrew Coca-Cola at Rome airport.
(don't ask)

30th Apr 2014, 10:44
When I was a student in Birmingham we used to frequent an unlicensed Indian restaurant on Digbeth called Manzils where cans of lager were poured into a big teapot, with tea cups to drink it from.

It was open until about 3.00 am, and almost next door to a big police station.

30th Apr 2014, 10:53
Exascot's story reminds of driving between Salisbury and Cape Town. On Sundays you couldn't get a drink in a hotel unless you were 'resident'. So we used to stop outside the Masonic or the Royal hotel in some miserable dorp, get the least disreputable looking one of us to go to reception and book a room for the night in a fake name.
The rest of us would then pile into the bar and dop dop dop ...... pay for the drinks (we weren't that dishonest) and drive off into the sunset.

30th Apr 2014, 11:25
Here in Belgium every beer is served in its own distinctive glass

Including Kwak, although that's mainly for tourists

Gertrude the Wombat
30th Apr 2014, 11:28
Always used to hire half pint dimple mugs for parties, the point being that they are essentially unbreakable - I never had to pay for one, no matter how many got dropped onto concrete.

30th Apr 2014, 11:46
Capetonian, your comment on Exascot's story reminds of driving between Salisbury and Cape Town. On Sundays you couldn't get a drink in a hotel unless you were 'resident'. sounds similar to the situation that existed in Ireland for a long time. There the pubs weren't allowed to sell liquor on a Sunday, with the exception that they could sell to "Bona Fide Travelers" - to become such one had to have travelled at least 3 miles before you could get a drink.

The net result of this was that pretty well the entire population of Ireland moved one village clock-wise on a Sunday and continued drinking.

And I prefer drinking out of a 'sleever' with a bulge round the top (which I have just learnt is a 'nonic'. That's todays something learnt).

30th Apr 2014, 12:27
I recall going to a Sunday event in Ireland where the bar closed at 10:30 or 11:00 and reopened at midnight - the impeccable logic being that it was impossible to get an extension on a Sunday night but it was possible to get one starting at 00:01 on a Monday ...

30th Apr 2014, 12:30
Tulip, tulip and tulip. If you need it taste like beer.
OK, dimple, if there's no tulip.

30th Apr 2014, 12:37
To me the dimpled glass has always been a southern or even London centric fetish. In my native North East thin glasses were always used.
I was brought up in a pub and my memories go back to WWII.

30th Apr 2014, 13:01
Glasses?? Tulip, Nonic, Conical or Dimple?? It sounds like an architecture discussion. Who drinks beer out of a glass?? :rolleyes:
What are King Browns and Stubbies made for?? Glasses are for girls!
Nice thick brown glass keeps the UV light at bay, and keeps the beer cold!

30th Apr 2014, 14:23
Onetrack, we're talking about beer, not bloody TooheysnewVBHahnsuperdrypish!

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30th Apr 2014, 14:27
I've recently converted to what I originally thought was an unusual practice of drinking beer from small glasses in the summer.

They're actually traditional wine glasses

It's 2/3 the size of the one above but I can't find a picture.

By pouring into a small glass means the beer doesn't heat up as fast as most of it stays in the cold bottle. Ideal for those that like to take in their beer slowly.

30th Apr 2014, 14:27
One Track

"Nice thick brown glass keeps the UV light at bay, and keeps the beer cold!"

Er, not sure the UK gets enough sun to know what UV does :p

But agree with you !

You forgot Vic Bitter :O

Hussar 54
30th Apr 2014, 14:28
SSK's mention of 'brand shaped' glasses....

It's probably all mental, I know, but always think that the right combination of beer and glass is absolutely essential....

Chez Hussar, we have Warsteiner glasses for Warsteiner, Estrella glasses for Estrella Galicia and, in my opinion, the best combination of all - Peroni glasses for Peroni Nastro Azzurra....Even better, any draft versions of these three beers in the 'right' glass....Close to my idea of heaven....

But put one of these beers in the 'wrong' glass and it just isn't the same....

Marketing Men Rule, OK....

Shaggy Sheep Driver
30th Apr 2014, 15:37
Any drink that has to be 'marketed' and has a specific glass as part of its 'image' is by definition, chemic piss. Stick to the real thing - no hangovers from that, either. :ok:

30th Apr 2014, 16:08
I prefer my Bass in a sleever but after five or six I couldn't care less !

30th Apr 2014, 18:22
Beer glasses may be important , but not as important as Beer goggles if you want to get the party started :)

30th Apr 2014, 18:42
My dimpled beer mugs are still my favorites. Prefer them to pint glasses. Don't tip over as easy when I talk with my hands .... and being a pilot for all those years, it's a habit I can't break! :ooh:

spInY nORmAn
30th Apr 2014, 19:57
How about a beer glass for the times. Some bugger came up with this one that is designed to discourage mobile phone users from drinking and talking. Not foolproof, but a decent attempt at a worsening problem.


30th Apr 2014, 20:29

30th Apr 2014, 20:49
The big problem with dimple glasses is that if somebody asks you the time you tip your beer all over your trousers.

B Fraser
30th Apr 2014, 20:52
There are few sights as pleasing to the eye as a fine pair of jugs.

30th Apr 2014, 20:54
B Fraser:

Like these?