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G&T ice n slice
29th Apr 2014, 16:23
Paul Weston arrested for quoting Winston Churchill's words on Islam | Mail Online (http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2614834/Arrested-quoting-Winston-Churchill-European-election-candidate-accused-religious-racial-harassment-repeats-wartime-prime-ministers-words-Islam-campaign-speech.html)

We at the National Social and Democratic Action Party are actively incorporating these strategies into our plan for the development of Greater Britain. Our party faithful will attend all public meetings of all politcal parties and will execute a citizen's arrest against the speaker(s) immediately upon receiving a complaint concerning any of the content of speeches given.
Our Special Advisory (S.A.) groups will be trained to provided the maximum effective protection to the Greater British public and will ensure that such meetings are quickly dispersed.

At this moment our cultural section is drawing up a list of unsuitable texts that are to be called in and burned in public.

Hail the Leader!

tony draper
29th Apr 2014, 16:32
They weren't so swift arresting the bearded scumbags howling for infidels to be beheaded,I cant believe this bloody country now.

29th Apr 2014, 17:59
tony draper,

Er, yes 'they' were, once they had made it an actual offence, which 'they' also then went and did.