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Shaggy Sheep Driver
22nd Apr 2014, 21:25
Gordon Brown, the bastard who, as one one of his first actions as chancellor robbed UK private pension schemes and thereby brought about their demise and scuppered the pension plans of millions, has waded into the Scottish independence debate on.... pensions!

Taking pension advice from that [email protected] is like taking advice on humanitarianism from Hitler!

Shaggy Sheep Driver
22nd Apr 2014, 21:31
Indeed. At least Brown was just stupid, blinkered, and out of his depth. B-liar, on the other hand, knew exactly what he was at, was very good at it, and has made millions from the blood on his hands.

22nd Apr 2014, 21:39
I don't do hate.

Except for Gormless Gordon. If I came across him on fire I wouldn't piss on him, the useless, flip-gibbering, snot-gobbling, pimple picking pension thief!

22nd Apr 2014, 21:40
I wonder how much Salmond paid him for that speech?

22nd Apr 2014, 21:42

He never impressed me.

And I tend to think Salmond is the same type.

22nd Apr 2014, 21:44
He just sold us down the river.

His children said their apologies and want another go at selling us again.

Speaking of selling, does anyone remember how much those clowns

sold our gold reserves off at ?

l don`t, l`m too busy not being ill and going to work in case l get


22nd Apr 2014, 21:55
Brown had a close relationship with the UK head of Goldman Sachs, who regularly dined in Downing Street.

Goldman Sachs went short on gold just two weeks before Gormless Gordon sold off the gold reserves.


22nd Apr 2014, 22:01
No, the whole market knew !

22nd Apr 2014, 22:03
Gordon is a Moron - YouTube

Doors to Automatic
22nd Apr 2014, 22:20
Utterly dreadful individual. The day he finally left office was a truly great one. I was half expecting him to try and stay on forever and continue to peddle his quasi-Stalinism. A horrible, horrible man.

22nd Apr 2014, 22:20
The usual simplistic nonsense from some of the usual suspects.

As ever, reality is a little bit more complex:

Dr. Ros Altmann - What Has Happened To Our Pensions? (http://www.rosaltmann.com/whathashappened.htm)

22nd Apr 2014, 22:42
As always my Dear Sir, keep it simple, st....

22nd Apr 2014, 22:54
The usual simplistic nonsense from some of the usual suspects.

As ever, reality is a little bit more complex:

But in another page from that same author (Dr Ros Altmann), she basically repeats what has been posted on this thread.

Labour's Legacy - destruction of pensions

There are many reasons why these schemes have been closing. Having appeared to be in healthy surplus during most of the 1990s, they have now plunged into huge deficit. Government policy is partly to blame for these deficits. In particular, one of Gordon Brown's first policy decisions, in 1997, was to take huge sums of money out of final salary schemes. He increased taxation on pension funds significantly. In fact, estimates suggest that over the last 12 years this decision has removed well over £100billion from final salary pensions.
Dr. Ros Altmann - investment expert, investment banker, economist and pensions industry adviser (http://www.rosaltmann.com/ssp_end_of_final_salary_jan09.htm)

22nd Apr 2014, 22:59

There are many reasons, not just one.

22nd Apr 2014, 23:32
How about cutting the Defence Budget 4 times whilst the UK was at war, and then lying about it to Parliament?

23rd Apr 2014, 05:01
He screwed the country and its taxpayers and is now living high on the hog courtesy of the "charity" he has set up..

The shareholders of the Office of Gordon and Sarah Brown will be delighted by the company’s strong performance as recorded in its annual accounts published this week. Cash held by the company is up from £160,978 to £237,226, it current assets total £255,469 and shareholder funds have reached £226,031. Despite setting aside £550,000 for “expenses” and declaring £3,605,197 in revenue since it was established, the Office has given just £90,000 more to charity since last year’s figures were disclosed, up from £912,702 to £1,002,702 overall. Subtracting the declared amount donated to charity from the declared revenue shows the company would have had a healthy £2,602,495 of income which did not go to charity. Gordon Brown claims that he does not benefit personally from this arrangement in any way, apart of course from the first class travel to exotic locations, the 5-star hotels, the Michelin standard restaurants, together with ego-stroking paid flunkies and bag carriers required to maintain the premier lifestyle to which Gordon and Sarah have become addicted…Same trough, different swill. (http://order-order.com/2014/04/04/new-figures-show-gordon-and-sarah-brown-office-booming/)

23rd Apr 2014, 06:51

Pah... those paltry amounts of money are probably just some pennies that fell of the back of Mr Blair's gravy-train which Gordon has been busy scooping up. :cool:

23rd Apr 2014, 07:07
Gordon Brown is a saint compared to Bliar.

23rd Apr 2014, 07:12
perthsaintThe usual simplistic nonsense from some of the usual suspects.
Give me strength. :rolleyes:

At least Brown was just stupid, blinkered, and out of his depth.
I don't argue with that assessment, but IMHO he also knew precisely what he was doing in many instances and he apparently carried them through with not the slightest hint of doubt, realisation, conscience or remorse.

I thoroughly recommend the book 'Gordon is a Moron' by Vernon Coleman. He didn't only mug private pensions, as Coleman so clearly reveals:


If Brown had lived in any centuries prior to the 20th, he wouldn't still be boldly spouting his drivel, he'd be in terrified hiding or a deservedly rotting corpse.

Lon More
23rd Apr 2014, 07:19
In ten years time what will be the legacy of CMD? Only loan shark shops and food banks on England's High Streets

23rd Apr 2014, 07:33
I've no idea what CMD's legacy will be, or even if he has one, but I believe that Balls and Miliband have significant culpability for our current woes, and their stubborn refusal to even acknowledge their mismanagement while in government let alone apologise for it reflects badly on both of them.

23rd Apr 2014, 09:00
In ten years time what will be the legacy of CMD? Only loan shark shops and food banks on England's High Streets

You seem to be confused between the notions of "cause" and "effect".

23rd Apr 2014, 09:26
"In ten years time what will be the legacy of CMD?"

Are you suggesting that whatever CMD - and Clegg, come to that - legacy is left will be worse than that of Gordon? Really?

23rd Apr 2014, 09:58
Who is CMD - or am I backward?

Shaggy Sheep Driver
23rd Apr 2014, 10:35
A typo anagram for Cadbury's Dairy Milk?

23rd Apr 2014, 10:39
Who is CMD - or am I backward?

Last one on this list (http://acronyms.thefreedictionary.com/CMD) ;)

Shaggy Sheep Driver
23rd Apr 2014, 10:57
Cameron's legacy will be 'the one who cleaned up Labour's mess - this time round'. Maggie had that accolade last time round.

There's a long way to go yet as the damage this time was deeper than it's ever been (Gordon really IS a moron). But so far the signs are good.

23rd Apr 2014, 15:09
SSD, that's an unwinnable argument on here.

You know, and I know, what happened in the UK economy (we were there, and watching; it was part of my job in those days!). But politics enters into the argument and trumps all else.

A seriously stupid decision taken for strong political reasons becomes a rallying cry for both sides. We see plenty of that in history.

Brown was not a great chancellor, despite the "Prudence" label that was coined for him, and his ex-cathedra "No more boom and bust!" He destroyed many pension schemes (mine included), despite what the apologists and others try to claim.

The present lot have had a crack at sorting out the mess he left behind (some of which, to be fair, wasn't his fault). But no Labour politician dare admit to the reality, so the shell game continues.

And come the next election, there's a serious risk that we'll go round the whole loop again.

I'm very much not into politics, but sometimes I do wonder what's going on.

23rd Apr 2014, 15:33
Gordon IS a moron. All my relatives, and myself, saw the 2008 crash coming a mile off and arranged our finances accordingly. All this "unforseen" stuff is just bullsh!t.

Shaggy Sheep Driver
23rd Apr 2014, 17:08
Quite so, Keef. Problem next election day is Millipede will be promising lots of free lunches in place of the 'cuts' the coalition have put in place as a start to trying to clean up Gordon's mess (which are actually not harsh enough to be as effective as the economy needs to cut borrowing).

Lot's of not-so-bright voters will go for the 'free lunch instead of cuts' promises, and as you say, once more round the lighthouse on the good ship 'profligacy' we go again!

24th Apr 2014, 06:52
I'm very much not into politics, but sometimes I do wonder what's going on.
The universal human instinct to put Number One first (power, satus, money, sex etc.) finds a relatively easy outlet within a system whereby deceit get you elected and deceit keeps you elected. The only necessary qualification is an ability to lie more convincingly than your competitors.

The consequence is a bunch of deceitful politicians, who grant themselves sufficient powers to rig the above described system to their advantage.

...and that's 'what's going on'.