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22nd Apr 2014, 19:23
BBC's The One Show, on Wednesday 23 April 2014, starting at 19:00 local time, will bring into the light for the first time in many years one of Great Britain's outstanding contributions to the art and possibly the science of heavier-than-air flight: The Featherstone Kite Open Basket-Weave Mk.II Gentleman's Flying Machine will be displayed in all its glory..... if you remember Rowland Emett you will probably know what I am talking about and if not, not.

I am one of the ground crew for the Kite and we will also be bringing two of Professor Caractacus Potts' inventions from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.

22nd Apr 2014, 19:48
didn't it used to be in a shopping mall in Leeds?

Dog-operated spoon-brake?
Altimeter with "'other heights' grouped together for convenience"?

22nd Apr 2014, 19:50
Yes, indeed, then it languished for years in a store. But we are getting all the Emett machines out and on display in a major exhibition at the Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery next month and that's why the BBC are taking an interest.
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22nd Apr 2014, 19:55
There used to be a mural on the aircrew crewroom wall of XI Sqn at Binbrook with Emett-like qualities - perhaps someone has a photo?

im from uranus
23rd Apr 2014, 04:02
F3... This one? Now on the 'Q' shed wall at Bruntingthorpe I believe?


23rd Apr 2014, 07:11
The Featherstone Kite from Leeds is more like the illustration posted by henry_crun than the Bruntingthorpe Mural.

But the Bruntingthorpe mural just possibly may be a "discovery" - I personally didn't know about it and it's not in the catalogue raisonne of Emett's work, so I am grateful for the lead and will investigate.

Here's a link to the actual machine -for some reason I can't post pictures in my posts.

23rd Apr 2014, 07:59
@ henry_crun - thanks. How do you do it? I have tried so hard to post pictures on this forum and they just don't appear. This is the only forum where I have this problem.

23rd Apr 2014, 08:46
I am just about to leave for the One Show studio so everything has been a rush this morning which I hope explains why I didn't clock that the mural isn't by Emett. But it is very good indeed, and I'll study it later (and the eulogy too).

Lon More
23rd Apr 2014, 18:10
If anyone is interested the Bruntingthorpe prints are still available from the Lightning Preservation Group. They measure 69cm wide x 38cm high. and cost 15 quid plus p&p