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22nd Apr 2014, 17:03
Yes , April 23rd the feast day of England's Patron Saint (not that he was English) . Anyway , will you be marking this event in any way ? How about flying his flag from your car or would you not want to run the risk of being taken for
a) A racist provocateur
b) A member of BNP or associate organisation
c) An England "football " fan who has turned over too many pages on
the calendar
or :-
d) A patriotic , in the best sense of the word, Englishperson.

Or- is it all a load of cobblers.

22nd Apr 2014, 17:07
I always celebrate St David's Day. Why wouldn't the English enjoy theirs?


22nd Apr 2014, 17:29
e) A supporter of Russia

22nd Apr 2014, 17:31
Saint George is also the (or one of the) patron saint(s) of:

Georgia (quelle surprise)

22nd Apr 2014, 17:37
Thanks for the reminder!!!

I shall taunt the Colonials immediately for the rest of the day! :ok:

22nd Apr 2014, 17:39
Also of Catalunia (San Jordi).

22nd Apr 2014, 17:52
...and skin diseases ;-)

tony draper
22nd Apr 2014, 18:04
There is a move afoot to have St George removed from office and have him replaced with St Edmund who was at least a Englishman and a Anglo Saxon to boot,I believe it was Edward II who promoted St George so he hasn't been our patron Saint very long.Of course this would greatly upset the fluffists who represent the none Anglo Saxons,like the Scots.
Celts them buggas is,leastwise that's what they all claim.:rolleyes:

22nd Apr 2014, 19:12
I hear that this is all about to become historical anyway as the honour of patron saint of England is being done away with, to be replaced by a patron Mullah.

B Fraser
22nd Apr 2014, 19:56
"this would greatly upset the fluffists who represent the none Anglo Saxons,like the Scots"

Not in my name Admiral. If the English wish to celebrate a Turkish lizard botherer, leave them to it. I would be chuffed if they celebrated Edmund, we could pretend to get it wrong and call it "Blackadder Day".

Here's the blessed Brian Blessed. One of my favourite Englishmen.


22nd Apr 2014, 19:58
Not too many dragons about these days......

22nd Apr 2014, 19:59
We will be marking St George's day in the Joad household with some traditional fare (and drink) for dinner - not sure what exactly and I'm cooking! At work our morning assembly will have the first year pupils deliver a Happy St George's day note at assembly - we do this for all the UK Patron Saints.

Happy St George's Day to all

There is a move afoot to have St George removed from office


What exactly is the mechanism for that -never heard of it. Is that just another Daily Mail story?

tony draper
22nd Apr 2014, 20:19
No some serious people involved,been a ongoing thing for years now.
Always thought before George was adopted by Edward II Edward the Confessor was our Saint in residence,

22nd Apr 2014, 20:45
Only Saints we have are in New Orleans. :E

Don't know if there is a day named after them. :p

tony draper
22nd Apr 2014, 21:04
Not so Mr Con you have plenty of Saints.:= :rolleyes:
List of American saints and beatified people - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_American_saints_and_beatified_people)

22nd Apr 2014, 21:04
Know you have it right :)

We aren`t allowed it.

tony draper
22nd Apr 2014, 21:12
Does the the USA not have a patron Saint?:)

22nd Apr 2014, 21:20
Does the the USA not have a patron Saint?

Well now that I think about it, yes we do;

Ronald Reagan. :p

Just kidding Mr. D, no the United States does not have a patron Saint.

It's part of that separation of church and government thing.

22nd Apr 2014, 21:36
Does the the USA not have a patron Saint?:) There was some worry that Alfred E. Neuman would become our patron saint. :eek:

tony draper
22nd Apr 2014, 22:47
Not your fault,they probably couldn't find anyone up there to take the job.:rolleyes:

23rd Apr 2014, 00:18
Not your fault,they probably couldn't find anyone up there to take the job.

Not really, Al Gore thinks he's a Saint already.

Saint Al or Saint Gore.

Naw, neither one really works. :p

Worrals in the wilds
23rd Apr 2014, 00:38
The US already has a patron saint (Mary of the Immaculate Conception) though it's not official government policy. I guess it's more of an 'opt in' system. :}
Roman Catholic Patron Saints | Saint of the Day | AmericanCatholic.org (http://www.americancatholic.org/Features/Saints/Patrons.aspx?letter=U)

23rd Apr 2014, 00:50
though it's not official government policy

Yes, quite right, not a national Saint, unless one is Cathloic.

Which I'm not. :p

23rd Apr 2014, 01:33
23 April 1966 at Christ Church, Eston

Mr PZU married Mrs PZU

PZU - Out of Africa (Retired)

2nd May 2014, 01:35
First time I'd ever heard of St Georges Day was
years ago when I saw the Major come into the
foyer dressed all dapperish and told Basil about

That was the same episode where Mrs Richards
was complaining the view out of her hotel room
window (Torquay) wasn't good enough for seven
quid a night plus VAT.

No internet back then so had to look St Georges
Day up at the local library.