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Dak Man
20th Apr 2014, 12:57
....to one and all.

20th Apr 2014, 13:04

Monty Python - Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life [HD] - YouTube

Lightning Mate
20th Apr 2014, 13:04
And to you Daks.

20th Apr 2014, 13:17
Happy Easter Dak and to all JB'ers as well :)

20th Apr 2014, 13:25
Happy Easter to all here on this misty, cold and wet spring day in the UK!


20th Apr 2014, 13:42
May all your bunnies come true!

20th Apr 2014, 13:52
Thank you, and a Happy Easter to all of you too.

20th Apr 2014, 14:37
Happy Easter everybody......

20th Apr 2014, 16:42
13 Disturbingly Evil Easter Bunnies (http://www.bitrebels.com/lifestyle/13-disturbingly-evil-easter-bunnies/)

20th Apr 2014, 18:14
Yes happy Easter to all.

20th Apr 2014, 18:31

20th Apr 2014, 19:29
May all your bunnies come true!
Until some bloody spotted cat rushes in and gobbles them up...

20th Apr 2014, 20:40
Well, I've been busy baking.... :cool:


20th Apr 2014, 21:28
An advantage of Altzeimers - you get to hide your own Easter eggs. Happy Easter everyone.

21st Apr 2014, 11:57
A belated Happy Easter in return.

Lightning Mate
21st Apr 2014, 13:41
I like bunnies.


21st Apr 2014, 14:29
Just to add a more religious theme to the posts...........

Abe: Chapter two...... Jesus looked down from the cross and spoke to the assembled...... "Don't eat all the chocolate Easter eggs, I'll be back in a few days"

21st Apr 2014, 16:10
I would have liked to invite you all to the Easter Sunday lunch we had yesterday. Two days work in the kitchen and Mrs OFSO produced:

- Salmon Mousse with gambas and scallops (with buttered toast);
- Roast Lamb with mint sauce and all the usual trimmings (and lots of garlic);
- Choice of chocolate pudding, rice pudding with pistachios, sweet mousse or cake
- Coffee and biscuits

Served with a 2003 Rioja Bordeaux prize-winner.
Lavazza Oro espressos.

We never got round to the brandy and cognac as we (and the guests) fell slightly asleep on the safe afterwards.

Happy Easter !

21st Apr 2014, 16:10
It took her two years, but this singer got the rights and permission from Leonard Cohen to use his tune, but redo the words, and thus render the song "Hallelujah" with a theme closer to the original term's meaning.


http://www.godtube.com/watch/?v=0E02FMNU (http://www.godtube.com/watch/?v=0E02FMNU)

21st Apr 2014, 17:15
This Easter the plan was for my wife and I to be at home by ourselves. So, with that in mind, I decided that diner would be a nice leg of lamb, deboned, grilled/smoked on the charcoaler, fresh grilled asparagus with roasted red potatoes seasoned with fresh rosemary, tyme, dill and of course salt and pepper.

And of course my Caesar salad.

Well all that changed Saturday night just as we were leaving to go out with some friends to a restaurant, when we get a phone call from the youngest son. Plans had changed and now they were coming for Easter, with some friends.

Now we were going to have eleven people for Easter dinner, with me having a small leg of lamb that at the most could feed four people.

The folks at the grocery store saw me a lot Sunday. :p

21st Apr 2014, 17:20

On your list of dinner items for you Easter banquet I noted a conspicuous absence of Brussels sprouts. Why is that, pray tell? :}

22nd Apr 2014, 15:52
OFSO......What a cheap skate "2003 Rioja Bordeaux" I drink .2003 Chateau Mouton Rothschild 2003 1er Cru Grand Classe Pauillac with my fish and chips!!!!!
(http://www.vintagewinegifts.co.uk/cgi-bin/sh000001.pl?REFPAGE=http%3a%2f%2fwww%2evintagewinegifts%2eco %2euk%2facatalog%2findex%2ehtml&WD=2003&SHOP=%20&PN=bordeaux_red_over_80%2ehtml%23a10266#a10266)

22nd Apr 2014, 15:58
Yes, dazdaz, but what do you drink it out of ?!

We use glasses from Glashütte Valentin Eisch GmbH made of Sensis plus Glass, and poured from a glass-and-gold hand cut decanter, also of Sensis plus Glass.

And, our fish and chips is served on pages from the Financial Times Business Section and NOT the Daily Mirror sports section like what yours are.

Lightning Mate
22nd Apr 2014, 16:02
"Yes, dazdaz, but what do you drink it out of ?!"

He drinks it out of a fake antique glass in the back of a cheap old Rolls Royce.

22nd Apr 2014, 18:36
Interesting piece on the Beeb the other morning about a shortage of chocolate eggs...apparently Cadbury alone makes 50 million of them, never mind Nestlé, Lindt, Thorntons et al.

So, given that 50,000,000 eggs is enough for almost the entire UK population to have one each, and if you believe the Daily Fail half of the country is bloody Muslim anyway, who's eating all of them?!?!?

22nd Apr 2014, 18:47
Was it a shortage of chocolate EGGS or a shortage of the cocoa to make the chocolate as I saw an item that said we are running out of cocoa or demand can't keep up with supply ????

22nd Apr 2014, 20:29
No shortage of anything chocolate around here, but the price, dang. :(

I had to get five chocolate bunnies on Sunday/Easter morning, 25 bucks. Highway robbery, but I had no choice.