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17th Apr 2014, 15:53
I realise that some people in the EU say what have Brussels done for us other than introduce rules on the size of bananas.

To some extent, those people have a valid point, there is a lot of bureaucracy and money wasting.

But occasionally those in Brussels need a pat on the back and a thank you from the rest of the EU, especially for the good work they've been doing in recent years on Consumer Protection legislation (e.g. 97/7/EC for distance selling protection).

One new item that might have escaped the notice of those with no interest in the telecoms industry is The Consumer Rights Directive (CRD).

This lovely piece of work will mean that EU businesses cannot charge their existing customers (N.B. applies to consumers only, not businesses) costs of more than a local call to contact them.

There will be exceptions of course, but basically companies will be required to enable consumers calling for support, service or billing enquiries to do so at local rates.

Different EU countries adopt EU legislation at different rates but for example, in the UK it was adopted December 2013, becomes active Friday June 13th 2014 and will mean that 084 (inc 0845), 087, 09 numbers will be prohibited and businesses will be required to advertise an 01,02,03,mobile or freephone number to all B2C contract customers.

And with that good news imparted, I wish you all a pleasant Easter weekend !

17th Apr 2014, 15:58
About time. The EUseless has also been instrumental in bringing down 'roaming rates' on cellphones within the EU, although the companies have recouped that by higher rates for domestic calls and to/from non-EU destinations. My UK provider, for example, charges an outrageous 99p/minute for calls to the Channel Islands.

I refuse to do business with companies that I can't call for normal rates. They invariably capitulate and give a 'proper' number. There is also an excellent website SAYNOTO0870.COM - Non-Geographical Alternative Telephone Numbers (http://www.saynoto0870.com) which lists normal rate numbers.

17th Apr 2014, 16:14
My UK provider, for example, charges an outrageous 99p/minute for calls to the Channel Islands.

If your provider gives you a half decent data allowance in your contract, just stick Counterpath BRIA on your phone and connect to a VoIP provider of your choice to call your offshore bank manager. :cool:

17th Apr 2014, 16:14
As with all these "advantages", read the fine print !

One example for certain countries (I name no names): the cost-per-unit time for mobile calls has indeed dropped - but the one-off, initial cost-to-connect has been increased. Perhaps because the highly untechnical expletive deleteds in Brussels never thought it all through and omitted to specify that bit of the charge.

17th Apr 2014, 16:25
I don't think it will be a case of "never thought it all through", more likely didn't research/understand it all in the first place.