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15th Apr 2014, 02:22
This is just... a frikkin disaster! (http://www.smh.com.au/entertainment/music/acdc-to-split-report-20140415-36oc1.html)
Just breaking here in Orstraylia now.
Apparently Malcolm's crook.

15th Apr 2014, 02:29
It's been a long road.

Used to live just down the road from the Beauy where it all started !

15th Apr 2014, 04:18
Aye - "it's a long way..."
They do raw, stripped down, three power-chord hard rock (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eSybGRZW4DA&feature=kp)better than anyone in the business.

Turn it up loud boys.


Clare Prop
15th Apr 2014, 05:42
I fly over Bon's grave regularly, that and his statue a must for all visiting musicians, I took Rat Scabies there in November, he had been with Bon the night before he died.

We have a special love for AC/DC here in Perth. Highway to Hell is written about the Canning highway of course and needs to be played at 11 on the way to the graveyard!

Not usually a fan of stadium gigs but thier show at Subi oval a few years back was the perfect rock show.

Mr and Mrs Young did a great job bringing us that amazingly talented family. I hope Malcolm will be OK though I heard on one site that a blood clot on the brain (stroke?) meant that he had forgotten how to play guitar. Terribly sad if true. :sad:.

let there be rock!

15th Apr 2014, 06:47
AC/DC, Bon Scott song Rarity "Carry Me Home". - YouTube


15th Apr 2014, 06:51
Only AC/DC could get away with it - I just wish I had been around to see it but when I first came to Aus, \I had a quiet chuckle as I walked up that Swanston St.

Luckily someone got this whole thing on video.

Christ they look so young watching the video again !


15th Apr 2014, 06:56
Jim Breuer on AC/DC... will be very sad if this rumour is true! :ok:

Jim Breuer AC/DC - YouTube


15th Apr 2014, 07:19
This is a good list in the Herald Sun and a couple of good video clips.

No Cookies | Herald Sun (http://www.heraldsun.com.au/entertainment/music/of-the-most-amazing-acdc-moments/story-fni0bvjn-1226885147097)

15th Apr 2014, 07:49
Never ever got into ACDC., not my kind of music, I do however appreciate just how big they were / are...just not my cup of tea..., other than the joke "It's a long way to the shop if you want a sausage roll"

I think it was because all the westie bogans in their flanny shirts and mullet hair cuts up from down south would be all AC DC.,..........whilst growing up around here in the surfing culture, The Hoodoo Gurus, The Cure, Radio Birdman, Sunnyboys, the Dead Kennedys, Violent Femmes etc were more the go......

All best for a good recovery!

15th Apr 2014, 09:44
Hell's Bells !!

15th Apr 2014, 10:14
Videos of - sniff - fast jets and - sniff - large calibre firearms or - sniff - Apaches wasting Taliban - sniff - will never be the same again... :sad:

15th Apr 2014, 10:30
AC/DC Thunderstruck - Sky Fighters - YouTube

18th Apr 2014, 08:28
An unsubstantiated rumour it seems. Good for ticket sales no doubt...

ACDC: We are not retiring - Telegraph (http://www.telegraph.co.uk/culture/music/music-news/10769783/ACDC-We-are-not-retiring.html)

Saw them on their last tour of the UK and hope to do so again... Excellent value for money and they give this 50 something gentleman some hope as they show that they still have the chops in their early 60s...

They may have about the same 3 chords in their repertoire but hell they have found fantastically good ways that go beyond factorial to combine them with a lot of energy to keep old rockers smiling.

AC/DC - Black Ice - YouTube


Pinky the pilot
18th Apr 2014, 12:43
My favourite; Dirty deeds done dirt cheap!:E

Worrals in the wilds
18th Apr 2014, 13:10
Saw them live on the Thunderstruck Tour, fabulous concert.
I hope Malcolm gets well soon.
My favourite Acca Dacca track for the guitar solo at about 3:35. Highway to Hell comes a close second, and Ride On a close third.
AC/DC - Shoot To Thrill (Iron Man 2 Version) - YouTube

I respected AC/DC for knocking back a spot at the 2000 Sydney Olympics closing ceremony because they weren't allowed to perform live. When told they'd have to sync it they said 'thanks, but we don't lip-sync'.:cool: They also held out for years against itunes because they said they didn't understand computers, though they eventually capitulated. Hopefully the money made it worthwhile. :ok:

18th Apr 2014, 13:40
Wasn't that Bon Scott a larf, I heard he was a children's entertainer before he landed the AC/DC gig.

Fav song is "Jail Break", probably for the over acting in the vid.

"Baby please don't go" was another favourite.

Seen a few big acts like Iron Maiden and Deep Purple but never seen AC/DClive. I hear the little one used to drop his drawers as part of the show.

Worrals in the wilds
18th Apr 2014, 13:46
I hear the little one used to drop his drawers as part of the show. He certainly did in Brisbane. For the life of me I can't remember which song (possibly Shoot To Thrill, that's where he'd do the strip show), but I remember him mooning the audience. It was pretty brief (pun intended :}) and they went to a quick blackout, but he definitely dropped his strides.

Another great track which was also performed live. IIRC it was reported in the music press at the time that the audience objected to being used for a lipsync version (the original plan from the record company) by booing, so the band decided that the one-take live recording would be used for the music video, which rocked. :cool:
AC/DC - Thunderstruck - YouTube

gassed budgie
18th Apr 2014, 15:06
Remember seeing them back in '75 and again in '76 or '77 at the Eaglehawk town hall with Bon Scott out in front. Bon didn't leave much to the imagination when the band belted out 'She's got the jack'.

I can't believe almost forty years has slipped by! Seems so long ago now.

Clare Prop
18th Apr 2014, 15:34
This was all we got to see of Angus's derriere in Perth...

http://i67.photobucket.com/albums/h315/minnie_the_minx/ANGUS_zps09e5614e.jpg (http://s67.photobucket.com/user/minnie_the_minx/media/ANGUS_zps09e5614e.jpg.html)

Very poignant when they played High Voltage and flashed up pictures of Bon on the screen, with his grave just across the river and his dear old mum in the audience as guest of honour :{

Subi Oval that afternoon...the whole city was AC/DC mad, even the old farts radio stations were playing AC/DC!
http://i67.photobucket.com/albums/h315/minnie_the_minx/acdc_zpse98cc054.jpg (http://s67.photobucket.com/user/minnie_the_minx/media/acdc_zpse98cc054.jpg.html)