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13th Apr 2014, 22:42
Thought this was one of Banksy's best pieces of art yet.

The art itself, the subject and the location make it a masterpiece IMHO.

I really do like most of his work.

"Mysterious street artist Banksy is thought to have unveiled his latest creation, taking aim at the thorny issue of government surveillance.
The guerrilla graffiti artist is believed to be behind the image of three trenchcoat clad agents eavesdropping on a telephone box that appeared in Cheltenham in the early hours of this morning.

It is believed the city was chosen for the work because it is where GCHQ, the centre of the UK's surveillance network, is based. The graffiti is on the side of a house just three miles from the listening post."



Banksy art work showing government agents spying on a phone box appears on side of Cheltenham house near to GCHQ | Mail Online (http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2603782/Banksy-art-work-showing-government-agents-spying-phone-box-appears-Cheltenham-house-near-GCHQ.html)

14th Apr 2014, 07:55
Looks like BT aren't doing any spying on the filthy state of their phoneboxes. :rolleyes:

Still, at least the door is on its hinges and the glazing is uncracked for a change. Can't see a handset, though.

Sorry: off topic. Based upon my understanding of the annual Turner Prize (?), I must be clueless and uncultured when it comes to understanding contemporary 'art'.

Actually, the above is quite good. The weeds, crushed drinks can and...grey thing add to the sense of identity: the Neo British Slobs Movement if I'm not mistaken.

14th Apr 2014, 14:20
500 ...."Banksy" may be the poster boy of the art on walls brigade but unfortunately it does lead to the spread of other "artistic" scrawl as seen on most walls in most cities all over the world.
I note that our local council,who we both pay our rates to, have recently decided to reward the morons who cost us up to $650,000 per annum cleaning up their "Art" by giving them walls where they can now do murals.I have suggested to my councillors that they could begin with an effing mural on a wall at the Shire Offices.Somehow I don't believe that my suggestion will be acted upon.

14th Apr 2014, 14:26

Well, whatever has been tried doesn't stop them.

Better to put the "talent" to good use !!!

tony draper
14th Apr 2014, 14:59
One would have thought the chap could afford to buy one of them easel thingies and some proper paper to paint on by now.
The people in that house are liable to wake up sometime soon and find their gable end missing and on its way to NY.

14th Apr 2014, 15:10
I'd lacquer it to protect the art work and then sell the house :O

Or put a huge piece of perspex over it like someone else did.

He has probably just increased the value of the house !

14th Apr 2014, 23:00
I often look at 'street art' or graffiti as it's known and think it improves the look of grey drab concrete walls.

14th Apr 2014, 23:57
Capetonian ... just one example of graffiti art. My local council spent a heap of money putting up posts along the river near where I live. The posts listed a location number so that anyone ringing emergency services could give their exact location so that ambulances etc. could find them. Most of these posts have now been the subject of the morons artistic efforts to the degree that safety is now compromised.
Personally I would like to see our local plods spend a little bit of their time ... instead of forever chasing motorists doing 3 kms. over the limit ....tracking down the 'artists' and then magistrates giving them a couple of years erasing their 'art' from the area.
500 .... the shop at the top of the road I live in has an example of their 'talent'. I reckon a couple of Chimps from Melbourne Zoo would have done a better job.It's noticeable that neither the Civic Centre or the Police station are subject to this talent.I wonder why when it is so obviously artistic.

15th Apr 2014, 00:00

Yes, I think I know the shop at the top of your road.

I don't like the "tag" type street graffiti, to me that is pointless.

But some of the walls that have been done / commissioned
have been very well done.

15th Apr 2014, 03:36
500 ... if you want to see good murals there's a town in Northern Tasmania,name escapes me,where murals have been painted by real artists.
If you are a fan or whatever of Tintin,Asterix,Billy the Cat etc. then a visit to Brussels is also worthwhile.There are murals there showing characters from various comics on walls as high as 3 storys' which are not only worth looking at and admiring but also add to the streetscape.
Unfortunately the dross that is daubed on our town walls is not only crap but is actually an eyesore for the most part.

15th Apr 2014, 03:42

Some of the lane ways in Melbourne, you know, those dark and dreary one's
have been done up by artists at the (I think) request of the council.

Personally, I think a lot of lane ways could be given a going over by artists.

15th Apr 2014, 03:43
Bosnich71, the name of the town in Tassie is Sheffield.

15th Apr 2014, 04:51
Hydro .... that's the one and I believe,from my fading memory bank,that there is another south of Hobart,past Kettering.All done by persons with some artistic talent.
500 ... I'm not a fan of those dark,dank lane ways in inner city Melbourne I'm afraid. Once had an apple juice at an eatery there and 15 minutes later was desperately searching for a Loo,which are not very easy to find in the C.B.D. especially when you've got legs held tightly together.Put me off laneways,somewhat even if the arty crowd like them.( hasten to add that I don't include your good self in that description of course)...smiley added.
Try Googling Murals in Brussels for examples of how murals can be done properly.

15th Apr 2014, 10:39
Another vote for Banksy, but also a thumbs down for graffiti 'tagging' cretins.

I really like Banksy's work, always got a point to make and nicely done. IIRC he did rather a good Big Brother type one underneath a security camera, rather like he's incorporated the Sky dish on this.

Also, there's a fairly down-at-heel area near Charlton football where the kids created a massive mural on the side of a house. It's not especially artistic as such, but really brightens the place up.

This sort of stuff can work.

15th Apr 2014, 10:56
Emailed that photo to a couple of acquaintances who work at ASD (Australian Signals Directorate).

Wonder what those black helicopters are doing over my house?

16th Apr 2014, 07:14
this guy isn't bad either?


Artist 'jolts people awake' with zippers and T-shirts - CNN.com (http://edition.cnn.com/2014/04/15/travel/japan-public-art/index.html?hpt=hp_c5)

Lon More
16th Apr 2014, 08:20
BBC News last night about a Boys club in Bristol having had it away with a Banksy drawing of a couple kissing, painted on a wooden panel. Planning to sell it for about a hundred thousand

Worrals in the wilds
16th Apr 2014, 09:48
Emailed that photo to a couple of acquaintances who work at ASD (Australian Signals Directorate).No longer the Defence Signals Directorate? Interesting :8. 'Defence' probably sounds aggressive, are they now listening out for the whole country using an all-inclusive paradigm to facilitate dialogue sharing and greater co-operation? :suspect::}
Or are they still spooks?:E

16th Apr 2014, 10:13
No longer the Defence Signals Directorate? Interesting . 'Defence' probably sounds aggressive, are they now listening out for the whole country using an all-inclusive paradigm to facilitate dialogue sharing and greater co-operation? I could ask, but they'd have to kill me if they told me.:hmm:

Or are they still spooks?Yep. I suspect the only change is the logo on the coffee cups.

Slogan: Reveal Their Secrets Protect Our Own

16th Apr 2014, 10:17
From this evening's news here in Melbourne it seems the "artists" have now taken to 'decorating' private cars..... 3 cars in St.Kilda vandalised last night.It would be interesting to see what penalty would be applied if they were caught doing the same to a police or government car/vehicle.

Worrals in the wilds
16th Apr 2014, 10:24
I could ask, but they'd have to kill me if they told me.:hmm:Sounds familiar. Probably means the more truthful slogan is now 'Hiring civilians; because we told you to.'
Looks good on a coffee cup...:}:E
Anyway, best of luck to 'em.

16th Apr 2014, 12:55
I was in Bristol recently for a happy family celebration, and mentioned how enjoyable I had found the free Banksy exhibition, held in the city museum a few years ago. Queues stretched around the block for it, and I had happily joined the hordes of Bristolians eager to view the specially assembled collection of his witty, bitter-sweet artworks. Several present were in favour of a repeat event on his home territory. It would be an assured success - the locals seem proud of his reputation for stroppy originality, despite its strictly illegal nature.

A few examples of the genre are shown here ...


16th Apr 2014, 21:58
BBC News - Banksy work: Row erupts over Bristol street art (http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-27057745)