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11th Apr 2014, 13:45
You say Dakar and I say Dhaka,
I say Dakar and you say Dhaka,
Dakar, Dhaka, Dhaka, Dakar,
Awww, let's call the whole thing off.

Ever gotten on a plane and wound up in the wrong city? How about the wrong continent?

According to a Los Angeles Times report, that's the travel nightmare story Sandy Valdivieso and her husband, Triet Vo, will get to tell for the rest of their lives.

The couple boarded a flight in Los Angeles booked by Turkish Airways, intending to travel to Dakar, Senegal, in western Africa. Instead, they got off the plane in Dhaka, Bangladesh, in South Asia, almost 7,000 miles away.

Airline flub, couple flown to wrong continent - CNN.com (http://edition.cnn.com/2013/05/20/travel/turkish-airline-mistake/?iref=obinsitehttp://)

11th Apr 2014, 13:53
A non-stop, okay, but to sit in a transit lounge and then board a flight with a whole lot of Bangladeshis, not noticing that? What would they be doing, flying to Dakar?

There was a German, years ago, who got off in Bangor, Maine during a technical stop, on his way to San Francisco, California. He had no English and he walked around Bangor for a few days until the penny dropped. The people of Bangor were so taken by this, their first tourist ever, that they invited him back again later, and I think he went.

11th Apr 2014, 13:55
I know of tickets being issued to LOS instead of LAX. Whether the passengers actually ended up in the armpit of Africa as opposed to the backside of the USA I don't know.

Um... lifting...
11th Apr 2014, 14:16

With all respect, I think you perhaps underestimate how oblivious to surroundings a lot of people are in these dark days.


Did you know that Portland, Oregon was very nearly named Boston, Oregon? It seems two of the founders were from those named Eastern cities and flipped a coin for the naming rights. Madcaps, our Mainers.


I have disembarked at the international and domestic terminals at both LAX and LOS, and while there are more operating toilets at LAX, there is little else to distinguish the places.

11th Apr 2014, 14:33
There have been a few Sydney, Australia-bound tourists end up in Sydney Nova Scotia I believe!

11th Apr 2014, 14:36
A few years ago a couple from Europe wound up in Sydney NS instead of Sydney NSW. A clue should have been the trans Atlantic flight that ended in Halifax NS, where they boarded a Dash 8 to Sydney. The lady was interviewed on TV and said she thought it a bit strange hearing boarding calls in French in Australia and having to complete the trip to Sydney on a small propeller plane. :confused:

11th Apr 2014, 16:35
I worked for an outfit that ran shuttle flights for IBM from Manassas to Binghamton and some other place, Poughkeepsie, I think, on two identical Beech 99s departing from the same ramp, side-by-side, at the same time.

IBMers would often end up in the wrong place, so that the boss ordered his idiot son, nicknamed "Beachball" for his alarmingly large but empty, round head, his VP Ops or something, to solve this problem.

Thinking quickly, Beachball went to the local sign shop and got two heat-molded vinyl signs with strip magnets, the kind of thing you see on a vehicle used part-time for business.

When they were ready he took them back to the airport and showed them proudly to the engineers, who had a very low opinion of his mental abilities anyway. "How's this for a quick solution?" Beachball said, slapping one on the side of one aircraft, when it fell to the ramp. Well, nobody told him that magnets don't grip on alclad!

Lightning Mate
11th Apr 2014, 17:12
Is duralumin the same as aluminium ?

11th Apr 2014, 17:13
Some years back a friend asked for a ticket to Panama and yes the ticketing agent sent him to Panama FL. Expensive mistake. Just 2 years ago a family friend got a really good deal on 2 return tickets to Melbourne on one of the larger reputable websites. When the confirmation came through they were booked to Florida and had the dickens of a job trying to get the tickets changed (apparently the website had been at fault, but were being stubborn).

I've certainly done it within the UK a couple of times where there were 2 of the same town within striking distance. Just remembered a Swedish friend who arrived in Dublin airport at 10 o'clock at night and asked the taxi driver to take him to Killarney, when he should have been going to Killiney a 30min drive away. An all night trip to the SW of Ireland and back ensued and a 300euro fare to sober him up chastised at his proper destination :}


11th Apr 2014, 17:18
I was once nearly sent to Salvador de Bahia instead of San Salvador. Stupidity or honesty on my part meant I spotted the error and changed the ticket, instead of heading to the resort of Salvador de Bahia in Brazil rather than the marginally less pleasant San Salvador in Central America.

11th Apr 2014, 17:33
I did read about about a Turkish lorry driver who set off for Gibraltar, and allowed his satnav to take him to Gibraltar Point on the North Sea coast of Lincolnshire.

Not sure if that one is apocryphal, but I know that the bunch of footie fans who set off to watch a Chelsea home game really did end up at the site of the 1066 Battle of Stamford Bridge, in Yorkshire.

Good thing they weren't heading for an Arsenal game!

(Arsenal play at The Emirates Stadium)

11th Apr 2014, 17:44
Duralumin denotes various alloys of aluminum with approximately 4% copper that are often used for aircraft construction. As sheet with a coating of nearly pure aluminum for corrosion protection it's called alclad.

The original spelling of "aluminium" is as "aluminum." Not a lot of Brits know that, actually ....

uffington sb
11th Apr 2014, 18:00
When I was at a top secret airbase west of Oxford during the Falklands conflict. A Rockape (a term of endearment for members of the RAF Regt.) arrives back in the UK after a long flight from ASI and jumps into a taxi.
"Honington please mate" says he and promptly goes to sleep.
After a couple of hours kip, the driver wakes him up and says
"This is Honiton mate, where do you want to go"

For those not in the know.
Honington is NE of BZZ by about 120 miles, and Honiton is SW of BZZ by about
120 miles.
I don't think the driver got a tip!

11th Apr 2014, 19:36
A while ago, a Saxonian lady ran into similar problems. She desired a ticket to Porto, but her Saxonian accent (easily achieved: just let all your muscles in the wider area of the cheek, jaw and lips hang loose and babble away) resulted in her being issued a ticket to Bordeaux, as this is what the travel agent heard. This mistake is not as hard to mend as the previously mentioned trips to LOS instead of LAX, but nevertheless, she is reported to have been a bit miffed.

11th Apr 2014, 19:48
It's always fun whist waiting to take off when you ask the person sitting next to you if they are looking forward to their trip to Paris (or any other place that is not the intended destination) and to see the look on their faces wondering if they are on the right aircraft :E

11th Apr 2014, 19:58
The woman sitting next to me asked me : "So have you been to Cape Town before?" as we sat waiting to taxi out.
"Cape Town?" I said, "I thought we were going to Buenos Aires......."
Moment of panic, she was about to call a cabin attendant when I relented and told her the truth.

11th Apr 2014, 20:39
The woman sitting next to me asked me : "So have you been to Cape Town before?" as we sat waiting to taxi out.
"Cape Town?" I said, "I thought we were going to Buenos Aires......."

Now that was down right evil.

But I liked it. :E

Flap Track 6
11th Apr 2014, 20:54
I know a plod who was working the front desk of Leamington Spa police station in Warwickshire when a chap walked in and asked for directions to the ferry terminal. After a confused conversation, it turned out the bloke thought he was in Lymington on the English south coast, when he was in fact a hundred miles away in the English Midlands. When he realised his mistake, he blamed his wife for her poor map reading skills!

I also know of people travelling to the Hawker/BAe facility at Kingston (upon Thames) driving around Kingston-upon-Hull looking for the airfield.(and not finding it).

John Hill
11th Apr 2014, 20:58
Rumour has it a Swedish traveller was wondering why it took 3 meals and several movies to get from LAX to OAK, then he arrived in AKL.

11th Apr 2014, 21:19
Rumour has it a Swedish traveller was wondering why it took 3 meals and several movies to get from LAX to OAK, then he arrived in AKL.

maybe he thought he was aboard a night train

11th Apr 2014, 21:45
Reminds me of when I made my first ever visit to the (south of) France from the UK by train back in early 1985. When booking the journey at the local travel agent, I said I wanted to travel to Nice (pronouncing it correctly as "niece"). "Nah, can't find Niece in France" she solemnly declared... :ok:

11th Apr 2014, 21:47
Boarding an aircraft somewhere in the ME they were one pax short. They put out a PA for the pax to contact a member of staff. A rather disheveled Indian gentleman approached one of the cabin crew and told her he was that man. The cc. told him they had been waiting for him and to take a seat. After takeoff the man asked where they were going as he had to go and clean another aircraft. The cc asked him, probably not too kindly, why he had answered the PA. He told her "because you called my name." I think the dustpan and brush should have given it away. (I do hope the story is true)

11th Apr 2014, 22:55
I know of tickets being issued to LOS instead of LAX.Then there was the Melbourne baggage handler, who put all the bags labelled POM ( Port Moresby ) on the trolley waiting for the BA aircraft to London !
( True - and fortunately discovered in time ! )

And I actually got on the bus from Heathrow to Bristol, instead of Brighton ( well, they were both side by side in the same departure zone ) fortunately also discovered in time !!

12th Apr 2014, 00:22
When I was at a top secret airbase west of Oxford during the Falklands conflict. A Rockape (a term of endearment for members of the RAF Regt.) arrives back in the UK after a long flight from ASI and jumps into a taxi.

Blimey when I was a rock we had to go on a Bedford 32 seater bus (and once, memorably, a crew bus :eek:) from Lyneham to Catterick after returning from detachments. Are the RAF paying for taxis now? (or are rockapes much better paid these days!)

12th Apr 2014, 01:56
My first trip to Kinshasa, Zaire via Lisbon. TAP Air Portugal lands at 11:30pm, me just 21 years old at the back of the 747, looking out the window at the strange sights of Ndjili Airport.

We taxi up to a hard stand, PA says welcome to Kinshasa. I'm sitting in the back, waiting for the crowd to get up and disembark. At the very back of the cabin looking forward, I can't see anyone getting up, pulling bags out of the bins, etc. I deduce, incorrectly, that the doors haven't opened yet and people are waiting for an announcement to get up.

I wait. And I wait. Odd, that nobody is moving. I dutifully await the instructions that never come, when I see something odd. People are coming onboard moving to the back of the cabin, bags in hand. Odd, again, because they are stowing bags in bins, and still nobody is taking bags out.

I ask a stewardess when we can disembark. She looks at me in horror. "We are about to depart for Johannesburg!" she says. "What is your destination?"

"Kinshasa," I reply, as bewildered as she is.

"Get off now! We are preparing to takeoff again!"

I grab my bags, making my way down the ramp against oncoming traffic, on to the tarmac and to the now empty immigration hall.

Turns out very few people disembarked at Kinshasa, and those that did were all at the front of the plane. They had disembarked as soon as the doors opened, unbeknownst to a befuddled Matari.

I could have been an unwitting passenger to Joburg, which having seen Kinshasa would have been a huge improvement over my intended destination.

12th Apr 2014, 02:29
which having seen Kinshasa would have been a huge improvement over my intended destination.

I concurr.

12th Apr 2014, 02:40
A certain Mrs. who shall remain nameless, was traveling from Toronto to Bialastok, Poland, with her sister, via Frankfurt. She was told that she is going Air Canada all the way. Any suggestions by me that Frankfurt/Bielastok leg is most likely a codeshare LH was being dismissed as me being a "know it all, smart ass".

So they arrive in Frankfurt, in the early hours, and head to the gate where their next flight is leaving from. They sat there and heard boarding announcements, but keep ignoring them waiting for the aircraft with the big maple leaf to show up at the gate - their flight. Around noon they started to inquire where their AC flight was when the nice German lady finally explained to them that they missed their AC flight that was on a LH equipment. They took pity on them and re-booked them on LOT at 22:00.

I only heard about that little episode about a year later when the sister's husband spoilled the beans, unwittingly.

John Hill
12th Apr 2014, 03:44
There was a knock on my door one evening by a steward from the local tourist hotel, Milford Sound.

He told me that there was a woman at the hotel asking when the next plane would arrive from Queenstown but this was well after hours and certainly no flying to NZMF in the dark.

She told me that when they boarded in Queenstown her husband had got on another plane, nothing surprising in that as flying DH89s and BN2As it was often necessary for us to split travelling companions.

Next morning we got a message to say he was in Christchurch having got on a HS748 to Mt Cook and not seeing a fjord there he had promptly got back on again eventually to arrive in Christchurch.