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11th Apr 2014, 04:16

This is possibly the one policy of this government that's made me the most angry. After 4 years of cuts we finally have some money to spend and what do they choose to do (amongst other things)? Try and re-create the 1950s. What's more, it's political suicide. Even amongst married couples very few will benefit and the amount of cases Labour can and surely will bring up before the election is endless.

What does this policy say to people in single-parent families? Sorry, you're now some sort of second-class citizen :ugh: Want to leave your abusive marriage? Sure, but it'll cost you.

It's pathetic. On the other hand, if anyone is single, I'm prepared to go halves on the tax savings :ok:

11th Apr 2014, 09:07
Getting married for tax purposes

With or without the last three words, there is never sufficient justification for the first two !

11th Apr 2014, 09:22
There's never been anything remotely fair or logical about the tax treatment of couples vs singles.

Once you realise it's all about the Government grabbing as much tax as possible, in order to fuel its own gravy train, it all makes a lot more sense.

Marriage, on the other hand, makes very little sense, with the odd, probably self-delusionary, exception. Just look at the statistics alone. Doesn't seem to stop any of us falling for it, though. :*

11th Apr 2014, 09:37
I wonder what the statistics are for those who have married for tax purposes, that is to say what % thrived and what % led to a demise of said coupling ? What was it that Oscar Wilde had to say about marriage ? :hmm: