View Full Version : Tanks on the UK streets ! ....no revolution involved !

Krystal n chips
10th Apr 2014, 10:02
Oddball would be proud ! :D

BBC News - Bristol parking row traders drive tank through streets (http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-bristol-26955238)

Mind you, the population of Clifton does have, ahem, more than it's share of, well, "eccentrics" . :cool:

tony draper
10th Apr 2014, 10:17
When the revolution comes the Tanks will be on our side,the filth in Westminster and Whitehall are no friends of the Military.:rolleyes:

air pig
10th Apr 2014, 12:43
I've always wondered if the 'boss, HM herself' ever wanted a word personally at a time of crisis with the PM, who refused to attend, would HM summon the House guard commander and instruct him to take his detachment tooled up and return with him for a one sided chat.

Most importantly, would the guard commander reply, 'dead or alive ma'am':E:E.

Imagine plod at Downing Street's, when they turned up with the comment to them 'move out of the way plebs or get slotted'.

Lon More
10th Apr 2014, 12:51
21 members of the coalition strapped across the mouths of the guns. A fitting salute to HM on her birthday

10th Apr 2014, 13:43

You are Welcome.

10th Apr 2014, 20:52
I see the Sherman had rubber tracks fitted. If they had been driving with steel cross-country, or combat tracks I suspect theyd have been hit with a huge bill for road repairs.

I lived in Clifton over 15 years ago and parking was a nightmare then - God knows what it's like now!

10th Apr 2014, 21:09
Police have said it was legal to drive a tank in the street provided the driver had the appropriate licence and insurance.

but it doesn't appear to be showing number plates or displaying a Road Tax Licence, turn indicators. ( or is it still legal to just wave ones' hand in a circular motion if turning left ? )

11th Apr 2014, 09:06
They should park it on lots of residential streets (one at a time, obviously).

Only because it'd be fun watching anyone try to clamp it.