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8th Apr 2014, 00:06
As a counter to the other one......
PA31-350. They all smell the same, avgas, oil, hope, dreams, desperation, sweat, fear etc.
Rice Pudding
In fact all foods forced upon this colonist when sent to the tender mercies of the British Boarding School.
Bizarrely, for those who know it, I enjoyed the smell of the nullah next to Kai Tak, as it signalled that I was home.
However, number one, Over boiled sweetcorn! Why, for the love of all that's holy, would you fcuk that up!

8th Apr 2014, 01:32
Garlic and coffee breath specially in the morning.
Fatty rancid lamb cooking.
Cloying sickly perfume.
People 'en masse', and there's a reason why I used the French term.
Boiled fish, reminds me of school lunches on Fridays.
Burnt toast, reminds me of my Rhodesian ex g/f.
The inside of a dirty fridge when you open it, that whiff of rotting onions.

I'll stop there................!

8th Apr 2014, 02:05
Durians. But the taste is probably worth it.

Pinky the pilot
8th Apr 2014, 02:28
Oxidised Red wine
Cheap perfume
City streets

PA31-350. They all smell the same, avgas, oil, hope, dreams, desperation, sweat, fear etc.

I beg to differ on that one. To me it was character building!

8th Apr 2014, 02:38
it was character building!
In the day, a fine Ndegee (aeroplane). However, consigned to Bush flying, freight, medical etc.
In 3 continents, they all smell the same!

8th Apr 2014, 02:48
As said above, Semolina

As per previous thread, the smell (and look) of roasted fruit bat.

I am pretty thick skinned but the smell of singed fur / meat made me vacate the "kitchen" and dry reach.

I am sure I'll think of some more.

8th Apr 2014, 03:19
Durians. But the taste is probably worth it.

No, not really. While back my wife took me to a party - they brought out ice cream (which I'd assumed was vanilla) - at least something I'd enjoy eating to make the party worthwhile... Turns out it was Durian flavor - what a horrible thing to do to perfectly good ice cream:{

My wife takes dried anchovy and fries them in oil - the smell would gag a maggot :mad:. I bought her a portable fryer - told her if she wants to cook her anchovy to use the portable fryer and do it outdoors on the deck. Of course she didn't listen - I've come home from work, walked in the door, took one breath, and went back in the garage where I could breath :ugh:

8th Apr 2014, 04:25
Try flying a load of Indigenous Australians in the Far north on a 40 degree day;)

Ohhh those were the days ! :ok:

8th Apr 2014, 04:35

Never flown with them but I bet the worst day was the one after pay day
after a night on the piss ? ;)

8th Apr 2014, 05:29
Most station wagon taxis in Sydney particularly those driven by gentlemen who don't understand the benefits of deodorant.

8th Apr 2014, 05:39
The Poo pond, Kandahar. Especially rancid at meal times or passing by after running the perimeter!

8th Apr 2014, 05:46
The waft that hits you upon opening an airlock door and entering a British warship when returning from weekend leave.

Asparagus piss.

Burnt hair

Krystal n chips
8th Apr 2014, 05:57
PRC PR 1022 A :yuk:

For the bemused, a "delightful" two part mix, the same colour, texture and aroma as dog pooh that's been in the sun for a couple of hours.

Applied liberally inside fuel tanks in case you were wondering.

Complimented by the equally delightful aroma of.....MEK.

The aroma of 1022 did give one entertaining episode however.

A driver, who could barely bring himself to speak to the unwashed, once appeared "all sweetness and light" asking about "that sealant stuff you chaps use" and erm how did it work

Always delighted to help, we kindly provided a couple of tins and a quick verbal instructional course......some time later...our "hero", now back to normal, appears and commences to rant as to how he was violently sick when mixing and how we had deliberately misled him it seems !......alas, as we explained, we had given him expert advice on curing times....but, sadly, forgot to mention the aromatic bit.

8th Apr 2014, 06:45
Fox crap



8th Apr 2014, 07:29
Unwashed minge.

8th Apr 2014, 07:44
Marzipan - smells like cyanide and I've spent a lot of my life working with cyanides.

8th Apr 2014, 08:10
Its not just a smell but my worst is:


8th Apr 2014, 08:29
-Unburned aromatics from the big bore exhaust of modified cars running on Nz's unleaded fuel. (Also applies to normal engines that haven't warmed up.)

The stuff smells like it gives you cancer. Sure enough, it does.

-Rotten flesh. Esp human. Once smelled, never forgotten.

-Poos; carnivore/omnivore.

-Vomit; drunken or unwell. (Regular vomit is fine. Nah, it's bad, too.)

-Cloying perfume/aftershave. (What is that supposed to be covering up??)

-Wet dog.

-Drunken human. Chuck in a bit of rancid armpit for good measure. (They often can be found together.)

-The food purchase area at a franchise cinema. (Stale popcorn.)

8th Apr 2014, 08:55
Popcorn (my choice of cinemas is now reduced to the only one in the district where they dont sell it).
Doughnuts (or donuts, if you insist).
A perfume called Poison - I understand it's not particulary cheap, but it smells like cow piss to me :yuk:.

8th Apr 2014, 09:22
Decaying flesh.
Public transport.

8th Apr 2014, 09:31
Yes to decaying flesh of all sorts.

The smell of wee, boiled cabbage and fear in the mental institution I had to visit as part of social studies in the 6th form.

Slurry spreading.

The disinfectant used in Queen Mary's Hospital, Sidcup.

Swedes. The root vegetables, not the lassies. Fond memories of one from Norkoping (sp)!

Shaggy Sheep Driver
8th Apr 2014, 09:47
People who haven't changed their shirt (or blouse) when the should have.

Wet dogs

Dog shit

Sage stuffing

Pig shit (spread on fields as a fertiliser)

Changing rooms at sports facilities or gyms (or school!)

Diesel fumes (diesel fuel should carry a 1/Litre health tax for its particulates!)

8th Apr 2014, 09:58
The smell of McDonald's (anything) carried/being eaten on a crowded train

Sewer sucker trucks when they first open the valve on a hot day to release the gas pressure ( and yes,a whole load of very hungover people were gagging and retching)

tony draper
8th Apr 2014, 10:19
Once got stuck behind a muck spreader tootling along a narrow country lane at about three miles per hour, one of those rare red hot summer days, couldn't overtake or stop because of traffic behind or pull in,we could hear the tractor driver chortling to himself,will remember that choking reek until me dying day.
It smelled like human poo as well,not critter dung,human is the worst kind of poo smellwise,good for the turnips and cabbages though.

8th Apr 2014, 10:21
Another couple of highly unpleasant smells:

-An active abattoir. Smell of fear is palpable; hangs around a long time.

Mac the Knife
8th Apr 2014, 10:43


PS: The old examination schools in Queen's Square were saturated with the smell of fear from generations of would be graduates...

8th Apr 2014, 10:45
Thanks for that, Mac.

tony draper
8th Apr 2014, 11:34
Walking along a Northumberland beach JR Barney foraging about a hundred yards ahead when he happened upon a dead Seal, it had obviously been in that state for quite a few days so he decides as he cant eat it or drag it home he will vigorously roll around on it for some reason,Gordon Bennet! never was there such a flung in the sea hosed down scrubbed splooshed with endless buckets of water dog in Christendom and he still honked for days.
One would hate to read a thread asking dogs what is their hated smell.

8th Apr 2014, 11:36
Tomcat crap


wings folded
8th Apr 2014, 12:07
One's infant school was sandwiched between a knackers yard and a bleach factory.

One has had no problem with smells since moving up to secondary school.

Clare Prop
8th Apr 2014, 12:21
Nervous flight test candidates. :yuk:

Someone wearing trainers with no socks...especially in a small aeroplane.

Garlic/curry breath

Nappies full of baby shit.

Kangaroo road kill in the summertime..day three is the worst.

And from English boarding school days...boiled cabbage ... absolutely vile...my husband is of german descent and loves sauerkraut, that smells even worse than school cabbage. :sad:

Also from school days, hundreds of sporty teenage girls crammed together in assembly at a school where anything more than one bath a week, whether you needed it or not, was considered a "sin of vanity" and banned. (now that the nuns are gone the spoiled brats have en-suites!) But the French exchange girls and the African girls took body odour to a level that made it impossible to be in the same room. The dead rats under the floorboards smells were preferable.

As for farm smells, nothing like a sunny day on the shite cart as long as it is herbivore muck, mmmm lovely. Silage only stinks when oxygen has got in there and it goes off. Properly made silage smells lovely!

8th Apr 2014, 12:45
Dead skunk.

My underwear, after spending a month in the field with but 3 pairs of such.

Chimichanga farts

Lon More
8th Apr 2014, 12:50
Living on a diet of small redents and birds. Totally mingin'

8th Apr 2014, 13:29
Dead skunk.
Damn! Now Caco's gone, perhaps someone else with current access to yootoob would link to the Loudon Wainwright song of the same name. Pretty please???

8th Apr 2014, 13:32
Eggs: fried, boiled, etc. That sums it all up.

8th Apr 2014, 13:37

Your wish is my command sire!


8th Apr 2014, 13:47
The toasted walnut smell after a bird strike

the mystery smell of burning electrical insulation.

8th Apr 2014, 13:47
Post-TACEVAL RAF personnel

Middle of the afternoon on last day. A DISTAFF fingered me between HAS and PBF and announced I had been vaporised by the first nuke. "For you, ze var is over". With an hour to kill, I went back to the mess, showered & changed". Big mistake. When I walked into the bar, the BO hit me like a freight train.
I went and changed back into my smelly gear, and by the time I got back to the bar it was no longer a problem. Very curious.

8th Apr 2014, 14:20
Old, waste cooking oil.

Cat shite.

Fox piss.

Cattle placentas when mucking the calving shed out in the spring.

tony draper
8th Apr 2014, 14:26
If you have never been near a bone yard on a hot summers day yer aint lived,
Oft wondered how the people employed thence ever got home they could not possibly have got on a Bus. :uhoh:

8th Apr 2014, 14:28
Hospital disinfectant smell - probably kills more patients than it saves.

Boiled sheep intestines - allegedly cures hangovers.

My neighbour.

burnt electricals.

dead dog.

Car aircon immediately after it's switched off.

8th Apr 2014, 14:33

Your neighbor smells? perhaps a word with him/her?

Dak Man
8th Apr 2014, 14:33
I detest the smell of coffee.

8th Apr 2014, 14:34
Dak Man:

You detest the smell of coffee? WTF? I'll take it then that you don't drink it either? Holy shit! :E

Dak Man
8th Apr 2014, 14:37

I put it down to the fact that I have an exceptional sense of smell, the aroma of coffee actually gives me a pounding headache.

8th Apr 2014, 14:44
I love the smell of coffee but hate the taste of it. On the rare occasions when I drink the stuff I can't wait to rinse my mouth out and brush my teeth to get rid of the taste.

Solid Rust Twotter
8th Apr 2014, 15:42
With you on that one DM. Not pleasant at all.

tony draper
8th Apr 2014, 15:52
Being a Englishman I've had one cup of coffee today and about fifteen cups of tea.

8th Apr 2014, 16:12
Chicken rendering plant / badly-run battery farming

Foxy Loxy
8th Apr 2014, 16:18
Microwaveable chips :yuk:

8th Apr 2014, 16:18
"Badly-run battery farming"

Huh? I thought batteries were produced in factories. Although, I suppose, AAA batteries probably could be harvested, no? :}:E

8th Apr 2014, 16:37
That greasy smell you get around Macca's, hungry Jacks, Fish and Chips shops.

8th Apr 2014, 16:45
Brussels sprouts. I can smell vile and nasty Brussels sprouts being cooked from five miles away.

Lon More
8th Apr 2014, 17:10
I detest the smell of coffee
my ex used to drink gallons of it. Suddenly couldn't stand anyone drinking it in the same room.
First sign of the cancers

wings folded
8th Apr 2014, 17:11
Brussels sprouts. I can smell vile and nasty Brussels sprouts being cooked from five miles away.
In this life so full of uncertainties, doubts, surprises, it does one good to have the reassurance of certain dependable, immuable values. I knew you would be along shortly. (Momentarily for your compatriots)

I still prophess my liking for them, however. :p

(Properly done, of course)

8th Apr 2014, 17:22

One would hate to read a thread asking dogs what is their hated smell.

or, for that matter, their most loved smell:E

8th Apr 2014, 17:44
The most loved smell by dogs I reckon would be bacon or bacon cooking.
And then any other meat cooking.

wings folded
8th Apr 2014, 17:53

Another dog's bum.

8th Apr 2014, 17:55
Or their own balls. They seem to enjoy licking their own balls quite often.

500N, do you lick your own balls too? :}:}:}

Mac the Knife
8th Apr 2014, 18:00
"...hundreds of sporty teenage girls crammed together in assembly at a school where anything more than one bath a week, whether you needed it or not, was considered a "sin of vanity" and banned.."

Blazing pheromones - goes straight to a man's primitive brain and SETS IT ON FIRE!



8th Apr 2014, 18:11

I am not a Ranger ;) :O

8th Apr 2014, 18:14
500n wrote:

I am not a Ranger

Nope, you're not. Thus, no balls to lick. :}:}:}

*left yourself open for that one. Badabing!

wings folded
8th Apr 2014, 18:29
Sorry, people.

My observations of canine behaviour have opened the door to willy waving nonesense.

I could not have foreseen it.

B Fraser
8th Apr 2014, 20:02
For some reason I can't explain, Virgin Voyager trains. They stink in a way that is unknown to science.

Dare I say it, a specific type of Australian. I have no idea why but perhaps we smell terrible to them too.

8th Apr 2014, 23:26
Back in the '60s there was a boiling-down works, Gearin O'Riordans, just up the road from Sydney Airport and the Qantas maintenance base.

Nothing worse, on a hot summer afternoon, working in the wing tanks of a 707, with the aroma of the boiling down works being pumped in to give you 'fresh' air combining with the aroma of jet fuel.

Cabe LeCutter
9th Apr 2014, 01:07
The worst smell in the world has got to be Stinky Tofu, I hear that is has been banned under the Geneva Convention.

Heads Down, look out for the flak

9th Apr 2014, 01:16
I detest the smell of coffee.


Sixty-odd years ago when I studied forensic medicine, the lecturer advised on the handling of murdered and other mature and evil-smelling corpses.

The trick, he said, is to have some coffee beans nearby on a hot plate. The smell of the coffee overwhelms the corpse-smell but oddly enough the corpse-smell does not diminish one's taste for coffee. Just one man's point of view, of course.

9th Apr 2014, 02:12
The magic smoke released when electronics go bad. Cant stand it.

Unwashed minge, :yuk:

Smells coming from a truckers rest room, WTF do they eat that stinks so bad.


9th Apr 2014, 02:16
The smell of hospital oxygen in your mask

Art Smass
9th Apr 2014, 02:31
The toilets on the 2nd floor of the Airbus Final Assembly Hangar in Toulouse in the late '80's :yuk::yuk:

You needed breathing apparatus in that hell hole.

The stale p!$$ smell of some of the homeless people in Sydney - it is a great shame though that self esteem can be evaporated to the point that going in one's pants is just the norm - I have seen it many times.

Dog diarrhoea - OMG:yuk::yuk::yuk::yuk: Nothing quite like being greeted with a puddle of that in the kitchen at 5.00am


9th Apr 2014, 03:01
-That unholy stink that is emitted from Muckdonald's.
-Tobacco smoke
-Marijuana smoke
-Dog shite.
-That gear oil that I use in my bus transmission. Smells like cat piss.
FFS, NEVER get it on your overalls - The smell lasts for days, and will survive at least a dozen washes.

9th Apr 2014, 04:42
Fish oil: In a distant youth one worked aboard chemical tankers and part of the job was to go down and clean the tanks after discharging the cargo.
Fish Oil was the worst, palm oil a distant second. Vodka was rather pleasant, benzine not so.
Them were the days before protective gear and breathing apparatus :sad:

Solid Rust Twotter
9th Apr 2014, 06:39
...Stinky Tofu...

Is that the one that smells of chunder? Have to agree with that. Got caught out once thinking it was some kind of relish. Came close to topping up the serving bowl.

Cigarette smoke - vile!

9th Apr 2014, 07:18
There's a plant that's quite common on the Highveld that smells just like fairly fresh BO. I remember going on a 'first date' once and as I arrived at the girl's place I parked the car and caught this whiff of BO ...... which was odd as I was freshly showered, but I went back to my nearby hotel for a shower, and called her to say I was running late.

On returning, I parked the car and caught this whiff of BO .......... whereupon I realised what it was.

Solid Rust Twotter
9th Apr 2014, 07:35
Khakibos, CT?

I quite like the smell of khakibos. Almost a tea tree type of smell. Keeps the flies away too.

9th Apr 2014, 07:41
Fish cooked and raw.
Chelsea Football team (especially John Terry)

9th Apr 2014, 09:55
Dare I say it, a specific type of Australian. I have no idea why but perhaps we smell terrible to them too.

Different species but too sensitive subject for scientists to acknowledge.
Same with the Welsh and french also.

Ancient Mariner
9th Apr 2014, 10:12
The smell of "Western" people after I had been travelling for weeks in remote areas of China. Smells like baby poo/vomit which only a mother can endure.