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6th Apr 2014, 12:44
Thought it might be useful to at least set up a thread where MotoGP fans could share views, agree, disagree, sling nasty insults, threaten to kill each other using horrible methods etc.

Available to BT internet or BT Sport subscribers, but highlights currently available to anyone who tunes in to Freeview ITV4 Monday evenings after the race weekend.

If you're accustomed to Formula 1, many (though not all) of the MotoGP races are likely to be a shock: there's genuine (not artificial) overtaking, close fighting and clearly visible, unbelievable, very physical riding skills.

The 2014 regulations look like they're going to shake things up in qualifying. In that respect, some worrying shades of Formula 1 'rigging' for entertainment purposes, rather than fairness, seem to be creeping in.

Top stars (IMHO, I guess) are Marquez (young genius), Rossi (oldish legend), Lorenzo (Mr Consistency, but also very quick) and Pedrosa (becoming something of a 'nearly' man, though). A decent Brit contingent if that's your thing.

Moto2 and Moto3 are lesser categories (engine capacity), but the racing is no less exciting and sometimes and/or in some ways moreso.

Next race (2nd of the season) is The Grand Prix of the Americas at The Circuit of the Americas, Austin, USA, 13th April 2014 (but please verify the venue, date etc yourself and don't blame me if it turns out to be Brands Hatch car park next Tuesday morning).

Championship top five riders after first race (Qatar Grand Prix)

1 Marc Marquez - Repsol Honda Team. 25 points
2 Valentino Rossi - Movistar Yamaha MotoGP. 20 points
3 Dani Pedrosa - Repsol Honda Team. 16 points
4 Aleix Espargaro - NGM Forward Racing. 13 points
5 Andrea Dovizioso - Ducati Team. 11 points

Google 'motogp' for more.

It's all yours. Make of this thread what you wish. (You don't think I'm going to type this much on a regular basis, do you?).

Lord Spandex Masher
6th Apr 2014, 12:50
:mad:ing BT.

That is all.

6th Apr 2014, 13:00
I agree LSM I'm not going to pay extra I already cough up £32 a month for Sky it used to be brilliant on Eurosport but enough is enough :mad:

6th Apr 2014, 13:10
If you're in the UK I believe BBC shows MotoGP live... for free.

Looks like it could be an interesting year (although I still miss Simoncelli and always wonder how much more interesting it would be with him in the mix...)

6th Apr 2014, 14:57
I believe BBC shows MotoGP live... for free.

Used to, up until this year :{

Another reason for me to stay as an ex licence fee payer.

Is it not available somewhere on t' net?

SMT Member
6th Apr 2014, 17:17
Bah, MotoGP is crap. Watch F1 instead, far more thrilling and a million times faster round the bends.

(Come back is fair, no?)

6th Apr 2014, 18:31
Comeback is fair but only when it bears some resemblance to reality... let's face it, your average F1 race is about as exhilarating as watching someone filing their nails. :}

MotoGP races aren't as good as SBK ones perhaps, but a good race will have you jumping up and down on the couch or catching your breath. :ok:

6th Apr 2014, 19:52
Watch F1 instead, far more thrilling

I must have mistaken all those thrills for the creeping boredom of the past few years. You might get one good race in a season, and from the sound of it you've just had it.

Only MotoGP has made me forget to breathe on occasion.

6th Apr 2014, 20:05

Could I suggest you visit the following site:

Wiziwig.tv | Motorsports schedules, watch live and free Motorsports streams (http://www.wiziwig.tv/competition.php?part=sports&discipline=motorsports)

Should be able to watch irrespective of location - site also covers most other sports too.

Good viewing

Windy Militant
6th Apr 2014, 22:49
Pah F1 or as my mate calls it caravan racing!
Moto GP, bunch of big girls blouses!
There hasn't been any proper racing since they stopped the Pro Am Yamaha 350 series! :eek: ;)

Having got that off my chest, looks like it will be good season this year for motor GP! and hopefully that minor event in Brazil won't interfere with the TT coverage. :ok:

8th Apr 2014, 00:10
Ah, the TT... the one event whose participants can consider MotoGP racers to be wusses indeed. I still remember V. Rossi's face when he came to watch a few years ago.

Of course you need to be certifiably insane to even consider participating. :}

Anyway, back to thread; anyone care to predict this year's MotoGP championship winner? I will go out on a limb and say the old master may still have a surprise or two left up his sleeve...

8th Apr 2014, 06:29
I'm glad to see a Moto GP thread started!

I've been enjoying watching the sport for many years and look forward to yet another competitive season. I also like WSBK but it's not available through my cable provider unless I add yet another "tier" to my already exorbitant monthly bill. Maybe I'll try that wiziwig site for that.

Moto GP, WSBK and F1 all seem to be subject to the influence of technical rules that take away from the spirit of competition to some degree, but these are the top road racing series available to watch on TV. I will watch them and like it!

Unless Marquez runs into serious trouble, he will contend for the championship. (As will Lorenzo and Pedrosa) But I'd sure enjoy seeing the old master take another win or two and possibly compete seriously for the championship before he's done. I can't help it. Rossi is still a sentimental favorite of mine. (even though I also enjoyed seeing his buddy (NOT!) Max Biaggi take a couple of WSBK championships on the Aprilia)

I'm really looking forward to the race at COTA this weekend!


9th Apr 2014, 08:08
anyone care to predict this year's MotoGP championship winner?

In decreasing order of likelyhood:


A pity Lorenzo isn't much of a 'dicer'. Pedrosa isn't a dicer, full stop.

When Rossi gets onto Marques's tail, or visa versa, is when the fireworks will start (NB 'will', not 'might').

9th Apr 2014, 08:43
Formula One - bollocks.
Get that leather clad knee down, right hand to warp speed and lean hard into the turn.
Lukey Heights at Phillip Island, over the top at full chat, and then hard into the MG corner right hander.
That'll put hairs on yer chest - fvckin terrifying.
Like flying a jet fighter - you and the machine are one.
Cars - for nancys.

10th Apr 2014, 09:57
When Rossi gets onto Marques's tail, or visa versa, is when the fireworks will start

Those sorts of scraps are what motorcycle fans live for... and what I miss about SIC. I love the guys who relish a dogfight, like Marquez appears to be. Like Colin Edwards vs "lionheart" Bayliss during those last few years they spent in SBK. Like Frankie Chili or Noriyuki Haga. And of course Rossi, with his memorable battles with Biaggi/Capirossi/Gibernau/Stoner/Lorenzo...

Tartare, amen... can you say "corkscrew"?

10th Apr 2014, 13:24
When it is on, and when the wife leaves me alone, gotta say I really enjoy watching it. :ok:

Like F1 too, though! :suspect:

12th Apr 2014, 03:46
Marquez seems to have been about a second faster than anyone else at Friday practice. And on the harder tires too. Looks the rest of the field needs to find some speed!

So far COTA seems to be owned by Marquez. Looking forward to seeing what the weekend brings...


12th Apr 2014, 08:14
Marquez won at Quatar (previous race) with a hard on (rear tyre, I mean). Everyone else was softer (rear tyre, I still mean).

Given that his leg was also still recovering from a break and not full strength (apparently his reason for the tyre choice 'to reduce load on the leg') his performance was remarkable. It's easy to forget from an armchair and 'down to the shops' everyday riding that high loading of the footpegs is vital for fast cornering.

Marquez is on another level at the moment. I think his riding style is fascinating: extreme, to put it mildly - I mean elbow sliders FFS!!! :ooh:

12th Apr 2014, 08:39
He's pretty skillful with the champagne, too. :}


12th Apr 2014, 08:57
Road racing does seem to be the ultimate form of motorsports for insane levels of bravery in the face of obvious danger.

I visited Northern Ireland and went first to Ballymena to visit the late Joey Dunlop's pub, which turned out to be in Ballymoney. So I went there instead, to find a Honda race bike hanging from the rafters and a stonking great silver mug just sat there as if it were nothing special. Wow.

Then I wanted to know about the Northwest 200. I had got to somewhere or other on this narrow, humpy, bumpy country road, but where was the course? A grumpy local told me I had just ridden part of it! If I had needed one, that was a reality check. I knew those guys were brave, but I didn't know how brave: insanely brave!

13th Apr 2014, 05:50
Surprise, Marquez on pole! :cool:

Pedrosa second followed by Bradl, Espargaro, Lorenzo and Rossi


13th Apr 2014, 08:35
Can't find qualifying tyre details for each rider. A major influence.

13th Apr 2014, 12:38
Ah, right, just the place for Maldonado...

He wouldn't survive the first lap...

MotoGP? Rewind: Qatar - YouTube

14th Apr 2014, 07:02
Marquez: “The race was a little quiet so in the last corner I make a little excitement for my mechanics!
Yea, right. More like rare evidence of your immaturity? Silly boy.

Not as silly a Lorenzo, though. One humungus brain fade incident per race so far. :rolleyes:

23rd Apr 2014, 15:07
A couple of 'fixes' between MotoGP races...

UK Freeview ITV4, 23rd April 2014:

2000 - 2100: Round 1 British Suerbikes, Brands Hatch (not live).
2100 - 2200: 'Grand Prix 500: Rainey Days' (documentary re career of US star Wayne Rainey).

Apologies for the late notification. Freeview is Repeat City UK, so you might get further chances to view.

mr fish
23rd Apr 2014, 19:37
just like to say that I'm currently 946th in the MOTORCYCLE NEWS fantasy roadrace league....

sad yes...but my son is currently 15000 odd!!!!

27th Apr 2014, 08:22
One wonders what the rest are going to do about the boy Marquez. He is a bit quick is he not ?

27th Apr 2014, 08:44
I watched all practice and qualifying sessions.

Marquez was stunning. I wish I could find a more appropriate description. His riding style is mesmerising. On at least three separate occasions, when you felt certain the lap time couldn't possibly go any lower, he simply destroyed it...and he made it all look like a fun day out.

Barring injury, I wonder who will be second in the 2014 championship? I don't really care any more - I'd be perfectly content to watch Marquez run the entire season on his own.

Lon More
27th Apr 2014, 10:35
Bol d'Or from Magny Cours on Motors tv today.

28th Apr 2014, 00:58
1 Marquez
2 Pedrosa
3 Lorenzo

28th Apr 2014, 11:16
Great racing in MOTO GP and also MOTO 3 (haven't watched MOTO 2). That is real racing :ok:

28th Apr 2014, 11:19
Here's some edited video from last year that I put together showing the lean angles and slomo:
Magnificent Men on 2 Wheels - YouTube

28th Apr 2014, 11:48
With the loss of Moto GP to BT Sport the BBC.co.uk coverage has gone from reasonable to absolutely rubbish. Qualifying news has disappeared entirely and they don't seem to mention Moto 2 or 3 stories and results anymore whilst the Moto GP results take ages to appear. First Superbike news all but disappeared and now Moto GP.

28th Apr 2014, 14:21
Typical BBC.

Certainly killed off any thoughts I might have had of buying a licence again.

Not that I had any.......

28th Apr 2014, 18:08
I have a very hard time believing the lean angles. I raced myself many years ago and we couldn't get anywhere near there. I was even taught that there was an upper limit on coefficient of friction and that it was 1.

After an excellent landing etc...

28th Apr 2014, 18:31
Marquez was clocked at 62 degrees at some point during the race...


28th Apr 2014, 18:35
Suggests he was pulling more than 2 Gs.


4th May 2014, 20:51
Well boys, looks like this year it's going to be a nail-biting thriller right down to the line... for second place... :}

4th May 2014, 23:17
Happened to catch a Moto 3 race from Argentina at the weekend - couldn't drag myself away ... the lead changed hands about 3 times a lap all the way through the race. Mesmerising stuff ...:eek:

5th May 2014, 05:25
The race for second place was suspenseful. I was wondering when Rossi would slip back into the clutches of Lorenzo and Pedrosa but that never happened. Not this time. A good start, a nice ride and a job well done for the champion rider of a prior era.

As for the race winner Marquez, what can be said to adequately describe his dominance? He's just in another class all by himself. This always changes eventually but for right now he's like Vettel was during the second half of F1 season last year. Seemingly unbeatable! How long before Moto fans begin to hate? :)


Windy Militant
5th May 2014, 09:58
They didn't hate Rossi when he was dominating.
It might be more interesting to have a Mike Hailwood / Giacomo Agostini, Barry Sheene / Kenny Roberts, Eddie Lawson / Wayne Rainey type of close rivalry for the title, but you have to admire Marquez's skill on the track. Motorcycle racing seems to have a less tribal following where even if peoples favourite riders are beaten, they will sportingly give credit to the winner.

As mentioned there was some top notch dabbling for lower places and young Bradley Smith credited himself well with some really good dicing! :ok:

6th May 2014, 05:19
Perhaps you're right WM. Maybe Moto fans can appreciate the dominant rider more readily than the typical F1 fan has demonstrated up til now.

I enjoy seeing a good battle, even if it's for 8th place. Riders going in hot and slipping wide, swapping positions on the crossover until one of them can make it stick. Reminiscent of dirt racing it is!

Marquez is the real thing and I'd enjoy seeing someone push him to his limit. Trouble is, he's only gotten better since last year! Until then, Rossi, Pedrosa and Lorenzo seem to be in pretty close competition with each other for second thru fourth. Lots of good stuff going on further back too, but you don't see very much of it on the world TV feed. I've got to see one of these races in person someday...


6th May 2014, 13:40
Moto GP is fine but as an armchair viewer I prefer BSB (British Superbikes) lots of close racing and tight little circuits, Oulten Park yesterday was superb.

Windy Militant
6th May 2014, 22:46
lots of close racing and tight little circuit

Then get yourself over the bridge to Aberdare Park it's a lot closer to Brizzle than Tarporley! Which is a nice circuit though!

Aberdare Park Road Races (http://www.aberdare-park-road-races.co.uk/) :ok:

7th May 2014, 08:27
I'll bet Oulton Park is ten times better than Oulten Park. ;)

17th May 2014, 05:38
motogp.com · Marquez on the trail of Hailwood, Agostini, Doohan and other greats (http://www.motogp.com/en/news/2014/Marquez+on+the+trail+of+Hailwood+Agostini+Doohan+and+other+g reats)

Resorted to a soft rear (tyre, I mean) in FP2. :hmm:

Windy Militant
17th May 2014, 13:29
North West 200 on today first three races absolute crackers.
View live here two races left to run.
North West 200 road races - BBC Sport (http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/live/northern-ireland/27446317):ok:

17th May 2014, 14:22
acbus, oops and I pride myself on my speling.

20th May 2014, 12:15
Another great weekends racing. Again, the Moto3 race was incredible. Desperation stuff and incredible overtaking right down to the wire. First 10 places covered by 2 seconds. MotoGP also a great race after the early mistake by Marquez, even if he inevitably did run them all down.

20th May 2014, 12:22
Not MotoGP, but a sad day for bike racing:

English rider Simon Andrews has died in hospital after he was involved in a serious crash at Saturday's North West 200 road races.

The 29-year-old died at Belfast's Royal Victoria Hospital on Monday - his parents, Stuart and Dee, girlfriend Lisa and best friend Breakers, at his bedside.

Simon Andrews' family said they were donating their son's organs - something he had "always wanted" in the event of his death.

His father Stuart paid tribute to his beloved son, who he said had held Ireland in a "special place in his heart".

"Simon loved road racing and he loved competing at the North West 200," he said.

"He has had a motorbike since he was four years old and started racing when he was 16.

"From that first race Simon progressed to riding for the factory Honda TT Legends team and his Mum and I are very proud of his racing achievements."

"Road racing was in his blood and Simon preferred the roads to short circuits. He was fully aware of the dangers involved but he loved the challenge that that offered. Simon always said ‘Once you’ve been on the roads there’s nothing else to compare with it."

English rider Simon Andrews dies in hospital after horrific crash at North West 200 road races - BelfastTelegraph.co.uk (http://www.belfasttelegraph.co.uk/sport/motor-sport/northwest-200/english-rider-simon-andrews-dies-in-hospital-after-horrific-crash-at-north-west-200-road-races-30286175.html)

Windy Militant
20th May 2014, 21:29
Not MotoGP, but a sad day for bike racing:

Just heard the sad news RIP and condolences to his family. :(

1st Jun 2014, 21:22
Wow, what a fantastic race!

And the closest racing for the win that we've seen in quite some time. I don't know whether it's just that this circuit produces competitive racing or that the performance gap between the Yamaha and Honda riders has closed somewhat. Maybe some of both?

Anyway, it really was an enjoyable race to watch.


1st Jun 2014, 23:02
It really was riveting watching, and incredible skill shown by both Lorenzo and Marques :ok: and how about the top speeds - record achieved in practice of 349kph. The world passes quickly at that speed.

Ascend Charlie
2nd Jun 2014, 03:59
Loved the camera shots, both stabilised and fixed - brilliant stuff these miniature cameras.:ok:

2nd Jun 2014, 07:49
Great race. First three laps were as stunning as the last three.

Lorenzo now back to full fitness and has obviously sorted his issue with edge grip. Lorenzo versus Marquez versus Rossi is finally 'all systems go' for the rest of the season.

2nd Jun 2014, 10:25
I also really appreciated the sporting gesture made by Lorenzo when he congratulated Marquez at the end of the race, and applauded him on the podium. :ok:

2nd Jun 2014, 11:46
Just logged onto the Silverstone MotoGP website to book tickets for the Sunday races in August and note that they are not offering Roving tickets like they did last year, i.e. they expect everybody to sit in one place for all the events on the day. Now while I might expect this for grandstand tickets it seems proscriptive and more than just a little unfriendly to fans to tie people to only one part of the track.

Was going to book four tickets but am reviewing this idea now.

Silly buggers!


15th Jun 2014, 12:53
Now that wa a race!! No other comment in case others haven't yet seen it:ok:

Windy Militant
15th Jun 2014, 13:20
Have to agree, as the commentators on BT sport said it was stunning!:ok:

15th Jun 2014, 14:54
in case others haven't yet seen it

I haven't seen ANY of them this year, thanks to BBC f**k up. :{

15th Jun 2014, 17:43
I haven't seen ANY of them this year, thanks to BBC f**k up.Obviously not as good as watching it live, but you can watch the highlights on ITV4 at 20:00 BST on Mondays following a MotoGP race.

15th Jun 2014, 19:46
Thanks but I can't even do that, not having a TV licence these days.

It's iPlayer or nothing.

Windy Militant
15th Jun 2014, 20:36
Vulcanised if you can get I player you should be able to get ITV Player the earlier ones are on it, so this weeks should come up soon https://www.itv.com/itvplayer/search/term/moto-gp

15th Jun 2014, 21:34
Thanks for that link, I'll give it a go.

sled dog
16th Jun 2014, 10:07
Try putting wiziwig.tv into your browser, and all will be revealed. And it is free, so who needs BTsport :ok:

9th Aug 2014, 23:11
Marquez is an excellent rider but because he's so good the racing is more or less a foregone conclusion, and it's become IMO boring.

Windy Militant
10th Aug 2014, 10:38
I was going to post the close call between Pedrosa and Marques at Catalunya but its blocked, but those who saw it will know the one I mean.
How can you watch racing at that standard and be bored?

10th Aug 2014, 11:00
You can watch all MotoGP races live on Spanish TV station Telecinco albeit with a Spanish commentary.
Coverage of the Indianapolis races begins at 23.00 UK time / 00.00 CET tonight. No vpn needed...

TELECINCO - televisión a la carta, series y entretenimiento (http://www.telecinco.es/)

11th Aug 2014, 06:23
Well, the Indianapolis MotoGP race was anything but boring. Multiple lead changes, riders banging fairings, the most awesome camera work, including slow motion at 2,500 frames a second. :ok::ok: But you'll have to watch it or Google it as I won't spoil it for you by giving anything more away.

11th Aug 2014, 11:07
Indianapolis... Great race... never a dull moment! One thing struck me about the venue however... where were all the spectators? Seemed to me that if one added up the number of people involved in the teams, their engineering and support crews and the TV and media crowd, they totally outnumbered the spectators. The stands were virtually deserted... Could it have anything to do with the fact that there was only one American rider, Colin Edwards, on the starting grid and that for him to win would mean everyone else crashing out or retiring...

motogp.com · Edwards on last U.S. race and the future of Americans in MotoGP? (http://www.motogp.com/en/news/2014/Edwards+on+last+US+race+and+the+future+of+Americans+in+MotoG P)

As for Moto2... 36 riders on the starting grid? Far too many; a huge accident just waiting to happen...

If I was one of the Moto GP organisers or sponsors I'd be questioning the economic viabilty of Indianapolis for future races...

11th Aug 2014, 12:53
The spectators were there, about 80,000 of them. That's a little short on most European rounds but pretty good for a country that isn't really interested.....
Problem is that Indy has grandstand seating for 250,000!

11th Aug 2014, 16:45
Did the rest of the world have coverage drop out ~2/3 way through the race? In the US (Fox Sports), they lost the feed and went to an extended commercial break - when they finally returned with a lap or two left all we saw for the remainder of the coverage was on-bike camera shots with no commentary. They blamed it on a 'local power outage' - perhaps so local that it only affected the Fox broadcast booth?

It was an entertaining race - at least that part I got to watch :(

Windy Militant
11th Aug 2014, 18:08
tdracer,it dropped out on BT 2 Sport in the UK as well. The guys commentating for BT apologised for only being able to bring onboard and helio shots.
They also apologised for the racket made by the stand by gennies firing up!:rolleyes:
Apparently it was a lighting strike caused the outage.

12th Aug 2014, 01:57
Yes to the coverage drop out, and fortunately it didn't take too long to come back on. And yes, the crowd did look sparse, but when the main grandstand accommodates almost as many, if not more, people than the average European total track precinct, that is to be expected. The changes they have made to the circuit layout improved the racing too, I thought, specially opening up the last corner = higher top speed and trickier turn one (but with good run-off).

12th Aug 2014, 04:33
A fantastic race with plenty of action!

The improved Indy road circuit layout appears to be a success as well.

As for the apparent sparsity of spectators, I noticed the same for the NASCAR Brickyard 400 too. In fact, most forms of auto racing event attendance seem to be down across much of the USA. It seems to me that the demographic that attends races just doesn't choose to spend whatever disposable income they have on attending big time racing events these days. All major racing series appear to be down in attendance the last few years. The cost of attending races continues to climb while spectators (and sponsors) seem less willing to pay. In any case, the 500 makes any other event held at IMS look positively Lilliputian in comparison.

Even watching on TV is getting more expensive. But for now I can enjoy these races for as long as I'm still able to pay my rapidly increasing cable TV bill! :{

Looking forward to next week and another chance for someone to finish ahead of the incredible Marquez.


mr fish
14th Aug 2014, 22:12
motogp.com reports the british round of MOTOGP will be held at the new CIRCUIT OF WALES from 2016.

as the venue is yet to be built a alternate venue will host the round in 2015.

I would think the yet to be named venue is DONNINGTON PARK...please, please with sugar on!!!

having been a regular race go'er at the wonderful donno, I for one was mortified when it lost the race to SILVERSTONE.

as a bike circuit the place sucks, saw one F1 race there in 1990, a couple of touring car rounds in the mid 90s golden factory years and one MOTOGP event in...I think..2008.

if you can escape the nagging wind the place is just about passable, go anytime other than a hot summer day and you look forward to the warm car trip home.


mr fish.

mr fish
14th Aug 2014, 22:21
just checked my photo files, MOTOGP was 2010!!!

bet i'll kop some flak from F1 lovers after the above rant.

mr fish.

mr fish
22nd Aug 2014, 21:05
JEREMY MCWILLIAMS will race the new carbon fibre BROUGH SUPERIOR moto2 chassis at Silverstone next week.

so what you say...the guy is FIFTY, and still chucking a beast of a Harley 1200 around at a fair lick.

I saw him at donnington in 2000 lead the field in the stroker 500s on the v twin aprilla....finished third and boy did we cheer.

this was in the days when BSB pulled three times the crowd for the WALKER-HODGSON show, for the GP you could almost count the crowd !!!!



30th Aug 2014, 20:40
Off to Silverstone early doors tomorrow morning...

Seems Marc is unstoppable but good to see a Ducati right up there...

Hell who knows maybe Crutchlow might even make his Ducati sing...!

MotoGP Results - MotoGP Silverstone - Full Qualifying Results (http://www.crash.net/motogp/results/208164/1/motogp-silverstone-full-qualifying-results.html)


31st Aug 2014, 20:50
Just back and what bloody hell and what a battle it was.

L and M at 203 miles an hour and the girly Newcastle bikers behind us. (They were female and charming ones at that).

Balls to the wall stuff and Marc won against Lorenzo and the (Herr Professor) made 4th-1 3rd...

Accept - Balls to the Wall - YouTube


15th Sep 2014, 00:26
Good old Rossi, made the young lad try too hard and fall off.

15th Sep 2014, 04:34
Yes, it was very nice to see the OLD MAN (of 35 years!) show the youngster(s) a thing or two. Way to go Val and Yamaha!

Notwithstanding the unpredictable, Marquez is still the man to beat for the rest of the year and probably well into the future. I expect a great battle between Rossi, Lorenzo and Pedrosa for the second step on the podium in the remaining races.


28th Sep 2014, 22:36
So the young lad fell off again, he'll learn from it. Best race of the season so far, and Crutchlow on the podium. Not giving him what the rest of the team got made him show them what he could do.

29th Sep 2014, 10:44
It was another great race - those guys really are on the limit!

30th Sep 2014, 03:53
I always enjoy a little "change of weather" with my TV (somewhat less so if attending!) road racing and this race was no exception. The Repsol Honda boys guessed wrong on the weather strategy this time and fell off. I thought Jorge stayed on the slicks a little too long also, but ultimately rode conservatively enough to make it in for a swap to a bike with rain tires instead of crashing. Nice to see some different faces on the podium for once too.

I was a little worried about Rossi but it seems he suffered no serious injury and will be back in form by the next race. Val ran a little wide and got on the wet AstroTurf. Nasty stuff. I've always disliked artificial turf in all field sports and in my observation it's been nothing but trouble in motor sports as well. Get rid of the stuff! If you can't grow real grass then just pave the area over. Only my opinion of course.

Given the relative finishing positions of Lorenzo, Rossi and Pedrosa in this race, the competition for second through fourth in the championship standings gets more interesting yet...

Marquez - 292
Pedrosa - 217
Rossi - 214
Lorenzo - 202


Windy Militant
12th Oct 2014, 12:25
A cracking race from Japan, I wont say any more but well worth watching tomorrow night on ITV 4 for those who don't have BT sport!

30th Mar 2015, 16:10
Yesterdays MotoGP race in Qatar put to shame any F1 race I have ever seen,

30th Mar 2015, 16:23
Yesterdays race seems to have been a cracker. Does anybody know a streaming site where I can get a decent quality BT 1 or 2 ?

I currently use 'Time 4 tv' which was unwatchable yesterday and while i will get ITV 4 highlights later tonight it's not the same when you know the result.

Note my location, there are no other options than streaming.

30th Mar 2015, 16:34
They always do.

It's a pity it is so difficult to watch or even read about these days.

30th Mar 2015, 19:57
Bah, MotoGP is crap. Watch F1 instead, far more thrilling and a million times faster round the bends.Bah, F1 is boringly slow because of the un-aerodynamically wheels in the free wind.
Sportscar and endurance is much faster without giving much away in the corners, and the Ducati's 345km/h along Losail straight at yesterdays race about matches the sportscars (the record being 400km/h by Peugeot 4x4(!) along the former un-interrupted Mulsanne-straight at LeMans) :-|
The Ducati's was such dominant at the straight yesterday that it practially was a matter of 'vinking; giving gas and passing Rossi' (each round towards the end (without spoiling any further!)), wich arent seen anymore in F1!
F1 drivers does rarely glitter in detail, where the bikeracers do it regularly. Here Melandri in 2006:
https://youtu.be/U8KtdsM7nY4 :-o
Unlike F1 today MotoGP is (still) a battle between the factories, hence its easier to relate to the competitors, where Ducati plays their 'David against the Goliaths' -role fine.
Personally I'm morely to the superbike racing (wich is tuned standard-motorbikes, like the (earlier?) touringcar-class), but my associated one-track drivers (read: the local motorcycle-club) have invested in a live web-viewing MotoGP subscribtion and viewing races commonly with Your accomplices are far better than Superbike alone in the couch ;-)
Hottip: Seemingly its free to subscribe at motogp.com for non-live showing of the race - check it out!

11th Apr 2015, 23:10
And today, sunday, it's time for a double TV-event: Superbike at Aragon, Spain and about 7 hours later MotoGP in Texas!

mr fish
12th Apr 2015, 19:08
moto3, a win for danny kent.
moto2, first win for sam lowes....go brits!!!

20th Apr 2015, 11:32
How about that wily old fox... this year could get interesting!

20th Apr 2015, 23:05
Great win for the 'old man' Rossi, looks like the young lad is still learning, but those shots of him throwing it into the bends are fantastic, just like Casey, pity he's not in with the rest of them;)

21st Apr 2015, 06:10
I can't help it I'm pulling for the "old Man" too. Fantastic battle! But then I liked Rossi's style from way back when he took the sport by storm, back when he was younger than "the kid" Marquez is now. I think Marquez may turn out to be that good too. A few more championships will make the case.

But seeing Rossi run him down and make the pass this time was some really great riding. I actually would have preferred to see them battle those last two laps instead of seeing the kid crash out, but that's racing. Running harder front tires seems to be working for Rossi, but his time it was the rear tire that mattered. I hope Rossi keeps running up front. I'd love to see him take another championship. But even if the kid comes back and dominates the rest of the season, it's been great seeing the old master running in top form again. Now if he could just find a way to Q in the front row without giving up his late race form...

The Ducati team seem to be making a Ferrari like return to form as well. And by next year Suzuki and Aprilia may be factors as well. The sport looks to be in great shape.

Now if only World Superbike was available on my crappy cable system. But alas it's not and the streaming coverage hasn't worked out for me...

Looking forward to Espania.


21st Apr 2015, 07:15
just like Casey, pity he's not in with the rest of them

Yep. Although the one I really miss is SIC... :(

I actually would have preferred to see them battle those last two laps instead of seeing the kid crash out

Absolutely, a bit like Casey crashing out during the heart-stopping Laguna Seca duel with Rossi; I may have been supporting the Doc but what you really want to see is them trading paint right to the last bend! :ok:

Should be a good year :}

21st Apr 2015, 08:56
As sad as it is to say, Simoncelli was an accident waiting to happen. He was too mad (in a sport for madmen) for his own good.

Loved seeing Rossi stand on top of the podium again :ok:

2nd May 2015, 13:41
Geoff Duke.

Grand Prix and TT legend Geoff Duke has died - Bikesport News (http://www.bikesportnews.com/news/news-detail/grand-prix-and-tt-legend-geoff-duke-has-died)

2nd May 2015, 18:26
If I had chosen to be a motorcycle racer I would have chosen to be Geoff Duke.

92 years old - one of those who survived.


Windy Militant
16th May 2015, 12:34
Not Moto GP but North West 200 now on North West 200 - BBC Sport (http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/live/motorsport/32544002)

17th May 2015, 12:57
Great race today, my thanks to Iannone and Marquez...

Windy Militant
17th May 2015, 14:09
A cracking battle for fourth place but a good race all round.

As was the NW 200 yesterday!:ok:

17th May 2015, 17:00
Many uninformed people ask me why I don't watch automobile races.

The answers:

A) They have too many wheels.

B) They lean the wrong way on corners.

After an excellent landing etc...

18th May 2015, 00:08
Honda continue their GP tradition - building evil handling GP bikes.

The Yamaha is just so 'smooth' through corners and its capacity to apply power to the ground.

Perhaps Honda might care to check a Yamaha frame for the reasons why one day!!!


18th May 2015, 05:07
That may be the best battle for 4th we'll ever see :ok:

Having driven the 2 wheeled type, and having driven and raced the 4 wheeled type, I think watching motorcycle racing is more interesting because we can so easily watch what the driver is doing - and only the most dimwitted rider can delude him (or her) self into thinking they could do that themselves. 4 wheeled is different - it "looks" relatively easy, and it's easy for the average viewer to think they could to that. It's not - having done it I have zero doubt that 4 wheels at the limit is every bit as challenging as 2 wheels at the limit (although the penalty for getting it wrong on 2 wheels is typically worse).
But "appearances" are everything....

18th May 2015, 06:12
That race was worth getting up early for just to see Marquez and Ianone battle for 4th. And those Dukes are for real, no longer quite the tire chewing beast of old. I hope they're still that fast when their rules advantage expires.

Never seen that 99 bike ridden any smoother. Once Rossi got into 2nd, he cut into Jorge's lead a little for a couple of laps, but Lorenzo was having none of that. He just got in his frontrunner mode and rode away. Rossi had nothing for him. As is so often the case, the really exciting racing happened a little further back in the order.

Too bad Pedrosa had that off. But he got back on and finished 15th. So maybe his arm is better and we should watch out for him expect more at the next race.

These guys are putting on such a good show it almost makes up for how I'm feeling about the F1 season!


I still can't get over seeing Marquez snap loose under braking and still complete the pass.

28th Jun 2015, 00:09
Another great battle today, the young lad couldn't quite get the better of the old man.:ok:

28th Jun 2015, 03:42
I don't know which was the better finish at Assen, Rossi and MM;


or Niklas Ajo! :eek::eek:


28th Jun 2015, 03:56
Fantastic race!

Moto GP has produced the most compelling racing this year. And there's still half the season remaining. Can the "old man" possibly hang on?

I know I look forward to watching every race until it's decided. And the ones following if there are any.

28th Jun 2015, 08:41
That last corner was classic racing from a legendary racer.

Love him or hate him, when the old man retires I will sure miss him.

28th Jun 2015, 09:02
7 then 6 then 5 from the end you just knew there was goin' to be some "rubbin'" and I just knew who was going to win, best in the world at contact motorsport.
Racing seems always good at Assen.

28th Jun 2015, 10:24
Was that legal, taking that shortcut across the kitty litter? It was a brilliant bit of riding, almost super-human, Rossi going dirt-track racing with a Moto GP machine, but what do the rules say about that?

28th Jun 2015, 10:34
Nobody seems to be complaining, now if it was F1 ...............

28th Jun 2015, 10:40
Rossi didn't have anywhere else to go. Marquez went too deep under brakes in a desperate attempt to overtake, if Rossi had held his line they would have both crashed.

Nothing to see here, the best man won.

28th Jun 2015, 10:44
but what do the rules say about that?
He avoided a crash and didnt gain a position from it - all good.

Windy Militant
28th Jun 2015, 12:01
The race director having reviewed the helicopter footage decided it was a racing incident.
MotoGP News - MotoGP Assen: Race Director talks Rossi, Marquez incident (http://www.crash.net/motogp/news/220532/1/motogp-race-director-talks-rossi-marquez-incident.html)

28th Jun 2015, 17:15
I don't have a problem with that; I just wondered what the race director thought, going so far off the track and all. Yes, given that Rossi was ahead, and stayed ahead, it was not as if he gained a position, although he certainly did not stay on the marked course.

Seeing that made me think of one of those crazy critters that can make it across a pond Jesus-style, walking on water, the way Rossi just stayed on the gas and skimmed along the surface of the gravel trap: amazing riding ability. Then there was the cheeky way he looked back over his shoulder at Marquez afterwards. "The Doctor has seen you now!" Marquez must have thought that there was absolutely no counter to that Banzai move of his, forgetting who the master of that is for now.

There was a Kawasaki rider, a mad French Canadian named Yvon Duhamel, whom nobody wanted to pass, for fear of what the crazy bastard would do to re-pass! It would be fun to imagine matching him up with Rossi to see what would happen next.

Windy Militant
28th Jun 2015, 21:55
I bought a bike off a dealer in Llanelli by the name of Ray Williams. He used to race a bit when he was younger and was known as "Williams out of control" because he had a habit of cutting corners and straightening chicanes. Usually on purpose! ;)

29th Jun 2015, 00:18
I have raced against Yvon. Everything you have heard about him is true! No better traffic rider ever existed.

After an excellent landing etc...

29th Jun 2015, 06:55
Like flying, as they say; "There are old pilots and there are bold pilots, but there are no old, bold pilots"

Rossi defies the logic, as did Duhamel. Simoncelli sadly did not.

Long live The Doctor.

29th Jun 2015, 07:57
Try to ride like Rossi on the road, and then you may come up against hard, cold reality. He does his magic act on a race track, a relatively safe environment.

It's fortunately rare to see fatal accidents in roadracing nowadays, aside from on the Isle of Man and such, real road courses.

29th Jun 2015, 11:50
To be fair towards the Doc, when he goes to watch the TT at the Isle he always shows a lot of respect.

As he should, those guys are a cross between crazy brave and batshit crazy.

29th Jun 2015, 11:55
Also to be fair, TT is a different style of racing altogether. No doubt Manx is 'batshit crazy', but racing the clock is a bit different to racing the grid.

Either way, they're all mad!!

Windy Militant
29th Jun 2015, 18:22
but racing the clock is a bit different to racing the grid.
Try telling that to the Dunlops! and as for crazy, ever seen the Northwest 200 or the Cookstown 100 :uhoh:

Nervous SLF
30th Aug 2015, 09:26
Really looking forward to Silverstone round today, should be another cracker. Good to see Danny Kent doing so well.

30th Aug 2015, 21:54
Last week I lost an old friend,did 15 TT races - best finish 3rd in the clubmans in I think 1954. He was killed riding his Honda at the side of Loch Lomond at the age of 86. Beats the hell out of rotting away in a nursing home. Hope I can keep riding to that age.

30th Aug 2015, 22:04
I was at Silverstone this weekend for the race. It was a great spectacle and the good old British weather made it even more of a challenge today for those modern day warriors. Now to sort through the 500 odd photos taken during qualifying when the weather was great and the new camera worked (following a revert to factory settings :ugh:).

31st Aug 2015, 02:56
ever seen the Northwest 200 or the Cookstown 100
... this is pretty mad too ...

Cemetery Circuit | Boxing Day - Wanganui 26th December 2014! (http://cemeterycircuit.co.nz/)

1st Sep 2015, 07:53
bcgallacher wrote:
Last week I lost an old friend,did 15 TT races - best finish 3rd in the clubmans in I think 1954. He was killed riding his Honda at the side of Loch Lomond at the age of 86. Beats the hell out of rotting away in a nursing home. Hope I can keep riding to that age.

Ewan H.?

1st Sep 2015, 09:12
bsgallacher wrote:

Last week I lost an old friend,did 15 TT races - best finish 3rd in the clubmans in I think 1954. He was killed riding his Honda at the side of Loch Lomond at the age of 86. Beats the hell out of rotting away in a nursing home. Hope I can keep riding to that age. Sounds like Ewan H.?

25th Oct 2015, 08:29
Well, much as I've always been an admirer of the old fox, today left me with a bad taste in my mouth.

Too bad, it was shaping up to be a cliffhanger edge-of-the-seat championship, but regardless of what race direction decides, it's a little poisoned for me now.


25th Oct 2015, 10:05
There is nothing I've seen that says Rossi deliberately took Marquez out. I have to admit that the eyeballing beforehand doesn't help Rossis cause though.

26th Oct 2015, 10:52
Watching it live I could not believe what I saw. Rossi deliberately riding Marquez to the edge of the track and leaving him 2 options - ride off the track, or turn. Then Rossi puts his knee into Marquez. Crazy and dangerous.

Just for info, this is how the online commentary from Crash.net wrote up that section of the race live (you need to read from the bottom up):
UK Time 17/20: Well, this is just astonishing. If almost feels like the following laps are an irrelevance and that is a great, great disservice to several riders out there that have ridden brilliantly; Pedrosa, Lorenzo, Petrucci and Bradl among them.

UK Time 15/20: Suppo: It's clear that Valentino deliberately kicked the bike of mark. So we will wait for their decision at the end of the race.

UK Time 10/20: Rossi is over 6s behind Lorenzo in 3rd. At this moment he'll lose 4 points. But surely, after the race, he'll be penalised.
UK Time 9/20: I can't believe what we've just seen. Let's just re-iterate this. Rossi chose to push Marquez off track, looked across to him, then hit out with his knee, forcing Marquez to fall. After everything that has happened this weekend… Wow. Just wow.
UK Time 9/20: Unsurprisingly race direction will investigate the incident between Rossi and Marquez after the race. Surely race direction will have to at the very least penalise Rossi.
UK Time 8/20: Rossi's lost his head! Incredible. Marquez has retired but Rossi must have been so riled that he chose to run Marquez all the way to the edge of the track and then nudged him with his left leg, causing Marquez to fall.
UK Time 7/20: Rossi kicks out and makes Maruqez crash! Rossi knew what he was doing there, surely he has to be disqualified by that.
UK Time 7/20: Insane! Rossi pushes Marquez off track and kicks out at him!

Crash.Net | F1 & MotoGP | Motorsport News
We give you the latest news, results, qualifying information, photos, videos and more across F1, MotoGP, WSBK,…

26th Oct 2015, 17:49
ThorMos - sorry I am late getting back to you,yes it was Ewan.I believe the accident was at Luss - I was there just the week before on my Z1000.

27th Oct 2015, 06:09
I watched a replay last night, when it was clear that Rossi meant to push Marquez off the track, running very wide and then kicking or nudging him while looking right at him. Rossi probably would have gotten away with just running him very wide; he simply went too far, probably losing his temper.

On the other hand, that move Marquez put on Rossi in the last corner on the last lap, running Rossi off the track ... only the incredible nerve and skill of Rossi prevented him crashing out then, To see the way Rossi stayed on the gas, floating the front wheel across the gravel trap to win, was just amazing, but you could argue that what Rossi just did was simply pay-back. Marquez got away with that simply because Rossi still won the race, while now Rossi is penalized because Marquez, put in a similar dilemma, crashed.

I hope Rossi does start the final race, when we should see him ride at an amazing level.

28th Oct 2015, 00:00
I hope Rossi does start the final race, when we should see him ride at an amazing level.
3pt penalty and he starts from the back of the grid, I understand - he has lost his chance at the championship .....:sad:

28th Oct 2015, 08:04
3pt penalty and he starts from the back of the grid, I understand - he has lost his chance at the championship .....:sad:

No, 3 points on his license, that added to the one he already had, relegates him to the last place on the grid in the next race.

No points were deducted from his total

28th Oct 2015, 08:58
It's a stupid penalty.

Either he's guilty and loses his points for the race, or he's not guilty and faces no sanction.

To let him keep the points but then penalise him for the next round is insane. Besides, he'll be in the top 10 by the end of the first lap.

8th Nov 2015, 15:26
I have ridden on track a fair amount, and today it appeared to me that towards the end of the race the Hondas had more pace. Marquez definitely appeared to have the edge over Lorenzo; yet he never tried to pass him, not even one measly try.

The only time Marquez reacted was when Dani caught up with them and pounced on him, but by then it was too late.

I had serious misgivings about Rossi's allegations but frankly during today's race it seemed to me that Marquez was basically escorting Lorenzo to victory... if that's the case, then all in all a sad day for the sport, whoever you were supporting.


8th Nov 2015, 15:36
Other than disliking Rossi (and I thought he was the young Marc's hero growing up), what reason would he have for not wanting Rossi to win?

Supporting a fellow Spaniard?

Has an eye on winning 10 titles himself and would rather have that to himself?

8th Nov 2015, 16:11
Supposedly MM has had a bee in his bonnet about VR after the events in Argentina and Assen. I too had discounted the claim as the old man losing it under pressure, but a friend of mine who is a rider surprised me by agreeing with him.

Then I saw this video of Fonsi Nieto's take, and not only is he a rider, he's Spanish...


8th Nov 2015, 17:16
The more I think, see and read about the 'incident' the more convinced I become Rossi is right in his claims.

The sport has to investigate MM for the sake of the sport. I think they called the penalty incorrectly.

8th Nov 2015, 23:39
Main Dog wrote-
today it appeared to me that towards the end of the race the Hondas had more pace. Marquez definitely appeared to have the edge over Lorenzo; yet he never tried to pass him, not even one measly try.

I'm 100% with that, and why-

Supporting a fellow Spaniard?

Shame on them. Next year will be harder for Rossi to achieved what he did this year, but if he does will be all the more impressive.:ok:

9th Nov 2015, 11:32
Time for Rossi to go. He was dominant back in the years when his tyre manufacturer made special tyres for him overnight on GP weekends (before control tyres), and that made him think he is bigger than the sport. Once control tyres were introduced his advantage lessened considerably.

He clashed with (and punched Biaggi), clashed with Gibernau, Stoner (including brake checking Stoner at Laguna Seca - not widely publicised at the time), and now Marquez - the common factor: Rossi. As soon as there is a rider able to challenge him he rides them off the track, rides discreetly dirty, and/or plays mind games.

Valentino, you are an overpaid Prima Donna (Yamaha withdrew from World Superbikes as they could not afford to pay Rossi and fund a WSBK team).

Admit that others are better, and be on your way quietly.

9th Nov 2015, 11:51
Those motor bike guys are crazy!!! bigger balls than I....I freely admit....watching motorcycles go round in circles???:hmm::hmm::hmm: maybe I'll go watch the paint dry......:hmm:

9th Nov 2015, 13:02
I agree, David. Those nine world championships of Rossi's were down to "special tires" and nothing more. The way he went across that gravel trap like a flying squirrel this season, when Marquez did to him what he later did to Marquez ... special tires again.

Poor old Marquez, the way he fell off in the penultimate race when Rossi pulled a Marquez on him, "like a sack of potatoes" as one German expert observer of the scene had it, well, no special tires! QED.

The problem will be that while we know that Rossi is washed up, a has-been, a loser who could only finish second in the championship this year, does Rossi know that?

9th Nov 2015, 21:49
Those motor bike guys are crazy!!! bigger balls than I....I freely admit....watching motorcycles go round in circles???
No gears, no brakes, no fear

Windy Militant
9th Nov 2015, 22:49
Never Mind all this nonsense with all these foreign johnnies!
The real story is that Britain has it's first Moto GP champion in 38 years! Well done to Danny Kent a good West country Boy. :ok:

OK it was Moto 3 but we've all got to start somewhere!;)

9th Nov 2015, 23:01
chuks, :D:D:D:D:ok:

mr fish
10th Nov 2015, 19:23
so which "special tyres" was rossi using when he won his 125 and 250 titles?? WASHED UP...six wins and leading the championship till the last round.....a definition I am not familiar with!!!

10th Nov 2015, 22:12
Sorry mr fish, should have been:D:D:D:D;)

Windy Militant
22nd May 2016, 21:58
Cracking race today at Mugello with a twist in the tail! I won't say what it is, but strongly recommend watching the Highlights on ITV 4 tomorrow night!:ok:

23rd May 2016, 12:00
It was a really cracking race! Top speed record for a MotoGP bike was also set at just over 220 mph - a little over 350 kph. Not much between you and your maker at those speeds :ooh:

23rd May 2016, 12:23
I agree, David. Those nine world championships of Rossi's were down to "special tires" and nothing more....?

Chuks, I never said Rossis championships were only down to special tyres, and nothing more, but they did help.

This article is well worth reading, though, as it shows how Rossi struggled once he no longer had his special tyres. In the 9 years since that change he has only won the title twice, compared to winning it 5 out of 7 years when he had special tyres being made for him, and finishing runner up in the other 2.

"Valentino Rossi believes Michelin’s previous tactic of flying in overnight special race tyres is proving the big handicap in his bid to fight against the formidable Casey Stoner, Ducati and Bridgestone package in 2007.

This year’s new premier class tyre restrictions took away a key advantage held by Michelin over rivals Bridgestone, with the French manufacturer no longer able to fly in special rubber made overnight for its riders including factory Yamaha rider Valentino Rossi.

The Italian, who is currently under investigation by Italian authorities over £40m tax evasion, blasted the new tyre rule after his crushing defeat in Laguna Seca last month, where Bridgestone once again humbled Michelin with another clean sweep of the podium."

It's great to see home being so competitive, and I rescind my comments about him being washed up, but he owes a lot of his titles to special tyres made for him overnight on race weekends.

MotoGP: Valentino Rossi bemoans previous Michelin MotoGP tactics | MCN (http://www.motorcyclenews.com/sport/motogp/2007/august/aug1407motogprossibemoansmichelintactics-/)

5th Jun 2016, 18:49
Today was very, very satisfying to most motorcycle fans, including many Spanish ones it would seem!


6th Jun 2016, 05:11
Satisfying race action too. A good battle at the front. Further back, there was action too. Though some of it was of the wrong kind. There's lots of races left to decide a tight rider championship.

Nervous SLF
6th Jun 2016, 05:17
Good job Rossi managed to get hold of special tyres just made for him. Oh hang on he didn't
did he. I wonder why he has been doing so well these past few years ? I mean it can't be rider
skill can it ?

6th Jun 2016, 11:37
Good job Rossi managed to get hold of special tyres just made for him. Oh hang on he didn't
did he. I wonder why he has been doing so well these past few years ? I mean it can't be rider
skill can it ?

Your comprehension is sadly lacking. The point is that he hasn't been doing so well these last few years. As an example, he didn't win a single race while riding for Ducati for 2 years (for the record, Stoner won 23 for Ducati in 4 years, including a world title). He won 5 world titles in 7 years when he had special tyres (and was runner up in the other 2) and in the 9 years since he has only won 2.

In the past 6 and a half years he has won 11 out of 110 GPs he contested (10%). In a comparable period (7 years) during the years when he had his special tyres he won 60 out of 116 - 52%. Now did he suddenly lose his touch, or did the tyre rules bring him back to the rest or bring the rest forward to him?

As I said: "It's great to see home being so competitive, and I rescind my comments about him being washed up, but he owes a lot of his titles to special tyres made for him overnight on race weekends."

6th Jun 2016, 11:55
As a comparison, Marc Marquez has won 26 of 59 GPs contested since he moved up to the senior class (2 titles); Jorge Lorenzo has won 38 of 109 contested in the last 6 years (3 titles); Casey Stoner won 38 of 100 contested in the 6 years before he retired at age 27 (2 titles).

All 3 of these leave Rossi's record in the past 6 and a half years (and since the introduction of control tyres) in a distant 4th place. 11 wins, 110 races, NIL titles.

Added later: Heck, even Dani Pedrosa compares favourably to Rossi since the beginning of 2010 with 20 wins from 102 starts (0 titles) - almost twice as many wins as Rossi from 8 fewer starts.

Makes Rossi no 5, arguably.

6th Jun 2016, 14:16
I like Rossi for the way he can get inside a rival's head, and for the occasional completely brilliant and totally insane move. Never mind his recent stats. That transit of the gravel trap last season is one of the best moves ever, up there with the way he stuffed Gibernau with that insane run up the inside that reduced Gibernau's brain to quivering jelly so that he was never the same afterwards. I think he retired to do gardening or something, after that.

Compare and contrast Marquez trying to put the same move on Rossi and making a complete horlicks of it, ending up nowhere near the racing line.

Rossi, the smiling assassin!

6th Jun 2016, 15:00
Rossi definitely had the special tyres on yesterday - his team mate could not make them work and Marquez destroyed his in the last few laps. Best race I have watched in a while - only thing that spoiled it a little was Ianonne's stupidity,luckily there were no injuries.

6th Jun 2016, 18:13
Sadly, it seems that the US Moto GP TV coverage has moved to a different network this season - one I don't get on my satellite package :mad:.

Windy Militant
7th Jun 2016, 19:23
Sadly, it seems that the US Moto GP TV coverage has moved to a different network this season - one I don't get on my satellite package .

Not just the US of A My brother recently lost it as even though he's on broadband with the same provider that broadcast it in the UK he would have had to by a new package at greater cost which contains mostly football which he has no interest in so he's not going to bother shelling out for.
Still in the UK we can get the TT highlights on ITV 4 so all is not lost. ;)

Apparently the TT web site is now showing highlights so you may be able to watch on line in the USA.

Just had a quick look at the web site and the highlights are showing on the Velocity channel on your side of the herring pond.

North Shore
7th Jun 2016, 20:56
ITV shows TT highlights every night this week. An IP masker to 'show' that you're in the UK, and bob's yer uncle...

8th Jun 2016, 00:59
Just had a quick look at the web site and the highlights are showing on the Velocity channel on your side of the herring pond.

It was on Velocity last year - apparently the web site is out of date (yes, I get Velocity, had the DVR set up to auto-record all the Moto GP races since they usually came on when I was asleep).
Now it shows up on something called "beIN Sports" (no, I'd never heard of it before either). But it's extra cost on my satellite.
Hard to justify paying much extra to watch a 90 minute program every couple weeks :rolleyes:

Edit, HOLY CRAP! I just checked, to get beIN Sports would add $60/month to my Satellite bill!!!! Yea, I'd get a whole bunch of other channels too, but nothing I'd probably ever watch :mad:
Guess I won't be watching Moto GP anymore :uhoh:

Windy Militant
8th Jun 2016, 19:10
Edit, HOLY CRAP! I just checked, to get beIN Sports would add $60/month to my Satellite bill!!!! Yea, I'd get a whole bunch of other channels too, but nothing I'd probably ever watch
Guess I won't be watching Moto GP anymore
Rip off Britain strikes again I think my Brother said they wanted £60 for his upgrade that's $87 in your money. :*
Never mind, the Lightweight TT has just finished, I listened to it on Manx radio with the very British commentary style they have. There are some things that you can still rely on! :ok:

21st Aug 2016, 23:52
The first win for 35 years for team GB in the premier class is well done for our Cal Crutchlow, who chose the right tyres, as opposed to the 'wimps' who didn't.:ok::ok::ok:

Chef Bruz
4th Sep 2016, 23:22
British GP Silverstone, the race of the year!

Great race by Mavrik, but the dice for the remaining podiums makes this a race worth watching...

16th Oct 2016, 09:15
With both Rossi and Lorenzo crashing out in Nipon, the title belongs to Marquez. Not what I wanted to see, but congrats to the Spaniard on another great ride and another championship season.

On another note, Rossi won his 64th pole, equaling both Marquez and Lorenzo. The last time Rossi won pole, he crashed out then too.

The remainder of the season is left to determine 2nd place in the championship between Rossi and Lorenzo. who are separated by only a few points.

Nervous SLF
17th Oct 2016, 08:13
Seeing as Lorenzo will be leaving for Ducati next season but Rossi is staying I wonder if Yamaha "hopes"
that Rossi rather than Lorenzo finishes 2nd?

I had a very very very slight hope that Rossi would be champion but alas that can't now happen. I also wanted
Tom Sykes to be World Superbike champion instead of J. Rea but that now also looks unlikely. Finally I wanted
Leon Haslam to be British superbike champ instead of Shane Byrne. Seems like it is the kiss of death if I want
someone to win a championship. :(:(

18th Oct 2016, 03:31
Nervous - going back a few months when Lorenzo was having his 'lack of confidence' run I speculated that Yamaha would obviously prefer Rossi to win the title, but they would absolutely not want Lorenzo to win. Imagine Lorenzo going to Ducati with the confidence of being world champion. Not that I'm suggesting that Yamaha had anything to do with Lorenzo's lack of confidence in the handling of his bike ;)

18th Oct 2016, 08:27
Nervous, that's how it works for me too. Rossi and Sykes didn't quite make it. The same thing happened in MotoAmerica superbike series when Cam Beaubier beat Josh Hayes for the second year in a row. They had some good scraps though.

Windy Militant
25th Mar 2017, 11:57
Whoo Hoo Quatar GP Tomorrow on the Tellybox in the UK at 18:45 BST
Moto 3 15:30BST
Moto 2 17:15BST

Windy Militant
26th Mar 2017, 20:43
Bit of a Pantomime at the start, but once they got under way a good race.
Well done Zarco for his first race and also well done Aleix Espargaro on the Aprillia
Bodes well for the rest of the season!;)

27th Mar 2017, 20:28
....I'm now, more than ever, not convinced that the laws of physics or any other sciences have any connection AT ALL with why those bikes stay on the track. It must be pure will power - but very exciting.

The Ancient Mariner

Windy Militant
27th Mar 2017, 21:32
....I'm now, more than ever, not convinced that the laws of physics or any other sciences have any connection AT ALL with why those bikes stay on the track

Its like unlimited aerobatics, they bung the laws of Physics a few quid to take Mother nature to the flicks for the afternoon and while the cats away......;)

28th Mar 2017, 13:46
To those more in the technical know: Back in the days of Rossi on Ducati, and today on Yamaha.....Rossi could not make the Ducati work yet in Superbikes they were dominant. Yamaha are brill in MotoGP, but nowhere in Superbikes.
I know about the different spec, weight & engine size etc, but wonder why the manufacturer can get it so right in one category and not in the other??

mr fish
19th May 2017, 18:41
i'm not sure if its been mentioned elsewhere on this site but could I get fellow motogp pprruners to wish NICKY HAYDON a speedy recovery after his horrific cycle accident.


19th May 2017, 19:36
x2, but I fear we have another Schumacher in the making.

20th May 2017, 08:23
To those more in the technical know: Back in the days of Rossi on Ducati, and today on Yamaha.....Rossi could not make the Ducati work yet in Superbikes they were dominant. Yamaha are brill in MotoGP, but nowhere in Superbikes.
I know about the different spec, weight & engine size etc, but wonder why the manufacturer can get it so right in one category and not in the other??

Different chassis. For Ducati, their MotoGP chassis was far too stiff whereas in Superbikes they had to use the normal road-going one which was more flexible. Where it falls apart was the MotorGP bike had to be ridden to the absolute edge all the time to get it anywhere near the other bikes, get it wrong at it would spit you off in a flash. The only rider who could or would do that was Casey Stoner. The factory wouldn't listen to him though when it came to the problems with the chassis and it appeared they wouldn't listen to Rossi either.

As for Yamaha I expect it is the same. There was a fascinating article on Stoner where they interviewed his engineer and he had access to the datalog information from his time at Ducati which showed just how hard he was riding the machine to get the results that he did.

Windy Militant
21st May 2017, 13:17
A cracking race although Cal Crutchlow may have some words with Dani Pedrosa!

A nice gesture by Pedrosa to offer best wishes for Nicky Hayden's recovery. Unfortunately there seems to be no change in his condition yet, but here's hoping he makes a speedy and full one.

21st May 2017, 13:58
Very un-Rossi like. I wonder if he would take 2nd in hindsight.

22nd May 2017, 16:57
And sad news from Italy, RIP Nicky.

22nd May 2017, 17:37
Indeed. Thoughts with his family and friends.

Will miss you No. 69.


Windy Militant
22nd May 2017, 18:59
Bugger it why do the good die young. I just turned around and he was gone. RIP :(

mr fish
22nd May 2017, 19:32

a sad day for motorsport.

Chef Bruz
23rd May 2017, 12:49
only the good die young.

and I loved your race number mate.

25th Jun 2017, 23:58
Dutch TT, as it used to be called, best race this season, the old man is back:D

Chef Bruz
20th Sep 2017, 21:15

amazing result of crash.

8th Apr 2018, 23:36
Farcical Race robs pole sitter of the win.... Reigning Champion rides like a psychopath..

Miller was robbed, the event was declared a WET race on the grid, then the teams who DIDN'T run slicks broke the rules, along with the organisers and set the start back so they could have their cake and eat it too...

Why have rules? They're not "race guidelines"

Sure, there would have been twenty bikes starting from Pit Lane after the Parade Lap if the rules were properly followed, or the riders could have been forced to follow the rules and pit after the race start, or even just swap tires on the grid.

Marquez SHOULD have started from Pit Lane after stalling his machine on the grid (or AT LEAST started from the rear of the grgid) , and after his ride through penalty he rode in a dangerous manner coming into contact with several riders, causing at least one to crash. Marquez SHOULD have been black flagged and taken out of the race after the Rossi incident. I'd like to see him banned for a race to settle him down....

In the positives, it WAS dramatic and Crutchlow deserved the win. First Brit to lead the premier class since Sheene...

Windy Militant
1st Jul 2018, 13:28
Blimey I thought I'd slipped into a time warp and was watching the old LC 350 Pro Am series, not the Assen Moto GP, banging fairings, elbows and all sorts, the lead changing nearly every turn. That was a good old fashioned race like they should be.:ok:

1st Jul 2018, 16:26
Just told my brother to get the highlights although I dunno how they are going to edit that down to highlights, Assen strikes again !

1st Jul 2018, 16:33
A colleague did the aerobatics over the race. Dutch Rush aka Frank van Houten. Top bloke.