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6th Apr 2014, 08:29
The beauty icons of the 70s | Never Underdressed (http://www.neverunderdressed.com/beauty/the-look/the-women-who-made-the-seventies-beautiful?utm_source=taboola&utm_medium=referral&utm_campaign=beauty#)

Bit of a motley bunch, if you ask me.

Only Bo Derek stands out as a solitary, unquestionable qualifier. A more typical Debbie Harry pic would include her. The rest are not quite as I remember them. Maybe I'm just getting old. :(

Any better suggestions?

Lon More
6th Apr 2014, 09:09
Yukky O-no? Passable with a large potato sack covering her from head to toe.
Not many there that I remember, not being a tv watching 'merican.
Bit like the 60s I suppose; if you can remember it you weren't there.

Tina Turner
Cher - post Sonny

6th Apr 2014, 09:11
You need to go back a generation at least for classically attractive ladies in my opinion.

Actresses Sex Symbols of the 40s, 50s list (http://www.listal.com/list/best-actresses-sex-symbols-50s)

I'm pretty sure the FSL will approve of these ladies.

tony draper
6th Apr 2014, 09:32
Yer,without doubt the most beautiful woman in the second half of the last century was Sofia Loren,saying that that photo of her on that site is not very good.
Of course other will probably disagree with me choice:rolleyes:

B Fraser
6th Apr 2014, 10:08
Joanna Lumley gets my vote. Beauty, charm and elegance.

6th Apr 2014, 10:37
I don't know on what planet Yoko Ono and Patti Smith would be considered beautiful, but from a purely female perspective, there are only a couple in there who should be on the list. Take their make up off and you probably wouldn't give them a second look on the street. I expect the tit & bum brigade will be along shortly with their picks :)

Ancient Observer
6th Apr 2014, 11:13
Julie Christie would be on any list from the 60s, 70s and 80s.

6th Apr 2014, 11:20
The beauty icons of the 70's.....phht!

Not a single one of them could hold a candle to the gorgeous Rita Hayworth.

Effluent Man
6th Apr 2014, 11:31
Julie Christie definitely,although maybe she is more 60's.The other one that comes to mind is Susan George.

6th Apr 2014, 11:35
Amanda Redmond would have to get a vote....

6th Apr 2014, 12:28
Joanna Lumley used to drop into a little pub on the north side of Hampstead/ border with Islington in the '70s and she was stunning. Gets my vote.



6th Apr 2014, 12:54
Sophia Loren is one of the few of those '70's beauties who has kept her good looks in her old age.
Some of them look pretty awful nowadays - but I guess a few of us have deteriorated a bit, too. :uhoh:

Candice Bergen, Jerry Hall, Debbie Harry, all look pretty ravaged today.
Joan Collins is a walking tribute to plastic surgery - but she is 81, after all. :)
Some of those women I didn't ever think were particularly "beautiful", anyway.
Went to a Suzi Quatro concert a couple of years ago - she can still belt out a few good rock songs - but I always considered her looks to be somewhat masculine.

6th Apr 2014, 14:59
Jenny Agutter still looked good last time I saw her.

6th Apr 2014, 16:51
Bo Derek's tits were too big to be real in the movie "10". Certainly far too over-sized for my own tastes. Bo Derek was probably the detonator which "set-off" the urges of millions of women worldwide to enlarge their breasts using "artificial implants". Aided and abetted willingly by their inadequate spouses etc. :rolleyes: :uhoh:

tony draper
6th Apr 2014, 17:00
I had a strong fancy for the blond Lass in Magpie, forget her name now, tother one was a bit on the skinny side for me.

B Fraser
6th Apr 2014, 17:59
Agreed Airship,

There are few things as unattractive as a pair of fake plastic hooters.

Anyway, back to the subject at hand. The blonde in Abba could cause a bit of rheumatism in the trouser department when I was a teenager. Kate Bush was top drawer totty too.

Cyber Bob
6th Apr 2014, 18:14
Alexandra Bastedo

God bless her

https://encrypted-tbn3.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRYkJv3nR33jK465bALYnyQYaSHu7O6W6K0_3kwYRy FM4ahVkMNV3cFdrQP (https://www.google.co.uk/url?q=http://www.fastnewsrelease.com/arts-and-entertainment/3785/sex-symbol-of-the-60s-and-the-70s-alexandra-bastedo-no-more.html&sa=U&ei=LJlBU-KVIs6AhAebm4CYCQ&ved=0CEAQ9QEwCQ&usg=AFQjCNGDkBQmgMVJr2_pW9ngIyq-j5kabA)

6th Apr 2014, 18:42
Linda Carter aka Wonder Woman.

cockney steve
6th Apr 2014, 19:30
tit & bum brigade will be along shortly with their picks

spelling mistake, Limey?:}

Standard Noise
6th Apr 2014, 19:34
The laydees on the Tennant's Lager cans were nice as I recall, but then I was only a kid in the 70s. Always thought that's why my dad drank it.

Mr Draper - If I remember correctly it was Jenny Hanley.

6th Apr 2014, 19:38
Mary Millington always made my underwear strain :E

6th Apr 2014, 20:24
Valerie Leon did for me what other women failed to do :} Well in fact many others did, but all the same she was tasty (and saucy).



6th Apr 2014, 21:01
Charlotte was absolutely Rampling :ok:

7th Apr 2014, 01:15
I wonder if teens today will remember Miley Cyrus fondly 50 years from now?

7th Apr 2014, 01:17
Some people used to like Cilla Black.

Not in the league of Linda Carter, who still looks superb even today.

7th Apr 2014, 01:33
Kathleen Turner in 'Body Heat" and Teresa Russell in 'Black Widow'.

I recently saw a contemporary photo of Miss Bardot. Wish I hadna.

7th Apr 2014, 01:37
Sigourney Weaver


7th Apr 2014, 07:18
"I had a strong fancy for the blond Lass in Magpie, forget her name now, tother one was a bit on the skinny side for me."

Jenny Hanley?

cockney steve
7th Apr 2014, 10:57
Honor Blackman in "the Avengers" was HOT! How I envied Patrick Mc. Nee (John Steed)
Reminds me of an ornamrntal souvenier plaque with the follownig inscription.

" She offered her honour
He honoured her offer
and all night long
it was honour and offer.
One worked the school holidays on a fairground (and weekends)
there was a fair bit if tacky crap given as prizes, that was just one!

The family shop used to sell "Donald Mc Gill" comic postcards which were masterful examples of the Double Entendre.. in those days, people on holiday would buy handfuls to send home.. We'd put a display -stand outside and could sit in the parlour and hear roars of laughter from groups of women reading them....was always women, blokes seldom bought them...learned a bit about the female psyche, there....s'pose i'd have been a very streetwise 10 year old. :}

7th Apr 2014, 11:21
Wonder woman
Daisy duke
Pam Ewing

7th Apr 2014, 12:43
I'm married to most beautiful woman from the seventies, so there! :ok:

7th Apr 2014, 13:35
Sharon Stone.


7th Apr 2014, 13:36
Honor Blackman in "the Avengers"

I had a youthful 'thing' for Diana Rigg of The Avengers.

It was frequently over six inches long.

7th Apr 2014, 13:36
Now c'mon, RGB, you KNOW that was the wrong photograph. :E

7th Apr 2014, 13:40

This one any better?

http://www3.pictures.zimbio.com/fp/Sharon+Stone+Milan+Womens+Fashion+Week+Spring+yXgN9ROau3vl.j pg

Alloa Akbar
7th Apr 2014, 14:21
Sharon Stone? Raquel? even Wonder Woman?? Naa, you are all wrong.

Best looking totty of the 70's.. Gentlemen, be in awe.. The Gorgeous Anthea Redfern (Old Brucie had taste!!)


7th Apr 2014, 14:34
Sharon Stone wasn't a 70's beauty, RGB. (Also, the first one was a nicer shot, snce it was before she'd had plastic surgery).

Sheryl Ladd, on the other hand, was a 70's beauty.

Jacqlyn Smith, another 70's beauty.


7th Apr 2014, 14:55

B Fraser
7th Apr 2014, 19:01
You're all wrong....


7th Apr 2014, 19:27
Kate's voice I find hard to listen to, but she's a lovely gal.

Her face reminds me of a favorite 70's 80's American beauty, Anne Archer.

7th Apr 2014, 19:44
Blacksheep wrote this pearl of wisdom: I'm married to most beautiful woman from the seventies, so there! :ok: To which I'd enlarge with "The most beautiful woman ever, is the woman you grow old with...!" ;) :( :{

7th Apr 2014, 20:59
Shelley Duvall? Beautiful? WTF?
When she appeared in the Popeye film as Olive Oyl it was said that she didn't need any make-up.
Joanne Lumley looked like a horse then and still does.

8th Apr 2014, 11:40
Katharine Ross

Goldie Hawn

Rosanna Arquette

8th Apr 2014, 11:42
Aaahhh, Rosanna, what a beauty she was.

cockney steve
8th Apr 2014, 11:45
MMMMMM Horny Gold :}

8th Apr 2014, 14:39
How could I have left Michelle Pfeiffer off my list!

tony draper
8th Apr 2014, 14:55
My fancies tended more toward weather girls and lady news readers rather than Telly or Filum stars.:)

8th Apr 2014, 14:57
Do they still, FSL? Must admit, I quite like that Carol Kirkwood who does the weather on BBC Breakfast. Not bad at all for someone in their fifties. :ok:

Lightning Mate
8th Apr 2014, 14:59

tony draper
8th Apr 2014, 14:59
Nah none of these modern ones,they's all way to skinny for me,I preferred em when they were proper woman shaped.
Angela Rippon Lorraine Kelly Kathy Seka as was, and the like.

8th Apr 2014, 15:04
Tony D:

Here's a modern woman who is certainly not one of this skinny bag of bones but, contrary, quite woman-shaped, no?

http://thumbs.ifood.tv/files/images/editor/images/Cheryl%20Burke%20Gives%20Tips%20For%20Staying%20Fit%20During %20The%20Holidays.jpg

tony draper
8th Apr 2014, 15:18
Yer she would be quite acceptable,least you would not cut yerself in her rib bones. :)

Lightning Mate
8th Apr 2014, 16:29
You obviously have never progressed beyond the missionary position.

8th Apr 2014, 16:34
Michelle Pfeiffer

Agree, she was my No 1

Dr Jekyll
8th Apr 2014, 18:49
Must admit, I quite like that Carol Kirkwood who does the weather on BBC Breakfast.

Pah, Laura Tobin is the weathergirl for me.

To be fair, I don't think it was meant as a list of the best looking women of the 70s. 'Women who made the 70s beautiful' could be taken to include women who inspired other women to make the best of themselves.

8th Apr 2014, 19:24
'Women who made the 70s beautiful' could be taken to include women who inspired other women to make the best of themselves. That would put Linda Lovelace near the top of the list. :cool:

8th Apr 2014, 20:56
I'm choking up with emotion :E


9th Apr 2014, 07:04
My favourite Page Three girl, Christine Donna

http://i49.photobucket.com/albums/f296/ChrisVJ/IMG_3775.jpg (http://s49.photobucket.com/user/ChrisVJ/media/IMG_3775.jpg.html)

Alloa Akbar
9th Apr 2014, 09:14
Lets get serious now guys.. Here's a dose of UK perfection and sex appeal personified.. Helen Mirren


PS - @rgbrock - That chic reminds me of a golf shot "The Kate Winslet" - Slightly fat but looks damn good.

9th Apr 2014, 09:16
What about Felicity Kendal ?

Has to be one of the best xxxxx ever.

Didn't someone make a comment once about if it was the moon
they would go round it twice ????

9th Apr 2014, 09:26
Lest we forget this beautiful lady ?


One met her in the 80's and she still looked lovely. What about the actress who played Pussy Galore in the Bond movie ? Honor Blackman or something similar if one recalls ?


tony draper
9th Apr 2014, 09:54
Who was the last Avengers girl? dont think it was Joanna Lumely,wasn't there one after her?

9th Apr 2014, 12:00
Linda Thorson, Mr D ...


9th Apr 2014, 13:07
Wasn't Joanna Lumley (as Purdey) in The NEW Avengers ( c.1976) with Gareth Hunt as Gambit as well as Steed , post Linda Thorson in the original titled series?

tony draper
9th Apr 2014, 13:11
Ah yes Linda Thorson,much shapelier than Miss Lumley.IMHO:rolleyes:
Hmmm, she looks skinnier than I remember in that clip.:uhoh:

9th Apr 2014, 14:16
Here's my entry: Eve Habermann


9th Apr 2014, 14:17
Who could forget Kristina Wayborn?

I recall haviung a poster of her (http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/51o9wCQpCML._SS500_.jpg)up on the wall at college, sitting on a tiger ... she was later cast in the James Bond film "Octopussy" to good effect.

9th Apr 2014, 14:53

That's a nice dress the lady, Eve, has on. I wonder who made it for her? Also the background is kind of dullish. Perhaps a different shade of the color would have been more appropriate, thus highlighting her bo..... eyes. :}:}:}

9th Apr 2014, 15:05
She (http://www.strangecosmos.com/images/content/144928.jpg) was born in 1976. Our listing to date has been those 70's ladies whose reign of fame and beauty were during the 70's.

Granted, she's a worthy candidate, but wrong era for this thread. :=

tony draper
9th Apr 2014, 15:07
76? Jeez! I was on me second set of wisdom teeth by then.:uhoh:

9th Apr 2014, 15:08
She features predominantly in Series One of "Lexx" where by a malfunction of a modifying device she (Zev Bellringer) is created from a mixture of renegade love-slave and cluster lizard. Worth watching for fans of sci fi. Actually not true, she is simply worth watching anywhere.

9th Apr 2014, 15:42

You party poop. Who cares when the young lovely was born? For all I care she could have been born in 1876, who gives a shit? It's soothing for the eyes, to say the least! :}

9th Apr 2014, 15:50
Please note the title of the thread.
The women who made the seventies beautiful
If we don't constrain ourselves to that topic, people might start posting pictures of Kate Upton in a bikini, when the actual SI star of swim suits in the 70's was Cheryl Tiegs (http://i.cdn.turner.com/si/multimedia/photo_gallery/0806/best.swimsuits.1970/images/Tiegsthefamousone.jpg)in all of her glory!

We can't have that now, can we? :bored: It might make us forget Chrstie (http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/multimedia/photo_gallery/0806/best.swimsuits.1970/content.6.html) Brinkley (http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/multimedia/photo_gallery/0806/best.swimsuits.1970/content.13.html).

9th Apr 2014, 16:03

yes, and the nubile Eve was born in the '70s. Making the 70's beautiful, as evident by her photo provided by OFSO. :}:}

And I certainly agree with Cheryl Tiegs. Yum, yum.


9th Apr 2014, 16:06
RG, wrong century me bucko.
Yum-Yum was the beloved of Nanki Poo in the Gilbert and Sullivan comic opera "The Mikado." :8

That poster was also up in my room at college. :ok:

9th Apr 2014, 17:52
I was always kinda partial to this lady. :(


10th Apr 2014, 02:26
Judith Durham. Ne plus ultra.

Ascend Charlie
10th Apr 2014, 10:26
Judy Geeson. Nice chin for a pair of [email protected]

Same for Susanna York.

10th Apr 2014, 11:44
While we're still reliving old fantasies.......

Senta Berger

10th Apr 2014, 12:47
Senta Berger
Oh my goodness, was blissfully unaware of that lovely lady. There's a bit of Sophia (http://bertc.com/subfour/truth/p-Sophia_Loren_10.jpg) Loren (http://images.vogue.it/Storage/Assets/Crops/20824/12/20182/loren_0x440.jpg) in her smile. As to Susannah (http://www.eonline.com/eol_images/Entire_Site/2011016/293.york.cm.11611.jpg), I've always been a pushover for a pretty face.

10th Apr 2014, 14:25
:ok: Haha... yes, a few of those ladies helped me through my early teenage years...

They weren't there though, most of the time...

But they helped...! :O

10th Apr 2014, 16:06
Gillian Duxbury,

Was also very keen watching the BBC after the 6 news, Newswatch or something whatever Anne Diamond certainly captured my attention

Lightning Mate
10th Apr 2014, 16:18
My ex-wife - a model for Vogue magazine.

10th Apr 2014, 17:42
For me this lady epitomised beauty; far more than skin deep. By the 1970s she was in her third decade of doing so.


Trouble for me began when I found a lookalike.... :O

10th Apr 2014, 18:10
Jill St John was a noticeable decoration in this 1971 Bond movie "Diamonds Are Forever", amongst some strong competition ...


10th Apr 2014, 18:18
The lovely in the casino, and flying out the window, was Lana Wood, sister of Natalie Wood.

10th Apr 2014, 18:29
And Jill St John is now happily married to Robert Wagner, once the husband of the late and beautiful Natalie Wood. Small world, eh?
(And Natalie Wood was Russian, a fact which astonished me.)

10th Apr 2014, 19:43
Natalie Wood was born in San Francisco, California to Russian immigrant parents. That makes Ms. Wood an American by birth and not Russian. She is of Russian heritage but not Russian.

<pedantic mode off> :}

10th Apr 2014, 21:34
With respect to my post above, about the lovely Doris Day, I found this, which made me smile....

http://i7.photobucket.com/albums/y290/shytorque/1950_young-man-with-a-horn_doris-day-and-harry-james_1_zps7b5e8837.jpg (http://s7.photobucket.com/user/shytorque/media/1950_young-man-with-a-horn_doris-day-and-harry-james_1_zps7b5e8837.jpg.html)