View Full Version : Saturday night takeaway

5th Apr 2014, 19:10
Just watched the monarch 757 leave live from LBA. They did well not to have a tech or slot delay live on TV. :-)

5th Apr 2014, 20:22
But did they leave for Florida live on TV.

Because if I was planning to leave for a particular destination on live TV I'd want to make damn sure there wasn't going to be a slot delay. I'd have them take off for a Circuit. That way you can guarantee no slot because the whole thing could be planned entirely with local ATC.

So on live TV you push, taxi, take off then once the camera cuts it's round, down, back onto stand, fuel up, get Florida clearance, wait for any slot, off you go, safe in the knowledge that your live TV departure was on time and unaffected by slots.

5th Apr 2014, 23:20
What's so special that it had to be on TV? Biebs? Becks?

5th Apr 2014, 23:42
Yes it was live because it popped up on FR24 at the same time. It was live because people won tickets throughout the series, and tonight was the final programme. Never did say how long they went for, is there a monarch schedule to Florida or would it be there and back in 2 or 3 days

6th Apr 2014, 04:41
They did say - they have 6 nights in the hotel, so flying back next Saturday.