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4th Apr 2014, 22:18
Jet A1
The interior of a 1960's car.
Two stroke engine fumes


4th Apr 2014, 22:22
Castrol R and freshly cut grass.

Sir George Cayley
4th Apr 2014, 22:26

Fanny Batter

Roast Chicken



tony draper
4th Apr 2014, 22:38
Puppies and Creosote.:)

DX Wombat
4th Apr 2014, 22:40
Lots of flowers - pinks, carnations, Lily of the Valley, Honeysuckle, roses etc.
The fresh air in a garden after rain
Wood smoke
Puppies, kittens and other baby animals including humans.
Autumn leaves
Will those do for a start? Others such as bacon frying have already been mentioned.

Juliet Sierra Papa
4th Apr 2014, 22:44
Puppies and Creosote.

Are they deep fried, braised or grilled Mr D. We should be told.

4th Apr 2014, 22:46
Castrol R is a belter, another vote for that.

4th Apr 2014, 22:49
... and a third for 'R, plus Welsh steam coal mixed with hot cylinder oil on an Autumn day.

Dak Man
4th Apr 2014, 22:59
Tea, in a bag or loose leaf.

4th Apr 2014, 23:12
Freshly backed bread & when you open a new jar of Coffee.

4th Apr 2014, 23:28
Newly turned moist soil

Whatever it is after a summer thunderstorm

Burnt methanol fumes from a glowlug model aero engine

New mown hay

Freshly reapt malting barley grain in a storage bin

4th Apr 2014, 23:31
Castrol "M", Ether & Paraffin
Cellulose dope
Coal Fires
Chili Lime Buffalo wings
Haggis & HP Sauce
Cinnamon & Vanilla

4th Apr 2014, 23:36
Getting into an old aircraft - something with piston engines, c 1950. No idea what that smell is made up of but its my version of Proust's madeleine - takes me back to my first flights.

4th Apr 2014, 23:45
Parched earth after an African storm.
Lemon grass, the real thing, or soap and fragrance.
Rum and cherry tobacco (but not when lit).

5th Apr 2014, 02:10
http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v243/flynverted/funny/421.jpg (http://smg.photobucket.com/user/flynverted/media/funny/421.jpg.html)

http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v243/flynverted/funny/animated174.gif (http://smg.photobucket.com/user/flynverted/media/funny/animated174.gif.html)


Solid Rust Twotter
5th Apr 2014, 06:33

Bread being baked

Beer wort being mashed

Gunsmoke, both black powder and modern propellants


Jet A1

Model aircraft engine fumes.

5th Apr 2014, 07:40
Castrol R
A freshly powdered baby
Damp Autumn leaves
Freshly brewed coffee
Frying bacon

Rather be Gardening
5th Apr 2014, 07:47
Woodsmoke (specially if from apple or pear wood)
Eucalyptus trees in hot sunlight
Sweet peas, roses, gardenias, boronia
Citrus trees, flowers and fruits
Dry earth when the first summer rains fall

5th Apr 2014, 08:02
There are smells one occasionally encounters that, with an indefinable mystery about them, take one back to some subliminal part of one's past, those ones.

tony draper
5th Apr 2014, 08:20
I understand smells are processed in a very primitive part of the brain, the reptilian bit(we Geordies no longer have this bit having evolved past you lot)this also stores some deep seated memories, ergo certain smells trigger these and bring them to the fore.

5th Apr 2014, 09:33
Cellulose thinners, model aviation dope, spirit marker pens, methylated spirits, contact adhesive...:E

5th Apr 2014, 12:26
Not sure which plant it is, but when I walk past a neighbours garden I get a whiff of EP90 gear oil. No sign of oil leaks on the driveway!

5th Apr 2014, 12:30
Butch's Bore Shine.
Walnut oil.

And thanks to Flynverted, I wouldn't mind smelling like a dog ;)

5th Apr 2014, 13:38
Have only come across one particular smell that I liked only a few times and often near a shop that sells cakes. I have yet to identify exactly what it is but can only describe it as a smell combination of vanilla, fudge and musk.

Other favourites are the usual suspects: freshly baked bread, a well brewed coffee, a good wine, grilled calamari with lemon.

5th Apr 2014, 13:49
The smell of your first dry [email protected] after a few days in India:O

5th Apr 2014, 14:02
Smell of the mother-in-laws exhaust fumes as she's pulling out of the fuc&@ing driveway.
Oh, and jet fuel.

Sailor Vee
5th Apr 2014, 16:00
goudie, how do you get a baby dry enough to turn it into powder? :uhoh:

5th Apr 2014, 16:19
.....115/145 Avgas,hydraulic oil,vomit,Elsan fluid, sweat, fear.

Estee Lauder "Youth Dew" stirs up memories of nubile ladies in the 1970s I can feel the warm flesh under a dress even now.

Bread I'm taking out of the oven.

A clean,dry, Johnson's-baby-powdered six month old.

The Ancient Mariner

5th Apr 2014, 16:34
Baking bread
Frying bacon
Frying onions
Brewing coffee
Hot tar
Eucalyptus oil
... and probably lots more.

5th Apr 2014, 20:19
Steam Engine (pref one by Sir Nigel)
Castrol R
Pine Forest
Linament & Dubbin
Fresh brewed Espresso
Wet dog

5th Apr 2014, 20:29
Onion roots, fresh from the ground.

5th Apr 2014, 21:24
Freesias, violets, old fashioned roses, lilac, hyacinths, jasmine, oriental lilies, boronia, daphne, clove scented carnations, frangipani - all remind me of my childhood
The ocean
The Australian bush after rain
Freshly ground coffee
Newly baked bread
Fresh sheets and towels after being dried in the sun
JP8 and most solvents
Any "green" based perfumes and colognes
A very old French perfume "L' by Lubin which my mother wore and I used to steal when I was in my teens - and I have just discovered that you can still buy it

5th Apr 2014, 21:31
Four star leaded petrol.

I lost my last gallon a year or so ago - it got accidentally binned


5th Apr 2014, 21:48
Totally agree with the ozone smell of the sea.

The smell of the talc my gran used to wear sticks in my memory. It brings back a feeling of security and love, as does the memory of the smell of dad's workshop.

A charcoal barbie with lots of meat on it.

A dry bluebell wood on a still day.

Gunpowder of the sort used in bangers.

Nice thread this!

Edited to record the spotting of the first timmcat of the spring....

Romeo Oscar Golf
5th Apr 2014, 21:53
The smells of 60's Singapore.....
Street cooking
Collier Quay
My 22yr old wife after we've been dancing the night away.

Plus the other favorites ...... ground coffee, cut grass, fresh baked bread, Castrol R and 2 stroke fumes, Old leather car seats.

Solid Rust Twotter
5th Apr 2014, 22:42
Hoppe's gun oil.

Young's solvent.

That dusty smell you get after it rains in Africa.

5th Apr 2014, 22:48
Castrol R, freshly cut lawn, morning sea mist, interior of old aircraft/cars, gardenia in flower, freshly roasted (approx 7-10days) then ground coffee beans, quality tobacco (not burnt), coal fired steam engine, old school 2 stroke outboard fumes, Jet A1 exhaust, AVGAS exhaust, plus many more.

Oh and fresh washed unscented woman has to be the best! ;)

Capn Notarious
5th Apr 2014, 22:55
A good smell is mosquitos overheating; as they attempt to flee the pervading stench of: whatever stuff is being smoked in a pipe barrel.

5th Apr 2014, 23:39
Zippo lighter being lit.
Contact cement.
Jet fuel.

John Hill
6th Apr 2014, 00:25
Contact cement.

From the Urban Dictionary


1) Breathing fumes in order to get high.

2)The act of putting a splash of solvent or gasoline in a bad and repeatedly breathing in and out of the bag.

6th Apr 2014, 00:41
I don't do that, John, but if you want to do it, I'll lend you my Zippo.

Juliet Sierra Papa
6th Apr 2014, 00:53
My fav's are, in no particular order:-

1. Onions frying
2. Bacon frying
3. Vanilla essence in cake batter
4. Fresh Mint
5. Baking bread
6. Braaing meat
7. Highly aroused female

Probably many more but being a smoker one misses out on the more delicate aromas.

6th Apr 2014, 02:07
Bacon frying - nothing beats that smell.

6th Apr 2014, 02:36
Smell of a gasworks when the retorts have just been loaded.
Steam engine; pref. coal-fueled.
Brass foundry.
Castor oil when used as a lubricant in an i/c engine. (Gnome rotary or speedway bike.)
Hot, freshly laid asphalt. Same when being rained upon.
The fuel used in diesel model a/c engines.
The insides of an old valve radio when warm.
Two-stroke exhaust. (Old Vespas are best.)

james ozzie
6th Apr 2014, 04:46
Someone has to say it.. "The smell of napalm in the morning"

6th Apr 2014, 07:34
Fresh poontang.
Jet A1 from a warm 500D model exhaust.
Hot oil, leather and 95 octane from termi pipes at the lights.
A thick buttery chardonnay.

6th Apr 2014, 08:11
Gosh, what an eye-opener this thread has been! :eek:

OK, mine are deciduous forests in spring, after warm rain, when the leaves are just budding; and pine forest with lots of lichen/moss on the ground on a hot day.
Some aftershave on skin, too, but couldn't specify which ones as I've mostly not dared to ask.

6th Apr 2014, 08:34
The wife ordered me out into the great outdoors the other day, just before sunset, to a small nature preserve with acres of larkspur in bloom. (Larkspur blooms just before the trees come into leaf, when there's still sunlight on the forest floor.) There was a beautiful combination of flower scent and decayed leaves: "the smell of nature," I suppose you could call that.

115/145 Avgas, and H-5606 too, the way a hangar used to smell, before all these new-fangled, high-gloss floor coatings became available.

Also, a really old workshop, with that musk of old oil, old wooden work benches, dust ... I wasted a lot of my youth working on British cars and bikes, so that smell sort of means "youth" to me. All gone now: MGBs, Nortons, youth ... but the smell brings that back, just a little bit. Old stuff you could get a wrench onto, none of this modern staring at a monitor reading fault codes!

Another one, sort of disgusting if you never did that thing with old aircraft: I went up in the cockpit of a Caravelle some Finnish lunatic wanted me to transition to, when the smell, a combination of H-5606, leather, stale sweat, tobacco smoke, and light overtones of puke, hit me and reminded me of my time in DC-3s.

There's a problem with using that "Urban Dictionary," John: Doing that uncritically can make you look like a muppet! As in, using a "bad" instead of a "bag" to "huff." Is this where the saying "My bad," came from? Or is this just another one of John Hill's "understatements," what the rest of us have to call "mistakes"?

6th Apr 2014, 10:34

As the canopy is opened ... a sweet smell of red leather upholstery, 100LL AVGAS, a trace of Castrol engine oil, and a faint aroma of old composite structure. An almost sensual ambiance of memories past and adventures to come ....

6th Apr 2014, 12:26
Nothing like a cookout for spreading good will to all and sundry.


6th Apr 2014, 12:41
In no particular order:
Freesias/Sweet Peas/Roses
Creosote/Road tar
New Car
Fresh cut grass
Musk based perfumes
Nail Varnish

Pinky the pilot
6th Apr 2014, 13:45
Some already mentioned (in various ways) by previous posters but....

The Aussie bush after a good shower of rain.
A Woman straight out of a good hot shower.:E
Young's 303. (Very hard to find here in Aussie these days:{)
A good Cigar.
Single malt Scotch.
A good Barossa Valley Shiraz.

Plus something I haven't smelled in years and probably never will again;:{
The smell of the PNG 'Jungles' area*, just after dawn.

* Naoro, Manari, Efogi, Kagi, Nadinumu, Bodinumu, Hailogo and Manumu.

6th Apr 2014, 13:48

Are those what I think they are on the BBQ / cookout ?

Lightning Mate
6th Apr 2014, 13:48
A woman wearing a seductive perfume.

Shaggy Sheep Driver
6th Apr 2014, 15:17
Wafts of honeysuckle on a summer evening.

The interior of old Brit aeroplanes. Our Chipmunk had it, as do Spifires, Vampires etc. Spamcans don't have it, even old ones. Neither do Cubs etc. No idea what it is but I love it.

Steam locomotive in steam; coal smoke, hot oil etc.

Hot tar.

Fresh mown grass.

6th Apr 2014, 15:42

Bush tucker, good for giving you what ails you. It's been a food that's sent shivers down the spines of the good citizens of Marburg for years.

6th Apr 2014, 15:46
I don't mind "Bush Tucker" at all, eat it every year but they reminded me of the one thing I can't stand, roasted fruit bats !

Lightning Mate
6th Apr 2014, 15:53
FFS you guys....................WOMEN !!!!!!!

jetset lady
6th Apr 2014, 16:53
That wonderful smell of Olbas Oil or Vicks. It instantly transports me back to that comforting smell of childhood when Mum would put it on your pillow when you had a cold before tucking you into bed. :)

That blast of cold home base air, mixed in with the smells of aviation, that streaks through the aircraft when you open the doors after an overnight long haul. Somehow, each home base has it's own smell. I'm convinced of it. On the other hand, would imagine that what streaks out of the aircraft during that same moment probably appears the opposite lists. :uhoh:

6th Apr 2014, 17:06
Bacon frying - nothing beats that smell. Bacon frying on a skottel in the warming dawn after an African night in the bush. http://i25.tinypic.com/2yxq2pc.jpg

6th Apr 2014, 17:25
jetset lady wrote: That wonderful smell of Olbas Oil or Vicks. It instantly transports me back to that comforting smell of childhood when Mum would put it on your pillow when you had a cold before tucking you into bed. :) I think your memory is failing you. Vicks was / is best applied directly to the chest area using a gentle massage. Nowadays, whenever I'm confronted with a pretty young woman I don't know very well with a cold, I chivalrously offer to do the same. However, I'm usually met with a very cold stare...?! :confused:

6th Apr 2014, 18:18
hm, Cape - how come I can only smell something burning? :sad:

6th Apr 2014, 18:57
Glasgow smells of 'square sausage and the subway' according to map project | Glasgow & West | News (http://news.stv.tv/west-central/187583-glasgow-smells-of-hot-bovril-and-the-subway-according-to-map-project/)

The old Glasgow underground

When we were very much younger we could take a tour of Glasgow on the Underground or the Subway as it was always called.

For one single old penny we could travel to all fifteen stations. The greatest thrill was from Merkland Street to Govan Cross which meant actually travelling under the River Clyde.


Oh!! the wonderful smell at the entrance and exit of each station, a smell to live with us forever. I have never smelled it in any other place in my travels.

I loved the smell of the subway. When I was young I lived not far from the one in Cowcaddens and I always stopped to smell it everytime I passed..

If that smell could be bottled - I would buy it for just one last sniff!
Ah Rab, there's something exciting about that smell of the subway nothing else like it. I particularly remember the Buchanan Street old station, passing by and getting a whiff of that smell, another world waited down those stairs somehow. http://discuss.glasgowguide.co.uk/style_emoticons/default/smile.gif C'mon we'll go fur a wee hurl.

The Subway is one of Glasgow's many wonders. The smell, the atmosphere and the ease of use. Well the smell and atmosphere are gone with the modernisation to the 'wee clockwork orange trains.' It's still easy to use and a few extra stations added to the route, with a possbile proposal to add more in the future!

However, I recall the Subway at Hillhead Underground Station - it was beautiful, very ornate and that great smell. There were tiles on the walls and the lighting was dim - little 20w or 40w bulbs maximum, if memory serves me correctly. It was surrounded by the one and only and original Grosvenor Cafe and Coopers Fine Fare - both now lamented.

The (old) Glasgow Subway 1974 DVD preview. - YouTube

7th Apr 2014, 23:37
Burnt nitromethane out at the drag strip. Good old-fashioned, over-the-top excess in the pursuit of mechanized POWER.

8th Apr 2014, 00:54
Entrava elle, fragrante,



Solid Rust Twotter
8th Apr 2014, 07:03

Somewhat embarrassing sossinges there, Mr CT. One would expect half a yard or so of boerewors and perhaps a few skilpadjies to help sharpen the appetite.:ok:

One must confess to the barbaric practice of frying a sliced onion along with a chopped chili in the grease remaining once everything has been devoured, then adding a handful of bacon one has hidden for the occasion, along with a can of beans. Those still peckish get to sop it all up with a slice of bread or toast while slurping on a final brew before departure.

Can't beat a skottel, and the ones made from a plough share with three bolts welded to the bottom and a T-handle in the dish for moving about on the coals are the best version to be had. Cooking lamb chops for lunch in that morning's bacon grease with chopped onion and tomato is one of the trigger smells of one's childhood spent running around in the bush. A well seasoned plough share skottel is something that can be passed along as a family heirloom to appreciative younger generations.

8th Apr 2014, 11:35
Huon pine.

8th Apr 2014, 18:57

That photo of yours? My arteries clogged tighter than a snail's ass when I looked at it. :}:ok::E

8th Apr 2014, 19:10

That photo of SRT's is any persons standard fry up out bush :ok:

I now tend to forgo the Fried bread and he is missing the Black Pudding ;)

8th Apr 2014, 19:20

That photo of SRT's is any persons standard fry up out bush

Not too much "bush" around these parts. However, I would certainly forgo the contents of that picture, if there was a bush around here, for something much tastier:


8th Apr 2014, 19:23
That piglet is perfect eating size !

Aaarrhhh, yes.

The smell of roasted pork over coals. Had some cooked in a fire pit this year and by god it was good :ok:

I love the smell of Salted pork crackling :ok:

8th Apr 2014, 19:32
I love the smell of salted pork crackling as well. :ok:

Preceded by the smell of napalm in the mornin'!!!

Solid Rust Twotter
8th Apr 2014, 20:49
Not my pic. Shamelessly nicked from CT.

Now this.....


...Is the way to go. Lamb on the spit. Get cosy next to it with a beer and a sharp knife while it cooks, and slice off strips of the crispy outside to snack on. Ambrosia!

Ostrich drumstick on the spit is also a dashed fine nibble. Can't seem to find any pics of it though.

Pinky the pilot
9th Apr 2014, 03:21
SRT, Your piccy of the skottel was the 'Snail Camp' standard breakfast when I worked for a Seismic survey Crew in the Aussie outback years ago.:ok:

9th Apr 2014, 03:25

Did you ever work near Birdsville around 1980 ?

We drove into Birdsville one day, 1980 ish, stopped at the pub.
A Seismic crew drove up to play cricket against the town.

Well of course 4 Poms were asked to join in (3 actually, mum didn't play)
and we had a game of cricket on the cricket field - concrete strip and
red duct for the outfield !!!

9th Apr 2014, 03:36
In addition to many already mentioned.

Dry gum leaves burning.
Boronia in flower.

Pinky the pilot
9th Apr 2014, 03:53
500N, No. Only started on the Cooper Basin crew (GSI 1847) in early 82. Prior to that I was way out west of Alice Springs.(GSI 1858)

John Hill
9th Apr 2014, 07:09
That special smell that came when breaking open a pack of jute wool packs even better the smell of five thousand newly shorn fleeces pressed into them and bales stacked waiting for the trucks. In those days wool was really worth something.

Solid Rust Twotter
9th Apr 2014, 08:04
Versatile bit of kit, Mr Pinky. One has made pita bread in them, Turkish flat bread, roasted/fried a whole chook, and pretty much anything else.

Debone a leg of lamb and butterfly it. Brown it in skottel with a bit of lard then place a layer of sliced onions in it with loads of fresh sage and a bit of rosemary and thyme, salt and pepper as required. Let it cook slowly while you have a pint or three and occasionally turn it and give the onions a stir. Remove from skottel and let it rest while you deglaze with a drop of red wine and reduce to make a sauce.

Shove the sliced lamb into a pita, drop of the sauce in there with it and shovel it down.

9th Apr 2014, 10:06
The aroma of my first date, no perfume, just the clean scent of sunlight soap.

Pinky the pilot
9th Apr 2014, 11:58
Debone a leg of lamb and butterfly it. Brown it in skottel with a bit of lard then place a layer of sliced onions in it with loads of fresh sage and a bit of rosemary and thyme, salt and pepper as required. Let it cook slowly while you have a pint or three and occasionally turn it and give the onions a stir. Remove from skottel and let it rest while you deglaze with a drop of red wine and reduce to make a sauce.

Shove the sliced lamb into a pita, drop of the sauce in there with it and shovel it down. '

Should I ever find myself over your way, you do the above! I'll supply all liquid refreshments!:ok::ok: