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Hussar 54
4th Apr 2014, 16:55
Ladies and Gentlemen,

I present you Britain's finest....

Complete with beer, tattoos, lardy bodies, no taste, and a fight just for good measure....

Here come the girls! The colourful runners and riders lining up to win the fashion stakes on Ladies Day at Aintree | Mail Online (http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-2596282/Glamorous-revellers-pull-stops-vie-title-best-dressed-racegoer-10-000-Caribbean-holiday-Ladies-Day-Aintree.html)

The only surprise is the restraint the Daily HateMail shows for its usual targets of ' Everything that's wrong with Britain '....

Lightning Mate
4th Apr 2014, 16:59
Do they charge by the hour or half a day hotel rental per room ?

Solid Rust Twotter
4th Apr 2014, 17:19
Donkey walloping? Sport of Kings...?


Following through - Sport of Kings | Army Rumour Service (http://www.arrse.co.uk/community/threads/following-through-sport-of-kings.3375/)

Krystal n chips
4th Apr 2014, 17:55
I went to the Grand National once...and once only due to work.

Horse racing is a mugs game....however, it's also very entertaining if you like people watching....for the male of the species, a 46 inch beer gut isn't going to fit into a 30 inch waist and it's even more amusing when they are wearing formal dress....for the ladies, with the best will in the world, 22 / 24 is not a size 12...heels and patent leather shoes are not really suitable for mud and gravel...even more so when the blood has been diluted somewhat......and it rains.

Watching the above arrive, in various expensive cars, in the fleet of helicopters and on foot ( peasantry ) showed that parting with money, and looking a pillock to boot, is probably the nearest we'll get to a classless society.

And the potential Tescoburger on which I had shelled out 5 failed to finish but thankfully was unscathed...as was the jockey.

5th Apr 2014, 10:00
That report should keep us in Caption Competitions for a while.

5th Apr 2014, 10:34


5th Apr 2014, 10:43
All class !

Grand National Festival at Aintree sees brawl break out near finishing post | Mail Online (http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2597048/Its-meant-racing-not-boxing-Drinks-fists-fly-ugly-brawl-breaks-near-finishing-post-Grand-National-Festival-Aintree.html)

Barbie dolls in one of the photos !!! (2nd)

And really, if you are going to show some flesh, you could at least make it worth looking at !!!

Ladies Day at Aintree sees a day of revelry take its toll on the ladies | Mail Online (http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-2596282/Glamorous-revellers-pull-stops-vie-title-best-dressed-racegoer-10-000-Caribbean-holiday-Ladies-Day-Aintree.html)

5th Apr 2014, 10:55
Mummy, mummy, it hurts my eyes, make it go away!! :{


5th Apr 2014, 11:06
And there are those who would have bull fighting banned?

5th Apr 2014, 11:15
Proof, if it were needed, that words in the English language can have completely opposite meanings in different parts of the country

5th Apr 2014, 11:17
Is the fella in the blue suit showing off?

Some of them pictures are enough to make your eyes bleed.

5th Apr 2014, 11:22
Fetch me a stick and I'll kill it.

Takan Inchovit
5th Apr 2014, 11:26
That reminds me, I must go to Raceday in Darwin this year.

5th Apr 2014, 11:30

"Fetch me a stick and I'll kill it."


Top comment :ok:

P6 Driver
5th Apr 2014, 11:41
Eye bleach was invented for such horrendous sights. I can only think mirrors must do a different job in the North of the country.

Pinky the pilot
5th Apr 2014, 11:46
Capetonian; Damn it Sir! That was my initial thought as well.:ugh:

Most of the subjects of the photographs reminded me of the old Aussie joke about gnawing ones arm off etc. :O

5th Apr 2014, 11:52
Mirrors ?????

Not sure some of these looked in one before leaving the house or they are using a special sort of mirror that have a princess pained on it ;) :O

5th Apr 2014, 12:05
Mirrors ?????

Not sure some of these looked in one before leaving the house or they are using a special sort of mirror that have a princess pained on it.

The frightening thing is, these people did look in the mirror before leaving the house and thought, "Yep, looking hot there!" :=

5th Apr 2014, 12:08
Is the fella in the blue suit showing off?And that would what exactly? "I've got the fattest ugliest slaggiest whore in the NW of England?"

5th Apr 2014, 12:15
I wouldn't touch some of those even if I had just come off a 2 week army exercise :rolleyes:

(Then again, they probably wouldn't touch me either :O)

5th Apr 2014, 12:21
Must be the only ladies day without any ladies.............

Union Jack
5th Apr 2014, 12:24
Having selflessly had a look at the DM article in the OP, I suspect that the caption for the fourth photograph down may be open to question....:uhoh:


surely not
5th Apr 2014, 12:36
Clearly there is a shortage of dietary products in the North of England and as others have said how the f*@K do the these wimmin think they look good?

The days of the soft faced English beauty seems to have passed and been overtaken by a requirement to look bovine and drunk.

Oh but they all had a rite larf so it's awright innit

Pinky the pilot
5th Apr 2014, 12:37
And the whole things proves, if indeed proof was required, that money cannot buy class!:yuk:

And if that sounds 'elitist' to some; Tough!:*

5th Apr 2014, 13:39
Look Chaps, I won the Liverpool Grimmy Run for 2014

5th Apr 2014, 14:20
"Fetch me a stick and I'll kill it."

You might get a painful surprise if you tried.

5th Apr 2014, 15:57
Monbeg Dude

The Rainbow Hunter

20mins left for a bet

Krystal n chips
5th Apr 2014, 17:24
Another classic from our Social Affairs Correspondent then.

"And that would what exactly? "I've got the fattest ugliest slaggiest whore in the NW of England?".

The career change option to Relate we already know is "on hold" but now, sadly, it seems Debrett's are also unlikely to be offering a position in the immediate future.

It would be highly amusing to learn you have received an envelope from m'learned friends now wouldn't it ?

barry lloyd
5th Apr 2014, 17:30
May I be allowed to redress the balance a little? (pun intended).

I was at Aintree yesterday - working. I saw most of those portrayed in the images and many more besides. I'm sure you'd find similar examples in Chichester or Cheltenham and certainly Chelmsford, but the photographers would be too busy chasing around after the celebs. There were 60,000 people there yesterday, most of whom were British, so there were always going to be the outrageously dressed and the obese - it goes with the territory in 21st century Britain, whichever part you live in.

There were plenty of tastefully-dressed ladies there yesterday too, but the Mail was obviously on a mission with its article. I saw several times how the photographers set up photos, with the inebriated co-operation of those concerned. The litter was largely caused by the fact that there were only six not very large litter bins in an area in which there were about 1,000 people; obviously they began to overflow very quickly, but of course the Mail wouldn't mention that either. The lack of litter receptacles is a perennial problem at sporting events throughout the UK.

It's interesting that the very same prooners who are so quick to denounce the Mail in any other capacity are willing to extract what they want from it for the purposes of a bit of north-bashing. Take a more balanced view please.

5th Apr 2014, 20:07
The Kentucky Derby is the same. Marketed as an elegant display of the upper crust, but it'd deteriorated into debauchery that would make the spring break college crowd blush.

5th Apr 2014, 20:21
We have had the same at The Melbourne Cup, however the racing club clamped down and set certain dress and behavior standards that had to be maintained in more areas of the course. of course we still have like above, just not so prevalent and now only in the general area / car park.

The focus at the The Melbourne Cup is very much "Fashions on the field".

5th Apr 2014, 20:33
Chavs, bikers, hardcore rednecks and other various barbarians are simply modern manifestations of our pre-Roman selves. The tattoos, piercings, drunkenness and boorish behavior are all what the disciplined, cleanshaven Romans encountered in the forests of Brittany and Germania.

We are reverting not back to the middle ages (there would be hope for us then), but to barbaric pre-Roman times. The modern drunken chav is just a Celtic lout in a council house, instead of a poorly-thatched hut.

We should celebrate our inner chav...for he is our destiny.

surely not
5th Apr 2014, 20:33
Isn't the lack of litter bins at this event as a result of security concerns? The teams of staff who cleaned up the mess overnight did an excellent job.

SN feeling happy to have backed the winner in todays Grand National :ok:

6th Apr 2014, 18:35
Congratulations surely not:ok:

When HM Queen Elizabeth II eventually dies (or abdicates). And for some reason the throne is "up for grabs" by all pretenders. And Princess Anne is still alive. I do so hope that she (HM Princess Anne) is made to "run the course" at Aintree successfully before laying claim to the throne. And if she doesn't complete the course in under 1 hour, should be "suitably put at rest" using the gassing techniques that she has herself recently expounded on vis-a-vis badgers (http://www.bbc.com/news/uk-26888406). And be inserted into the food-chain (she should be given the choice of being a frozen lasagne, burger etc.),... :ok:

PS. Why not use the "Aintree test" for all future aspirers to the throne?! ;)

Windy Militant
6th Apr 2014, 23:56
SN feeling happy to have backed the winner in todays Grand National

congratulations on having had the foresight to buy shares in the bookies sir. ;)

6th Apr 2014, 23:56
Well what do you expect in Birdsville :O ;)