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Cornish Jack
3rd Apr 2014, 18:36
Given that the dear boy has just offered said item (warm, no less) to the latest of his and Parliament's trough scrabblers, I am a little concerned about his nether region protection, especially since we're barely (pun intended) into Spring. Shouldn't his dearest and closest (same person?) keep a close eye on him?

4th Apr 2014, 00:35
:confused::confused::confused::confused::confused::confused: :confused::confused::confused::confused::confused::confused: :confused::confused:

4th Apr 2014, 14:29
Well this fascinating thread died a death didn't it?

Cornish Jack
4th Apr 2014, 14:57
Not hugely difficult, chaps!!!:ugh:
CMD has, as usual in these cases, offered his 'full and warm support' to the latest of his clique to be caught with somewhat less than straightforward expenses detail.:= Her overwhelmingly abject apology to Parliament (all 32 seconds of it:yuk:) obviously makes everything alright. And they still don't get it:*

Lon More
4th Apr 2014, 15:08
The Lamentable Maria Miller (http://www.bbc.com/news/uk-26880760) getting off scot free after much huffing and puffing over repaying some 5000 pounds of the either 44 or 90000 she is alleged to have fiddled in expenses. CMD even gone so far as to threaten the Torygraph if they continue to push for a deeper investigation

Q Why is she not being given her day in court followed by some 18 months banged up?
A Cover up by CMD and a rigged vote in the ethics committee

4th Apr 2014, 15:13
CMD = 'Call Me Dave' = Cameron.

One of his minions been fiddling her expenses, or making an honest error, or some such. Can't even remember her name. Gave a really sincere apology, lasting all of 32 seconds, in the House of Cards.

Carry on...

...and wouldn't you know it, someone posted above me whilst I was typing, watching telly and scanning innocent websites (honest).

4th Apr 2014, 15:24
CMD'S jock-strap

Why would he need one in the first place? He's a senseless pr|ck with no balls.......