View Full Version : A/C STRUCK BY LIGHTNING.

1st Apr 2014, 17:12
Bolt from above, see this link.

Incredible Picture Shows KLM Flight From Amsterdam Hit By Lightning (http://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/2014/03/31/incredible-pictures-show-klm-flight-hit-by-lightning_n_5063300.html)

1st Apr 2014, 17:31
Well, Lightning Mate will be along any minute now to refute that!:ok:

Lightning Mate
1st Apr 2014, 17:39
This is struck by Lightning................


1st Apr 2014, 17:41
Told you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lightning Mate
1st Apr 2014, 18:42
Jindivik at 52,000 ft.

Lightning at M1.3.

Red Top warhead.

1st Apr 2014, 19:54
LM, them bits look pretty close!


Windy Militant
1st Apr 2014, 19:57
Er LM, weren't you supposed to hit the Ruston drogue and not the Jindivik? ;)

1st Apr 2014, 20:02
My MIL's cleaning lady was flying BA from Barcelona to London last Sunday and her plane got struck by the baggage loader. Took a while to check for damage. OK, so it's not exactly lightening, but its electrical.

Lightning Mate
1st Apr 2014, 20:50
"LM, them bits look pretty close!"

Not as close as you think.

The trick was to get the camera ship in position when the shooter was
accelerating in full burner.

So the camera ship sat 2-3000 ft above the shooter until the acceleration point, accelerated also using full burner, and gently diving to overhaul the shooter.


.....and it wasn't Ruston drogue.

Windy Militant
1st Apr 2014, 23:25
Bugger I'm dropping me Aitches again it was a Rushton Drogue. :O

Well the winches that trailed the flares were probably not made by them but I seem to recall the booklet that was given out in about 1977 called them that.;)

2nd Apr 2014, 05:30
Has the guy with the lightning bolts managed to hit a 787 yet? I'm keen to see how well the carbon fibre and earthing straps holds up before I fly in one.

glad rag
2nd Apr 2014, 10:38
Sat in a bistro at the end of Tolouses runway a few years back, thinking to myself that storm fronts getting very, very close I'd better get back to the digs before it starts, when over goes one of the preproduction A380's heading NW, nice steady speed, straight at the 'orrible cloud mass at what <1000'...7 strikes before it became enveloped..it just kept on cruising along no problem..:ok: