View Full Version : Bombardier cancels CS-series, leaves customers in limbo

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1st Apr 2014, 04:20
AP (Associated Press)

Canadian industrial conglomerate Bombardier announced today at a press conference held in Montreal, Canada, that they have cancelled their CS-series aircraft program.

The Bombardier spokesperson revealed that 'recent testing has sadly shown us the aircraft will not meet our expectations, nor those of our customers', but did not elaborate further on what the exact problems were.

The cancellation comes as a big surprise for the customers who've ordered the aircraft, amongst which is Lufthansa owned Swiss Air of Switzerland. 'We are very disappointed to hear this news' said Lufthansa CEO Carsten Spohr, who went on to say 'This leaves our Zurich based airline Swiss Air in limbo, as they were relying heavily on the aircraft to rejuvenate their short-haul fleet'.

1st Apr 2014, 04:57
Seems like a lot of gas being sprayed around there...

1st Apr 2014, 06:13
It was on KCNA, along with a report that Kim Jong Un is handing over power to a transition government and flying off later today to live in exile on Cuba.

1st Apr 2014, 06:36
What's today's date?:hmm:

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1st Apr 2014, 09:14
I thought these guys did well. :ok:
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