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Dak Man
26th Mar 2014, 16:56
Wow, that is one big target.


26th Mar 2014, 16:58
Is that the taxiway to the right? :p

26th Mar 2014, 17:03
Very big target - every bomb I dropped on TWU would have hit it!

26th Mar 2014, 17:11
That is one big ship! When is she scheduled for launching????

Dak Man
26th Mar 2014, 17:13
Naming ceremony 100 days, entry into Service 2020, mothballed and put up for sale EIS + 1.

26th Mar 2014, 17:15
Unsold & Scrapped, EIS+6

Lightning Mate
26th Mar 2014, 17:19
Wossa aeoplanes for it ?????????

Dak Man
26th Mar 2014, 17:19

26th Mar 2014, 17:41
Ha! Have just calculated that if that puppy were steaming at 25-Kts into a 25-Kt wind, I could take off, climb over a 50' obstacle, call final and land... all within its deck-length. :cool: :cool: :cool:

Now, where do I get one????? :}

Solid Rust Twotter
26th Mar 2014, 17:53
Twotter driver, Mr Er?:E:ok:

Fit a couple with internal tanks for maritime patrol, hang a Duschka in the door and send her to bimble around the Horn of Africa with the Twotters patrolling the area for nasties and a bunch of booties on standby for helo insertion to take them on/out.

Dak Man
26th Mar 2014, 17:56
...where might one sign up for such a jolly?

Solid Rust Twotter
26th Mar 2014, 17:58
Wish I knew, mate....:ok:

26th Mar 2014, 18:18
I wonder what the cost overrun will be for smashing it, or the dock wall, getting it out?

Given the size of the overhanging protuberances on the sides, perhaps that one's the Prince of Wales?

Dak Man
26th Mar 2014, 18:31
Made me smile.

If America cancels the F 35 [which could happen] the UK will be left with the choice of an incredibly expensive retrofit of steam catapults or beaching the ships at Dawlish to protect the railway line for a few years.

26th Mar 2014, 18:34
I wonder what the cost overrun will be for smashing it, or the dock wall,
getting it out?

Given the size of the overhanging protuberances on the sides, perhaps that one's the Prince of Wales?

If it ever comes out of there.

uffington sb
26th Mar 2014, 18:39
Is that black thing running along the deck a conveyor belt?

Dak Man
26th Mar 2014, 18:41
No Uffers, it's the British / Scottish border.

uffington sb
26th Mar 2014, 18:43
Dakkers. Thanks for clearing that up, but what's the P stand for?

Dak Man
26th Mar 2014, 18:47

26th Mar 2014, 19:12
By the time it is commissioned there will only be 3 RN aircraft in inventory...BUT they will be able to do a simultaneous take off,

26th Mar 2014, 19:16
P is where you have to deposit a very big bag of shekels every friday to keep the Broon pork-contract fairies satisfied and out of mischief.

26th Mar 2014, 19:24
Just my thought - it's a semi-permanent monument to Cyclops' pork barrel policies. And he is still drawing an MP's salary despite contributing nothing to Westminster (maybe that's a blessing).

Dak Man
26th Mar 2014, 19:32
Now I'm no defender of Broon, but I understand that he's renounced his MPs pension and donates all his speaking fees (after expenses) to charity.

The P is for Pussers.

26th Mar 2014, 19:48
We'll soon been seeing free landing vouchers here!

26th Mar 2014, 19:50
Clucking bells, that's a big bugger.

26th Mar 2014, 19:55
But the gate to the dry dock isn't.

Is it really as narrow at the waterline as the gap?

26th Mar 2014, 19:56
you do know that is (just) a computer generated image?

26th Mar 2014, 20:04
Ah.. yes.. it's missing the big blue crane, and the modifications to the dock.
Good old Gordon was one step ahead: you get what you grossly overpay for.


Lon More
26th Mar 2014, 20:30
Is the ship next to it being refittrd?
What are they going to launch off the ski-jump?

Unfair to blame Broon, Camerloon could have shafted it when he shafted the rest. He's had three yeaars to do it. Might be interesting to look into aa list of shareholders, or their proxies

should it ever go into service it might be under the name HMS King William or better still HMS Mammon

26th Mar 2014, 20:55
One torpedo and ...

26th Mar 2014, 20:59
Another Operation Chariot ? ;)

(St Nazaire Raid)

mr fish
26th Mar 2014, 21:25
crap names though,

ark royal and eagle sound MUCH better.

26th Mar 2014, 21:28

At least with Ark Royal you already had a few hundred years of pride and chest pumping that made people feel proud to say "I serve on the HMS Ark Royal".

26th Mar 2014, 22:38
Christ, that's not an aircraft carrier, it's Boris Island! Or a replacement for Maston.

PS, poor workmanship, the deck's already peeling at the pointy end...

27th Mar 2014, 00:42
They not building an aircraft carrier its a movie they making....................oh wait is that the Iranian one......

27th Mar 2014, 00:57
Hammond on Newsnight tonight excusing the current pathetic state of affairs in our armed forces mentioned the imminent launching of this ship which he said will put us back in the carrier game.

As if she is going to slide down the (metaphorical) slipway with a full complement of F35s on board and steam straight off on ops. There's still a gap of several years before she will be operational (if ever). :(

27th Mar 2014, 01:12
No, that;s not it at all... Where is the Princess grill with the scrumptious tea and that lovely woman who had retired to the ship, rather than go to a nursing facility after her husband passed on... Queen Elizabeth indeed,,,

A A Gruntpuddock
27th Mar 2014, 04:30
Doesn't look the same without the old 'Titan' cranes which used to be there when I went to 'Navy days' back in the '60s.

Most of the buildings have been replaced as well.

27th Mar 2014, 09:21
Saw a remarkable pic (which I can't find just now, but someone more capable may be able to help) of the carrier the UK used to have next to the Ronald Reagan. Cluckin' Bell! No comparison!

27th Mar 2014, 09:35
Quick work in the shipyard.........

HMS QUEEN ELIZABETH - Bing Images (http://www.bing.com/images/search?q=HMS+QUEEN+ELIZABETH&FORM=HDRSC2#view=detail&id=91CBD7BF6318BB3B02FBFB94A847FC5F33CF2FCB&selectedIndex=0)

27th Mar 2014, 10:25

For the penultimate Ark Royal and (new) Nimitz:

File:HMS Ark Royal USS Nimitz Norfolk1 1978.jpeg - Wikimedia Commons (http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:HMS_Ark_Royal_USS_Nimitz_Norfolk1_1978.jpeg)

For the size of the last Ark Royal:


27th Mar 2014, 10:28

But Brown's golden handcuff contract meant that the new government would have had to pay for the ships even if they cancelled the contract.

Of course, they would have had to pay the 2010 price, not the final price.

In hindsight, not doing that seems to have been expensive. The construction costs have grown, and the operating costs are still to be determined.

27th Mar 2014, 10:40
AWB, thanks; that's the piccie I was thinking of. :ok:

tony draper
27th Mar 2014, 10:44
We could sell it to the French,they have aircraft but no Carrier,we have a Carrier but no Aircraft,get the money but install a remotely triggered self destruct change on the keel somewhere they would never find it just in case they ever get stroppy again.

Lon More
27th Mar 2014, 10:56
awblain by March 2010 the budget was estimated at 5,900m[12] and in November 2013 the contract was renegotiated with a budget of 6,200m.
That's 300m down the stank compared with the cost of cancelling it.
Of course there's the social aspect to consider. Who would have paid for the loss of employment?

27th Mar 2014, 11:40
Lon, surely something more constructive could have been done with the cash, since the Royal Navy doesn't look like being big enough to sustain taking their new ship for a spin anytime soon.

The time for measuring the true cost is at completion, not at mid-term renegotiation. The most expensive screw ups will only appear later. Has there been any large recent UK procurement program that didn't grossly exceed its initial budget?

Tony, the French can't share it. CDG has a catapult. I imagine that consideration was behind the suggested Dave-B/C/B swapping.

27th Mar 2014, 12:58
They could recoup some costs by running it as a floating restaurant with deck chairs and beach umbrellas until the planes for it are built.

27th Mar 2014, 13:06
I doubt it. The cost of the elf 'n' safety railings would make that prohibitive. Especially at this stage in construction.

Lon More
27th Mar 2014, 13:36
They could probably put all the UKIP supporters on board, with room to spare, then watch it sail off into the sunset and slowly sink beneath the waves.

27th Mar 2014, 14:15
Couldn't they dig up the Bismarck and give it a fresh coat of paint to save a few quid?

Claiming salvage rights of course.