View Full Version : Star Wars - Intergalactic Coronation Street or what?

Cyclic Hotline
18th May 2002, 00:45
Maybe I'm missing something here - but yet another Star Wars movie?

The whole thing is like a never ending Outer Space Soap Opera, with the same old characters turning up in new or modified environments!

It has the same basic idea as any Soap, although I would concede that to get the same number of wierdos and freaks, you would have to include Crossroads, Brookside and Emerdale Farm! ;)

Darth Vader, nothing more than that Butcher on the Street.

Luke Skywalker - just like that sweatshop owner when he was younger.

And Princess Laya - Elsie Tanner to a "T", or that one who looks a bit like a turtle.

And where do they figure out these space "hairdo's". Whatsername, would never let anyone out on the street looking like that!

All those monsters look like something straight from the Rovers Return on a Friday Night!

Is Jabba the hut, the Dustman reincernated?

As if bleedin' 30 years of Star Trek wasn't enough?

I suppose on the bright side there's no adverts. :)

Or am I just missing something?

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