View Full Version : Murray Walker on 'Desert Island Discs'

Shaggy Sheep Driver
23rd Mar 2014, 12:27
Last week. Well worth a listen. Interesting man; WW2 tank commander, motorcyclist, and I think he had something to do with F1.... Nice choice of music, too.

Well worth a listen on iPlayer at BBC Radio 4 - Desert Island Discs, Murray Walker (http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b03xzx62)

23rd Mar 2014, 12:31
I hope he chose this as one of his songs...



Windy Militant
23rd Mar 2014, 12:56
I'm disappointed no George Formby- Riding in the TT races. :}

23rd Mar 2014, 16:21
I heard this programme on Friday morning, as I often listen in if the selected guest seems likely to be interesting. Murray Walker was a familiar and popular figure in the broadcasting of motorsport for so many years, I was surprised he wasn't chosen as a "castaway" back in Roy Plomley's days as the presenter. But Kirsty Young clearly struck up a rapport with him at once, and the result was very entertaining for me, I even liked most of his music choices. :D

There couldn't have been a greater contrast between him and that odious creature Russell Brand, the programme's subject a few months back, when I almost broke my radio in my haste to switch Brand off in the middle of his vainglorious posturing. (That's one episode of DID that I won't be accessing to hear again in the BBC archives!)

23rd Mar 2014, 17:00
SSD - I'm glad you caught the programme as well.

I posted about this on the F1 thread last Sunday just after the programme, thinking it might be of interest. Result - no acknowledgement whatsoever, from which I assume the present generation of F1 nerds (sorry fans) are more interested in the minutiae of fuel flow than the career of one of the most prominent figures in the sport for decades.

Caco - if you follow the link you'll find out that the answer is - yes he did!